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Above is a list of round-trip flights from BOS to FLL. The airfares are subject to change. Airlines update their fares frequently. Cheapfaremart doesn’t guarantee you the fare, unless the PNR is processed with a successful payment. The airfares BOS to FLL are inclusive of base fare, fuel surcharges, airline/airport/government taxes, and our service fee. Check Terms and Conditions to know more about reservation policy.

Search, Compare and Book Cheap Flights from Boston to Ft Lauderdale is an ASTA-certified travel agency’s website that helps you compare airline fares from different passenger carriers and save big. We help you find competitive airfare, which is every traveler’s right.

For your convenience, we have displayed some airline ticket costs for round-trip flights to Fort Lauderdale. However, you may also perform new searches by your travel dates. Sorting of flight options is possible by departure or arrival timings.

By default, this flight booking website shows you round-trip flights, but you may customize the search by selecting one-way.

Boston to Ft Lauderdale Flight Discount

We celebrate events or festivals not just within the organization but outside as well. We involve our valued customers whose allegiance has propelled Cheapfaremart to become one of the leading travel companies in the US. If you are traveling around Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine Day, Mother’s Day and other popular festive seasons, don’t miss to take advantage of Cheapfaremart promo codes.

Which Airlines Operate First Class Flight to Fort Lauderdale from BOS?

American and Alaska, both full-service US carriers operate first class flight to FLL from BOS. Review airfare rules of all carriers to know the flexibility and restriction imposed on their different tickets before you move to the checkout page to buy a cheap air ticket.

How Long is a Flight to Fort Lauderdale from Boston?

If you are travelling for the first time on this route, this question might be on the back of our mind.

Flight distance: 1,237 miles (1991 km)

Flight time: 2 hours 55 minutes

Time difference: FLL is one hour ahead

Note: While calculating the flight time, we have assumed the aircraft speed to be

804.67 km or 500 miles per hour. Also, this flight time is purely the time spent in the air.

How to Book Cheap Air Tickets to Boston to Fort Lauderdale?

1. Be flexible to fly with any carrier

If you give a damn to the airline’s brand value, nothing can come between you and a cheap flight. Review the fares of all airlines operating flights from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, and select the lowest fare after meticulous airfare and airline airfare rules review.

2. Be flexible to with your travel day

Your wish to travel economically is most likely to be granted if you don’t clash with weekenders. Like any other tourist destination, Fort Lauderdale sees a surge in the number of visitors by weekends. The fares may reach unexpected value on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

3. Be flexible with your travel dates

If you are a regular user of this flight booking website, you might have noticed a Flexible Date Fare (Highlighted fare) on the top of the search-result. Our flight booking website has been configured to track an alternate date lowest fare as well.

4. Visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida in low season

If like many you love rain, you are most likely to capitalize on the low season. Plan your Fort Lauderdale, Florida vacation between June and September. The number of rainfall days per month could be in the range 16 to 18.

5. Fly with budget airlines

Spirit Airlines, the leading low-cost airline of the US operate cheap flights from Boston to Fort Lauderdale daily. Read the line between when it comes to fare rules. Most of the times, travelers do a mistake and later pay the price in terms of airline penalties.

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