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Charleston: An Overview 

Charleston, the capital of West Virginia, is a rich concoction of history, culture, and artistic sensibilities. A fine blend of heritage sites and snazzy, contemporary buildings, the city promises to enthrall you with countless fairs, festivals, and events around the year. Whether you like music, dance, crafts, films, or theater, this city will keep you on your toes. Located at the junction of rivers Kanawha and Elk, it offers mesmerizing views as well.   


You will also have a great time photographing old structures and exploring museums and art galleries. Charleston is dotted with many beautiful parks, too, if you are looking for outdoor adventures, fresh air, and peaceful moments under an open sky. Most importantly, planning a trip to this riverside city is extremely easy, with so many flights to Charleston, WV, available at attractive prices. 

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart 

Cheapfaremart makes it completely hassle-free to find and book cheap flights to Charleston. You simply need to use the search bar on the website to explore the different options from multiple airlines on different dates and then select the one that is most affordable. At Cheapfaremart, we can also handle various queries related to baggage, flying with babies, ticket changes, and more. 

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Charleston 

  • Experiment with Dates and Airlines 

Check the different flight options available on different dates and from multiple airlines using Cheapfaremart’s search bar. This way, you can zero in on the most pocket-friendly plane tickets to Charleston. Usually, choosing the cheapest airline or flying on a weekday can help you save significantly. 

  • Mind Your Bags 

Different airlines usually have different limits when it comes to free baggage. You can check Cheapfaremart for the same while booking flights to Charleston, WV. And if you feel you might have to carry too many things, go for a carrier that charges the minimum fee for extra baggage.

  • Book When the Time is Right 

Booking airline tickets to Charleston a couple of months in advance is a smart way to save money. Or you can wait till the last moment as many carriers slash prices for still-unfilled seats then. 

  • Choose the Season Carefully 

November and December are the months when you can usually get cheap flights to Charleston. If you book your tickets during that time, you can save on hotel prices too and avoid touristy crowds.

  • Be Open to Layovers

Direct flights to Charleston, WV, are generally more expensive than those with layovers. So, opt for the latter and make the most of your stopovers by exploring the city or enjoying a hearty meal inside the airport. You can also shop your heart out or get spa therapy.  

  • Profit from Deals 

We offer lucrative discounts and promotions from time to time at Cheapfaremart, so you can save money while having a memorable trip. To make sure you spot them on time, follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and check our website frequently.

Best Time to Visit Charleston 

Charleston is an amazing city to visit, no matter which time of the year you choose to plan your trip. 

  • In spring, catch wisterias in full bloom, explore vibrant gardens, visit farmers’ markets, attend outdoor concerts and plays, and head to beautiful beaches. Visit rooftop bars for refreshing cocktails and craft beers.   
  • Summer is when you can go on walking tours, plan hikes, enjoy various festivals, have a picnic, and go boating or kayaking. Try your hand at surfing or fishing, go dolphin spotting, and relish ice creams.  
  • During fall, photograph the gorgeous foliage changing colors, have fun at Halloween events, visit pumpkin patches and corn mazes, and explore museums and galleries. You can also attend a jazz, ballet, or handicraft workshop and visit wineries.  
  • Winter is perfect for skiing or ice skating, sampling local delicacies and baked goodies, visiting Christmas markets, and admiring holiday lights. You can go for dreamy carriage rides and stay at a luxury resort.  


Irrespective of the season, Charleston will take your breath away with countless things to do and see. 

Charleston: Fly with Major Airlines!

United Airlines, American Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic are among the major airlines that operate flights to Charleston, WV, regularly. To pick the most affordable flight, you can simply use the search bar on Cheapfaremart and go through the various options available. 

Top 5 Places to Explore in Charleston 

Here are 5 incredible places that must feature in your Charleston itinerary for a unique experience:  

1. State Capitol: Soak in the beauty of this grand building that towers over the Kanawha River, its 300-foot dome lined with tiny gold leaves, and the stunning chandelier inside. The antique charm of this limestone structure is easy to spot.  

2. West Virginia State Museum: Dive into the state’s journey from the prehistoric era till modern times through coal and fossil displays. The simulated coal mine, short films, and audio commentaries wonderfully epitomize West Virginia’s culture, history, and traditions.  

3. Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences: Catch a jazz concert or ballet performance at this spacious center spread over 240,000 square feet. You can also attend folk, classical, and contemporary shows. 

4. Kanawha State Forest: Connect with nature, hike to enjoy stunning views, camp under the stars, organize a picnic, and spot wood-warblers in this 9,300-acre forest. Kids can run around without a care, too. 

5. Haddad Riverfront Park: Admire unforgettable views of the Kanawha River along with lush mountains in the backdrop as you attend fun outdoor events. You can catch free concerts from the amphitheater that seats as many as 2,500 people. 


Q1. Where can I shop for souvenirs in Charleston?

You will find many shops and boutiques along the Capitol Street and in the Capitol Market selling locally-made goods, sculptures, paintings, and photographs. 

Q2. Is January a good time to visit Charleston? 

While January is the coldest month, you can enjoy winter sports and visit museums. Just check the weather forecast before buying airline tickets to Charleston.  

Q3. What are some popular dishes to try in Charleston?

You can sample buckwheat pancakes, pepperoni rolls, wild game, beans, cornbread, brisket, and ribs. 

Q.4. How can I save money on a trip to Charleston?

Book cheap plane tickets to Charleston, attend free concerts and events, engage in outdoor activities like biking and hiking, stay in budget hotels, and eat at small cafes.  

Q.5. What is the easiest way to get around in Charleston?

You can take public buses, rent a car or bike, or use a rideshare app to get around comfortably. 

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