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Des Moines: An Overview

Des Moines, the capital city, largest and the most populous, is located in the heart of Iowa. Earning the nickname "Hartford of the West" due to its robust insurance industry, Des Moines offers much more than just a vibrant corporate landscape. The city welcomes guests with open arms and offers a diverse range of outdoor activities, culture, and Midwestern charm.

Des Moines, often hailed as one of the most affordable and livable cities in the United States, offers several experiences for travelers of all interests. Everyone can find something to enjoy in this warm Midwestern city, which boasts an enviable arts scene in addition to beautiful parks and interesting historical sites. So, book your cheap flights to Des Moines today with Cheapfaremart and embark on a memorable voyage.

Flight Booking with Cheapfaremart

Organizing your trip to Des Moines with Cheapfaremart is like a walk in the park. You can book airline tickets to this vibrant metropolis in a mere few clicks with us. Make a trip to this remarkable destination by booking affordable flights to Des Moines utilizing Cheapfaremart’s search bar to select airlines and fares of your choice. Our website is designed to offer you the most cost-effective travel options. Whether it’s the city's cultural attractions, beautiful parks, or exciting food scene that has got you interested, we're here to make your travel arrangements effortless.

Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Des Moines

  • Book Early: Booking your flight far in advance can often result in significant savings. Usually, airlines give discounts for reservations made 2-3 months before.
  • Flexibility in Travel Dates: Being flexible with your travel dates can land you cheap flights to Des Moines. Sometimes, adjusting your trip dates by a day or two can lead to substantial savings.
  • Use Fare Comparison: To find the cheapest days to fly, use the Cheapfaremart search filter that helps you compare multiple airline fares. This useful tool can help you find many great deals and result in cost-cutting.
  • Set Fare Alerts: Set up fare alert notifications on Cheapfaremart. When airfares for flights to Des Moines decrease, you'll be notified and can make a reservation right away. 
  • Check Nearby Airports: See if there are any airports close to Des Moines that provide more affordable flight options. It may be less expensive to fly into a nearby city and then drive the remaining distance.
  • Avoid Traveling During Peak Seasons or Holidays: Flying during peak seasons and holidays can increase your ticket costs. Consider rescheduling your vacation for off-peak times to get the best deals.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Des Moines

1. Pappajohn Sculpture Park: Pappajohn Sculpture Park, a 4.4-acre park with a spectacular collection of modern and contemporary sculptures, is situated right in the center of downtown Des Moines. Explore the lushly landscaped grounds and admire the works of renowned painters, including Louise Bourgeois and Jaume Plensa.

2. Des Moines Art Center: The Des Moines Art Centre is a great treasure for art lovers, with a stunning collection of works by artists including Jackson Pollock, Grant Wood, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Rotating exhibitions and educational events are also held in the center.

3. Blank Park Zoo: Over 800 animals from all over the world reside in the Blank Park Zoo, making it an ideal family adventure. While learning about initiatives to conserve wildlife, visitors may get up close with animals like lions, giraffes, and penguins.

4. Historic East Village: The beautiful East Village neighborhood is known for its cobblestone walkways, old structures, and varied collections of boutiques, eateries, and art galleries. It's the perfect location to stroll around and soak in the city’s atmosphere.

5. Gray's Lake Park: For outdoor aficionados, Gray's Lake Park provides a lovely urban retreat. Hire a paddleboat, explore the surrounding area on foot or by bicycle, or just unwind by the lake. The park offers a peaceful haven in the middle of the metropolis.

Des Moines: Fly with Major Airlines!

Major airlines offer convenient travel to the Des Moines International Airport (DSM). You can secure convenient flights to Des Moines with carriers like Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Des Moines offers a balance of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Plan your trip to this amazing place with Cheapfaremart and enjoy comfort, affordability, and convenience. 

Best Time to Visit Des Moines

This gorgeous city offers adventures in all four seasons. So, the best time to book plane tickets to Des Moines to relish the amazing scenery depends on your preferences. Here's a breakdown of the seasons:

  • Spring: Spring brings milder temperatures and blooming flowers to Des Moines. It's an excellent time for outdoor activities and enjoying the city's parks.
  • Summer: Summer is the peak tourist season with warm temperatures and numerous festivals and events. It's a great time for exploring the city's outdoor attractions.
  • Fall: Fall offers pleasant weather and colorful foliage, making it a beautiful time for sightseeing. The crowds are thinner compared to summer.
  • Winter: Winters in Des Moines can be cold, but a quieter time to visit. If you don't mind the cold, you can enjoy holiday festivities and indoor attractions.


1. Is Des Moines a family-friendly destination?

Yes, Des Moines is considered a family-friendly city with several activities and attractions suitable for all ages. The city's parks, museums, and educational institutions cater to families.

2. Are there outdoor recreational opportunities in Des Moines?

Yes. You can explore local parks, go hiking or biking, and enjoy water sports on the Des Moines River.

3. What's the history behind Des Moines' insurance industry?

Des Moines became a major hub for the insurance industry due to its central location and transportation links. It's home to several prominent insurance companies and regulatory agencies.

4. What are the local specialties and must-try foods in Des Moines?

While in Des Moines, do try the famous "tenderloin sandwich," a local specialty. Other must-try foods include sweet corn, pork tenderloin, and Dutch letters (pastries). Explore the 

vibrant culinary scene, including farm-to-table restaurants, food trucks, and diverse international cuisine.

5. What public transportation is available in Des Moines?

Des Moines has a public bus system called DART (Des Moines Area Regional Transit). However, having a car or relying on rideshare services like Uber and Lyft may be more convenient for tourists.

6. What are some must-attend cultural events or festivals in Des Moines?

Des Moines hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Some popular ones include the Des Moines Arts Festival, the Iowa State Fair, and the World Food & Music Festival.

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