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What is the Best time to visit Curitiba?

November to March is the Best time to visit Curitiba. However, the eventful times may bring some discomfort regarding finding accommodation. You shall be ready to face the traffic jams on its roads. Though there is a high expectation of rain, it’s worth considering because the trip allows you to get better acquainted with the culture and art of Curitiba as you get a chance to rub shoulders with the locals. The temperature hovers around 77ºF/25ºC or more.
June to September is the south Brazilian winter. However, if you want to avoid crowds, this is the best time to visit. Though, you won’t find much pleasure in water sports during the time as the temperature will not allow you. April, May, and October are transitional months that bring the best of winter and summer.

What are the Top Attractions in Curitiba?

1. Sao Paulo region

The place is abuzz with multiple exotic options for fun and entertainment, shopping and nightlife. The region is home to top class resorts including Angra dos Reis, Buzios, Florianopolis. Top beaches are also not too far from the place.

2. Iguassu Falls

Book cheap flight tickets to Curitiba and have an opportunity to see the planet’s most spectacular waterfalls, located in the border between Brazil, Argentine, and Paraguay. Capture this dream come true experience in your camera or phone to cherish the moment long after the vacation ends.

3. Bahia & Salvador

Get access to a tropical beach destination, which is also dubbed as the musical capital of Brazil. The culture and art of the place are influenced deeply by slave-African culture; Some significant beach resorts include: Porto Seguro, Praia do Forte, Costa do Sauipe, Ilheus & Comandatuba, Itacaré, Maceio and so on.

4. Fortaleza / Ceará beaches

Fortaleza is one of the top attractions not just in Curitiba, but in the world. It’s famous for its top-class tropical beaches, including Fortaleza’s beaches, Jericoacoara, Canoa Quebrada, etc.

Adventures in Curitiba

1. Hiking & Trekking In Curitiba

You can choose from a range of hiking and trekking alternatives available with different vendors. The experience of traversing through a host of diverse habitats, including Atlantic and Amazon Rainforest, the cerrado highlands of the interior, the Pantanal wetlands, is incredible. The trails of Brazil offer outstanding wildlife viewing and breathtaking panoramas without the breathtaking altitude of Andean Mountain treks.

2. Kayaking & Canoeing In Curitiba

Blessed with a sprawling coastline (close to 8,000km) comprising of Atlantic coastline, and the largest wetlands in the world, Brazil awaits you. Enjoy Kayaking adventure, however long that may be. Its mind blowing options for canoeing and kayaking attract travelers the most from across the world. While making your way through beautiful beaches or lake sceneries, you can’t afford to keep the poet inside you sit idle.

3. Kite-Surfing & Wind-Surfing In Curitiba

Kite-surfing & wind-surfing are the significant adventurous activities that make travelers book return flight tickets to Curitiba. What favors the sports? Say thanks to Strong Atlantic Ocean breezes. Never had a chance to experience such an adventure? Wait, you should wait and watch to learn from the experts. It’s not difficult to find the assistance of some sorts as there are a lot of adventure operators in Curitiba.

4. Mountain Biking & Cycling In Curitiba

There couldn’t be a better idea than this if you are serious about getting acquainted with the locals and the culture of the place. Visit countryside area to relief yourself from the stress and crowd of the urbanization. It’s no big deal to rent your favorite mountain bikes at an affordable price.

How to Reach Curitiba

Afonso Pena International Airport is Curitiba’s main airport. It is located in the nearby city of São José dos Pinhais. All commercial flights operate from this airport. There is also the Bacacheri Airport, a smaller general aviation facility.
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