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 Book Cheap Flights to Crescent City, California

The quoted price corresponding to the best deals on Crescent City flights is for round-trip fares, and is inclusive of surcharges, our service fee, and airline taxes. However, the booking cost of Crescent City flight tickets is subject to the availability of flights and demands. You agree and understand not to hold Cheapfaremart liable for any fluctuation in airfares from what expressed on the website.

Crescent City: An Overview

Just a ride away from Northern California, Crescent City is a little town that is home to a bustling harbor and is heavily surrounded by ancient redwood forests. It is named after the crescent-shaped stretch of sandy beaches south of the city. If you are looking for a short, peaceful beach vacation, then this is your sign to book plane tickets to Crescent City. 

The richness of the Pacific Ocean Waters and the ease of access make Crescent City the home port for numerous commercial fishing vessels. Much of the city was destroyed by the four tsunami waves in 1964. However, the town still retains its former glory in the present day and is a good place for a vacation. 

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

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Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Crescent City 

  • Mix Airlines and Routes: Don't limit your search to a single airline or route. Experiment with different airlines and layover cities. Sometimes, booking separate flights or routes can be more cost-effective.
  • Redeem Miles or Points: If you're a member of a frequent flier program, check if you have accumulated enough miles or points to redeem for a free or discounted flight.
  • Consider Nearby Cities: If Crescent City is just one stop on your itinerary, explore flights to nearby cities like San Francisco or Portland. You can then take a short domestic flight or rent a car to reach your final destination.
  • Travel Light: Budget airlines often charge for additional baggage. Pack light and consider using a carry-on to save on luggage fees.
  • Student and Military Discounts: If you're a student or in the military, inquire about special discounts that may be available for you. 
  • Travel During Shoulder Seasons: Crescent City's weather can be pleasant during spring and fall. Booking your trip during these shoulder seasons can lead to lower airfares and fewer crowds.
  • Group Bookings: If you're traveling with a group of friends or family, consider booking your flights together as a group. Platforms such as Cheapfaremart often offer discounts for group bookings, and you may also benefit from reduced fees for changing or canceling tickets if your plans change. Additionally, group bookings can sometimes unlock special promotions or amenities, so inquire with us about group flights to Crescent City, CA.
  • Book a Package Deal: Look for package deals that combine your flight, accommodation, and possibly car rental. Booking these together can lead to substantial savings. Package deals often come with added perks, such as complimentary breakfast or free airport transfers, making your trip even more budget-friendly.

Best Time to Visit Crescent City 

  • Winter 

The winter months in Crescent City witness the quietest time and generally have fewer tourists. You can benefit from the cheaper airfare and accommodation rates. Although the weather can get cold, you can still explore the rugged coastline or watch the waves crash against the cliffs. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, winter is perfect for cheap flights to Crescent City. 

  • Spring

Spring is another perfect time to visit Crescent City. The weather brings warm-up post the winter season. It is the perfect time for hiking in the redwood forests, birdwatching, or exploring ride pools across the coastline. 

Crescent City: Fly with Major Airlines!

Fly with major airlines like PenAir or Alaska Airlines and book best-value plane tickets to Crescent City with Cheapfaremart. All you have to do is visit our website, enter your departure city and Crescent City as your destination, along with your travel dates, and you will be met with a list of affordable flights. 

Top 5 Places to Explore in Crescent City

1. Battery Point Lighthouse and Museum 

Located on a tiny island just off the city's southwest shore, Battery Point Lighthouse has been warning mariners for the past 160 years. You can tour the historic lighthouse during a low tide. Tours are scheduled by the Del Norte County Historical Society. 

2. Crescent Beach

Located south of Crescent City is this long semicircle beach. You can go beach walking to enjoy the calm salty air or go surfing at Crescent Beach. You can also drive to the other end of Enderts Beach Road, where you can get a view of the entire arch of the beach leading to the city’s harbor. 

3. Ocean World 

Visit Ocean World, a popular tourist attraction featuring over a half-million gallons of underwater exhibits. The exhibits include several interactive experiences, and the aquarium dates back to 1964. You can also take a guided tour to understand more about the sea life at the property. 

4. Brother Jonathan Cemetery

This historical place commemorates the many lives lost aboard the SS Brother Jonathan, which sank in the nearby waters on July 20, 1865. Today, 22 headstones are housed at the cemetery with detailed information about the tragedy.

5. Redwood Highway

If you have a passion for the outdoors, then you can take a hike down the Redwood Highway, which protects around 130,000 acres of coastal redwood habitat. 

Also, visit the Del Norte Coast and Prairie Creed Redwoods State Parks, located less than an hour's ride away from the downtown area. 


1. In which county is Crescent City located?

Crescent City is located in Del Norte County.

2. What are some kid-friendly things to do in Crescent City?

If you are traveling with kids, then you can visit Ocean World, BeachFront Park, Tsunami Lanes, and Redwood National and State Parks, among other such attractions. 

3. What are some day trips from Crescent City?

If you are looking for day trips from Crescent City, then you can visit Napa Valley, San Francisco, Muir Woods, and other similar places. 

4. Does Crescent City have a downtown?

Yes, Crescent City has a downtown showcasing the local heritage, wildlife, and craft of the region.

5. Is Crescent City expensive?

Like any other California city that is close to the beaches, Crescent City can be relatively more expensive than some US cities.

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