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What is the Best time to visit Caracas?

Extreme cold between December and March deters travellers from booking New York flight tickets. Similar climatic condition holds vacation freaks back when it comes to booking Miami flights between February and July. But, fortunately, Caracas is a place where you can plan vacation any time of the year. The average high temperature stays around 22-23°C and the average low around 15-18 °C.

If you want to skip some crowd, we advise  you to book Caracas flight deals either prior to the summer vacation that usually falls between late June or early July and Late September or early October, or once it completes. Most of the travellers prefer this timing as it helps them to book the cheapest tickets to Caracas as well as the return tickets.

What are the Top Attractions in Caracas?

1. La Plaza Francia

Formerly known as Plaza Altamira, La Plaza Francia is a famous square in the city of Caracas that was planned and built at the beginning of the 1940s. As the name echoes, this marks the mutual respect between Venezuela and France. The latter also owns a place or a city named after Venezuela in Paris. The place has been designed by urbanist Luis Roche, within the Altamira Urbanization Project.

2. Monoliths at Los Próceres

This is architectured with four parallelepipeds: two vertical ones made up of travertine marble, and two horizontal ones made of black marble, each measuring 30 meters in length and a total weight of 300 tons. The building honors the independence struggle of Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Perú and Venezuela. The heritage has a common place for organizing parades and official events as summoned by its state.

3. Libertador Municipality City Hall

Being tucked in the western part of Caracas, this administrative building of the Venezuelan Capital District is also referred to as West Caracas. The municipality has been named as a symbol of respect to the freedom fighters who architected the independence of Venezuela. This magnificent hall has become a point of attraction for most fo the travellers heading to the city.

4. Paulista Museum

Located in close proximity to the Caracas Metro, this lush green park was opened to the public in 1961. The design has 3 important sections, viz., (a) open grass field with an undulating topography; (b) forested landscape; and (c) a series of paved gardens with unmatchable water works to entertain travellers. Thus, we help you get a mix of traditional and contemporary engineering.

Dining in Caracas

From classical eateries to the cheap ones to the region-specific restaurants, Caracas has got everything that you need and aspire fore. Here is a list of prominent restaurants that foodies can’t do without.

1. Alto

Based on the customer’s interests and gastronomies, the restaurant serves travelers with an array of cuisines that depicts the diversity of the city. Apart from the mouth watering cuisines, the host tends to provide a unique majestic ambience.

2. Maute Grill

This is one of the famous restaurants in Caracas that is most suited for business meetings, child-friendly get together to celebrate events Kids, and a variety of reasons that bring joy in your life. The restaurant serve its customers with a wide range of services including takeout, private dining, seating, waitstaff, parking available, validated parking, and much more. In the evening to late night it converts into a favorite bar or club.

Nightlife in Caracas

Tickets to Caracas are actually your ticket to a healthy tomorrow. Once the darkness descends, the city turns into a nightclub. You can easily figure out bars, night clubs, lounges and many more to help you enjoy the life to the fullest.

If you love to sing and dance, Caracas is a pace to be. You will find pepole enjoying all sorts of dance from samba and axé to forró and MPB (Brazilian pop).  Here are two perfect places where you can bury your worries and enjoy the beautiful and vibrant life unrestrictedly.

1. Nightlife in Caracas

If you want to let you hair down relishing the best drinks, music and dance, probably, there is no better alternative than this.


Avenida Venezuela | El Rosal, Caracas, Venezuela


+58 212-9515575

2. The Place

The three-decade old American-style club is located in eastern Caracas in the neighbourhood of Chacao and Altamira. You don’t need to bother about parking and dinner, as you get a complete range of cuisines to satiate your appetite.


Av | Between 3ra And 4ta Transversal Altamira, Carac


+58 212-2642223

Adventures in Caracas

The flight deals to Caracas get more attractive with vivid adventure options available to you. Here is a list of what not to miss when you are in Caracas.

1. Parque Nacional el Avila

Discover the best landscape in real life with cheap flight deals available from Cheapfaremart. Enjoy ice skating, or relive the childhood blowing snow graffitti and decorating the white canvas,  or involve in some  truly thrilling activities that give an adrenaline rush. You can also locate food, souvenir shops and other amenities in the location.

2. Expansión Centro Educativo Recreacional

If you are humanitarian and charity is at the core of your heart, you must take out time to pay a visit to this centre that is involved in the service of the deprived. Its governing society works to make these people self-dependent and a productive component of the society. It helps the lead a respectable life.

How to Reach Caracas

Book tickets to Caracas via Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS) airport that connects the city and the nation with all key locatons of the world. You can secure your Caracas cheap flight deals with airlines like Delta Air Lines, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Dynamic Airways, United Airlines, Dynamic Airways, to name a few.

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