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Airports in Baltimore

  • Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Generally referred to as BWI or BWI Marshall, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (IATA: BWI, ICAO: KBWI) is the primary international airport serving Baltimore, Maryland. The airport is nine miles (14 km) south of downtown Baltimore, and 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Washington D.C. BWI has nonstop flights to LAX. However, to other airports in Los Angeles, you find only connecting flights.

  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Another major airport is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA / KDCA), which has international and domestic flights from Washington, District of Columbia and is 44 miles from Baltimore, MD. Alaska and American Airlines operate nonstop flights from DCA to LAX. Connecting flights are available with Frontier and United Airlines.

Airports in Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX / KLAX) is 19 miles from Los Angeles, CA south of the Westchester district. The airport has arrivals from PHL with Spirit and American Airlines in the morning, afternoon and evening. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority manages the public ground transportation and facilities both bus and rail services.

  • Bob Hope Airport (BUR / KBUR)

BUR is 17 miles from the center of Los Angeles, CA. This airport has domestic flights from Burbank, California. BUR has two terminals, A and B. Terminal A has nine gates numbered A1 to A9, and Terminal B has five gates numbered B1 to B5. Only connecting flights from PHL to BUR are available with Spirit, American, United Airlines, besides others.

  • Long Beach Airport (LGB / KLGB)

Long Beach Airport (LGB / KLGB) has domestic flights from Long Beach, California and is 23 miles from Los Angeles, CA. It has three runways and six helipads. Prominent airlines include JetBlue Airways, American Eagle, Delta Connection, Hawaiian Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Only connecting flights operate from Miami to LGB, Los Angeles.

  • LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT / KONT)

LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT / KONT) has international and domestic flights from Ontario, California, and is 40 miles from Los Angeles, CA. Frontier Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines have their arrivals from PHL. All departure flights from PHL to ONT are connecting ones.

How Much Time Does a Flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles Take?

The flight time from Baltimore to Los Angeles displayed below is based on the assumption that the speed of the aircraft is 500 miles/hour or 804.67 km/hour.

Flight Flight Distance Flight Time
BWI to LAX 2,401 miles/3864 km 5 hours 14 minutes
DCA to LAX 2,392 miles/3849 km 5 hours 17 minutes
BWI to BUR 2,391 miles/3848 km 5 hours 17 minutes
DCA to BUR 2,355 miles / 3791 km 5 hours 13 minutes
BWI to ONT 2,283 miles/3674 km 5 hours 04 minutes
DCA to ONT 2,265 miles/3645 km 5 hours 02 minutes

Los Angeles is three hours behind Baltimore.

How to Book Cheap Flights from Baltimore to Los Angeles?

Though Cheapfaremart brings the lowest fares from leading airlines operating Baltimore to Los Angeles flights, exercise the below steps to save more on your airline ticket purchases.

1. Be flexible with airports

Los Angeles and Baltimore both have got multiple airports. Use our flight booking engine to discover all the flight options available according to your travel dates. With more choices in front of you, you are destined to find a flight with an unbeatable price.

2. Be flexible with airlines

Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, Jetblue Airways, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines are a few to name when it comes to carrier choices. Based on the comfort and budget, you can find the best fare.

3. Choose a mid-weekday flight

Weekday Vs. Weekend. The battle tilts to weekdays when it comes to the cheapest airfare. Los Angeles is one of the popular destinations in the world and sees a massive crowd on weekends.

4. Plan an off-season travel

With the temperature soaring the mercury scale in the 80s and 90s°F from June through August, the number of visitors drops, and so does the fare. If you are looking for the cheapest airline ticket cost, this could be the best season.

5. Travel with a redeye flight

If you don’t mind compromising your sleep, you can make money. Yes, you heard that right. As compared to regular flights that depart in day hours, red-eye flights departing late night or in the early morning are cheaper. Mind the difference between the two time zones.