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The fares mentioned for the return flights to Cobija, Bolivia are based on historical trend (Date and time shown). The tickets are non-warranted and subject to change. To know about the available cheap airfare to Cobija perform a fresh search.

Cobija, Bolivia, Travel Guide

Cobija is a city on the north of Bolivia sharing its border with Brazil. Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America. Cobija has located about 600 km (373 mi.) north of La Paz in the Amazon Basin. Top places to visit in Cobija are Municipal building in Cobija, Central Park, Simón Bolívar, Cobija, Pando, and Nuestra Señora del Pilar Cathedral. Travelers often extend their vacation to explore some top attractions of Brazil as well. Cobija is connected to Brazil by two bridges.

Where is Cobija Located Geographically?

What the Thames is for London, the Acre means to Cobija. Sitting at an altitude of 280 meters (920 ft) above sea level and in the north-western jungle, Cobija has become one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the world

What are the Top Airports in Cobija?

The nearest airport to Cobija, Bolivia is Captain Aníbal Arab Airport (CIJ / SLCO). This airport is 3 km from the center of Cobija, Bolivia. Alternatively, you may depart to El Alto International Airport or Viru Viru International Airport, which are located nearby.

How Long is the Flight to Cobija?

You may opt for nonstop or connecting flights to Cobija.  The table below shows the flight distance and flight time from some of the US cities.

Flight Flight Distance Flight Time


Flight Distance

Flight Time

San Francisco (SFO) to Cobija Flight (CIJ)

4,819 miles/7756 km

10 hours 8 minutes

Los Angeles, CA to Cobija (CIJ) Flight

4,490 miles/7226 km

9 hours 29 minutes

Chicago, IL to Cobija (CIJ) Flight

3,833 miles/6169 km

8 hours 10 minutes

New York City to Cobija (CIJ) Flight

3,575 miles/5753 km

7 hours 39 minutes

Dallas to Cobija (CIJ) Flight

3,575 miles/5753 km

7 hours 39 minutes

Philadelphia, PA to Cobija (CIJ) Flight

3,532 miles/5684 km

7 hours 34 minutes

Which Airlines Fly to Cobija?

Top airlines connecting Cobija with the US cities are Avianca, Boliviana De Aviacion, Copa Airlines, and American Airlines. Most of the flights are combining ones with their stopovers at Bogota – BOG, La Paz – LPB, or some other airport or city available on the route. Use the filter options like – non-stop, one-way or two-way – to find a relevant flight.

How Much Does It Cost to Fly to Cobija?

We have displayed a list of low-cost flights to Cobija at the beginning of this webpage. The fares are for round trip flights to Cobija and are based on past data or trend. Click on the flight, if you don’t get the same price, there is a chance that the fare might not be available. Perform a new flight search to know the latest valid fare. Flight distance, airlines type, travel category, and stopover duration are some of the critical factors that influence the cost of a flight ticket to Cobija.

How to Find the Cheap Flights to Cobija

If you are not a constraint with your travel dates, you are likely to get the cheapest flight ticket to your destination. Our flight search and booking engine suggest Flexible Date Fare on the top

What is the Best Time to Visit Cobija?

The dry season from June through September is the best time to visit Cobija. The temperature stays in the mid-80s Fahrenheit. However, the fares go up as more and more travelers focus on the destination. October to December will be the best time if you want to strike a balance between weather and budget both.

What are the Top Attractions in Cobija?

1. Monumento a los Heroes de Bahia

The monument honors the martyrs who fought bravely during the Acreana Revolution. Most of who sacrificed their lives were rubber entrepreneurs, rubber tappers and Bolivian peasants

2. El Carreton

Similar to Tiwanaku, the place is famous for its stone crafts.  The monument depicts carts, bulls, wildlife, human beings, etc. The area is located to the lands in northern Bolivia. Visitors love to take selfies with the artworks. The entrance of the building flooded with lights in the evening looks magnificent.

3. Parque Piñata

his is a family-friendly colorful amusement park where you can relax or indulge in some outdoor activities.  The greenery, rides, food courts and restaurants create an entertaining and healthy environment where you can spend quality time with your kids.

4. Hornitos Beach

Want to enjoy minimal outfits or accessories? Fly to Hornitos Beach, which is part of Mejillones in Chile. Featuring a beautiful landscape, this is favorite to visitors looking for some beach fun. Kick back and relax. Enjoy some beach sports like rugby, volleyball, and soccer and much more. Nearby top attractions include Mejillones and Tocopilla. Plan a multi-city flight booking to cover this irresistibly beautiful city. Get air tickets to Cobija and Mejillones both in one go

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Note: Departure, arrival, flight distance and flight time information is for reference purposes and may vary.

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