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The above table shows flights to London from Los Angeles. The fares based on historical data (Date and Time mentioned). Fares are non-warranted and subject to change anytime. The New York to London round trip fare is inclusive of base fare, fuel surcharges, airline/airport taxes, and our service fee.

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Airfares change rapidly based on the availability of flights and demand. Use our flight booking engine to know the availability status of Los Angeles to London flight and compare the fares with multiple carriers.  Try different combination of departure and arrival airports, like LAX to LHR, LGB to LHR, LAX to LGW, and so on, to find the cheapest flight. We have integrated our flight booking engine with ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) is such manner that it automatically picks the best fares available on. On the top of the search result, it also shows a Flexible Date Fare, which is the lowest fare for the selected flight route.

Easily select your departure and arrival timing, flight stops, and operated carrier and customize the Los Angeles to London flight result to suit your travel plan. While choosing the time, you must also take note of the time difference between the departure and arrival cities.

Top Airports in Los Angeles

1. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

18 miles (30 km) drive from southwest of Downtown Los Angeles takes you to the Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX, ICAO: KLAX). This is the primary international airport connecting the city with nonstop as well as connecting flight to London’s favorite airport. Nonstop flights from Los Angeles to London take off regularly.

2. Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Long Beach Airport (IATA: LGB, ICAO: KLGB) is a city-owned public domestic airport three miles northeast of downtown Long Beach, in Los Angeles County. Earlier it was called Daugherty Field. Top airlines offering their flight services are Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Connection, and American Eagle.

3. LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT)

Ontario International Airport (IATA: ONT, ICAO: KONT) is a public airport two miles east of downtown Ontario, in San Bernardino County. Its 38 miles (61 km) east of Downtown. Currently, no carriers offer nonstop flight from ONT to any of the airports in London. Only connecting flights are available.

Top Airports in London

1. London Heathrow Airport (LHR / EGLL)

London Heathrow Airport is a major airport in London that serves international and domestic flights. Located at 18 miles from the center of London, United Kingdom, Heathrow ranks as the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic.

2. London City Airport (LCY/EGLC)

The nearest major airport is London City Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights and is 9 miles from the center of London, United Kingdom.

3. London Gatwick Airport (LGW / EGKK)

London Gatwick Airport has international and domestic flights and is 33 miles from London, United Kingdom.

How Long is the Flight from Los Angeles to London?

The flight distance between Los Angeles and London is 5,454 miles/8778 km, and the approximate flight time is 11 hours 25 minutes. The table below highlights the flight distance and flight time with different departure and arrival airports in consideration.

Flight Flight Distance Flight Time
LAX to LHR 5,456 miles/8781 km 11 hours 25 minutes
LAX to LCY 5,471 miles/8805 km 11 hours 27 minutes
LAX to LGW 5,480 miles/8891 km 11 hours 28 minutes
ONT to LHR 5,424 miles/8729 km 11 hours 21 minutes
ONT to LCY 5,439 miles/8753 km 11 hours 23 minutes

Also, keep in mind the time difference between the two cities. Los Angeles is eight hours behind London. Let’s take that how does it affect your travel experience. Suppose you departed at 1.00 PM from Los Angeles on a Saturday after taking your lunch, you will reach London by 11.25 PM (according to Los Angeles time), but it will be 07.25 AM there in London on a Sunday.

Note: The flight distance and time are for a nonstop flight (excluding any layover). The actual distance and time might vary, and are non-warranted. Check with your airlines to know precise information. 

Which Airlines do Fly from Los Angeles to London?

The number of airlines flying on the route – from Los Angeles to London – is higher than on many flight routes of the world. The prominent carriers include Iberia, United Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Finnair, American Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Cambodia Airlines, and Air New Zealand.

Check London airfares from Los Angeles with different airlines. Also, check fares by changing the departure or arrival airport to find the cheapest flight from LA. If you are flexible with your travel dates, choose Flexible Date Fare, which we recommend at the top of every search result, if it goes well with your travel plan.