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Calgary: An Overview 

Calgary is a pioneer town and called the Gateway to the Rockies; it is sandwiched between the Rocky Mountains in the west and enormous plains in the east. Though a thriving modern city today, it is steeped in the pioneer charm, and you can experience Western life in the annual Stampede event, with rodeos and more. Calgary is blessed with snow-capped mountains, wide open spaces, beautiful skies, and sparkling waters – you won’t feel like leaving! 

Modern buildings dot the skyline, fighting for attention with the rugged peaks in the distance. The venue of the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary is famous for its winter sports thanks to the many slopes nearby. The city hosts several events and festivals and has numerous museums, making it one of the best cities in Canada to experience local culture and heritage. So, what are you waiting for – book your flights to Calgary AB right away.

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Do you want to book cheap flights to Calgary with minimal effort? Then you are in the best place! At Cheapfaremart, it’s our mission to make flight bookings super easy for our clients. We save you the trouble of multiple visits to booking agents or airline offices. All you have to do is enter your travel dates and our search engine will do the rest. Our tech-savvy platform scans through the sea of flight information and displays the flights with the best fares for you.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Calgary 

1. Adjustable Dates

You may often get cheaper fares for alternative dates. Unless you’re traveling for work, it shouldn’t be a problem to be flexible about when you fly. Check fares for a few different dates before you decide.

2. Fly on Weekdays

Most people book flights that depart on weekends are priced higher as they are in high demand and often overbooked. Weekday flights have few takers and usually offer lower fares.

3. Choose Red Eye Flights

Red Eye flights that operate early morning or late night are not very popular and cost less than regular timing flights. If you’re ok with sacrificing sleep for a day; this is a great option for saving funds.

4. Rely on Cheapfaremart

Simply book your plane tickets to Calgary through our portal. Cheapfaremart scans through hundreds of airlines and assists you in finding the most affordable deals. Saves time and effort along with money!

5. No Direct Flights

Look for flights with layovers; if you’re not in a hurry, avoid direct flights as they are usually priced higher.

Best Time to Visit Calgary

Calgary has dry weather for the majority of the year.

  • June-August: This is the best time to visit this picturesque paradise, with its gorgeous weather that begs you to step out and indulge in hiking, fishing, biking, and other activities. Attend the many stupendous events like the Calgary Stampede, Calgary Fringe, International Blues Festival, Folk Music Festival, and Calgary Pride. Be prepared for rain in June, though.
  • November to March: This is the time to visit if you’re a winter sports enthusiast. Calgary offers many thrilling activities like skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, snowboarding, and sledding.

Calgary: Fly with Major Airlines!

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Top 5 Places to Explore in Calgary

1. Calgary Zoo

If you love animals, this is the place to go, right in the city. Though there are hibernating animals, some animals are more active in the winter, like the penguins, who put on the penguin walk, an adorable show.

2. Heritage Park Historical Village

Learn the history of the region by visiting the 200+ exhibits and other attractions that take you on an adventure of discovery. Tour the 127 acres of verdant park which houses a ranch with several farm animals, a thriving prairie town, a First Nations Area, and the Gasoline Alley Museum with antique vehicles. You can even ride the antique steam train and sail on a paddlewheel ship to discover the place!

3. Calgary Tower

Take in spectacular, 360-degree city views from this 191-meter-high observatory; you will also be able to see the prairies, Rocky Mountains, and its foothills.

4. Prince's Island Park

Situated in the Bow River, this island is an activity zone that lets urban citizens spend time with nature, hike, ride cycles, and go fishing. This beautiful park is well maintained, with innumerable trees and benches to sit and gaze at the river and enjoy a picnic. Walk over the quaint bridge to the island, or relax at the cafe.

5. The Military Museums

Learn all about the triumphs and tragedies, victories and sacrifices of the gallant Canadian defense forces at the Military Museums. Check out the wheelhouse in a ship from WW II, experience life in a trench from the Great War, and see the thrilling missions executed by a bomber squad.

Calgary Travel FAQs

1. When are tickets to Calgary the cheapest?

February, undoubtedly. It is the coldest month in Calgary and fit for hardcore skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts.

2. Where to shop and what to buy in Calgary?

Calgary Farmers’ Market, Inglewood Night Market, Crossroads Market, Granary Road Farmers’ Market, and Millarville Farmers’ Market have several mom-and-pop stores that sell amazing handmade items, fresh produce, and dairy products.

3. Do I have to wear a mask in Calgary?

Travelers coming into Canada are not required to wear a mask any longer; however, the recommendation by Canada’s Public Health Agency is that you wear a good quality mask during your journey.

4. What is prohibited to bring in Calgary?

In Calgary, it's prohibited to bring cannabis, food, plants, animals, endangered species or their products, explosives, and fireworks. Medicines and health products require a prescription, and antiques and historically significant artifacts need proper documentation.

5. What can I bring back from Calgary?

Maple syrup, Ice Wine, Nanaimo bars, ketchup chips, Molson Canadian Beer, Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, Alberta coat of arms, lapel pins, coffee mugs, key chains, and the Snow Alligator Legislature Building Magnet are some ideal souvenirs to take back from Calgary.

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