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At Cheapfaremart, we have illustrated airfares against round-trip Dubrovnik flights via a host of airlines. The airfares contain fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes imposed by airlines and airports concerned. Since Dubrovnik airfares are based on historical data, and might change at the time of flight booking.

Dubrovnik in Croatia: Overview

Dubrovnik is a city on the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, a seaport, and the centre of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The city of Dubrovnik was recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1979.

Dubrovnik has a borderline humid subtropical (Cfa) and Mediterranean climate (Csa) in the Köppen climate classification. Dubrovnik has hot, humid, moderately dry summers and mildly cold, wet winters. June to August is the summer season and also the driest one (rainfall: 1.1-inch to 2.9-inch). The rain falls for 113.6 days and collects up to 41.9″ (1063.9mm) of precipitation.

Airport in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport

Airport Code: DBV

Location:   The airport is located approximately 9.5 miles (15.5 km) from Dubrovnik city centre, near Cilipi

Hub For: Croatia Airlines

Interesting Facts: The airport is a major destination for leisure flights during the European summer holiday season

Airlines That Fly to Dubrovnik from USA

Below is a list of popular carriers operating 1 or 2-stop flights to Dubrovnik from the USA. We have mentioned the carrier type, country and hub airport. Hub Airport or Focus City serves as the layover or stopover enroute.


Carrier Type


Hub/Focus City

Croatia Airlines

Flag carrier


Croatia Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)

Split Airport (SPU)

Zadar Airport (ZAD)

LOT Polish Airlines

Flag carrier


Warsaw (WAW), Budapest (BUD)

Turkish Airlines (TK)

Flag carrier


Istanbul Airport (IST)

British Airways (BA)

Flag carrier


London Heathrow (LHR), London Gatwick (LGW)

Aer Lingus (EI)

Flag carrier


Dublin Airport (DUB)

Swiss International Airlines

Flag carrier


Zurich Airport (ZRH)

Finnair (AY)

Flag carrier


Helsinki Airport (HEL)

Iberia (IB) Airlines

Flag carrier


Madrid Airport (MAD)

United Airlines (UA) with Lufthansa (LH)

Mainline carrier


Frankfurt (FRA)*

Direct or nonstop flights to Croatia are not available from any of the cities/airports in the USA.

Best Time to Visit Dubrovnik

September to November is the best time to visit Dubrovnik. It’s a bit chill there, but manageable. The nights are chilled but day temperature stays in between 60s and 70s, Fahrenheit; it’s fair enough to explore the top attractions of the location. July and August, that is, summer sees the highest turn out. If you aspire to be part of its summer events including Le Petit Festival du Théâtre (June-July) and Dubrovnik Summer Festival (July-August), you should be ready to shell out some extra bucks for flights and lodging.

Top Attractions in Dubrovnik

  • City Walls
  • Dubrovnik Cable Car
  • War Photo Limited
  • Dubrovnik Cathedral
  • Lokrum Island

Frequently Asked Questions

What cities in the USA have a direct flight to Dubrovnik (Croatia)?

Newark EWR in the USA has direct flights to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Most of the USA cities are linked to Dubrovnik via connecting flights. The stopover could be an airport in Paris, Zurich, Venice Marco Polo, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Barcelona, London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Dublin, Manchester, New York, Rome, Madrid, Edinburgh, Athens, Istanbul, or other cities, mainly in EU.

Which airport do you fly to for Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Dubrovnik Ruder Boskovic Airport (DBV), also referred to as Cilipi Airport. The airport is located approximately 9.5 miles or 15.5 kilometers from Dubrovnik city center, near Cilipi.

How far is Dubrovnik (Croatia) from Chicago (USA)?

The shortest Chicago to Dubrovnik flight distance is 5,022 miles or 8082 kilometers with a stop at Munich, and the flight time is 10 hours. The popular carriers are United, Lufthansa, Croatia Airlines.

What airlines offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Chicago?

In 1-stop flights segment, Aer Lingus offers cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Chicago in Economy Class. United poses a strong competition to Aer Lingus. In 1-stop Premium Economy, the combination of Lufthansa and United offers cheap plane tickets to Dubrovnik.

How far is Dubrovnik (Croatia) from Orlando (USA)?

On the shortest 1-stop route, via London Heathrow, Dubrovnik is 5,395 miles or 8682 kilometers from Orlando by air. The longest distance on a 1-stop route is 10,149 miles or 16333 kilometers via Dubai. No direct flights operate.

What airlines offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Orlando?

In Economy class, 1-stop flight segment, Norse Atlantic UK along with Easyjet, offers cheap economy tickets to Dubrovnik (DBV) from Orlando. In Premium Economy Class 1-stop flights segment, Discover Airlines generally offers cheap tickets.

How long does a flight take to arrive in Dubrovnik from Boston?

On the shortest 1-stop flight route via Frankfurt, the distance is 4,348 miles or 6997 kilometers, and the required flight time is 8 hours 50 minutes. The selection of connecting city may impact your flight time depending upon the flight distance.

What airlines offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Boston?

In 1-stop Economy or Premium Economy flights segment, the partnership of Condor and Croatia Airlines helps you get cheap tickets. The connection is in Frankfurt.

How far is Dubrovnik from Newark EWR?

On the shortest flight route, i.e., direct flight, Dubrovnik is 4,512 miles or 7261 kilometers from EWR, and time to fly is 09 hours.  United is the popular all-season carrier.

How far is Dubrovnik from New York JFK by air? 

The shortest 1-stop route with a connection in Frankfurt, the distance measures 4,535 miles or 7298 kilometers and the time to fly is 09 hours 30 minutes. Condor, Delta, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Eurowings, and Croatia Airlines are the most popular carriers.

What airlines offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik from New York?

In the nonstop flights segment, United is the only carrier with departure from EWR. However, the fare is expensive. Condor, together with Croatia Airlines, offers the lowest Economy or Premium Economy fare in the 1-stop flights segment.

How far is Dubrovnik from Miami by air?

The shortest flight distance from Miami to Dubrovnik (via Zurich) is 5,454 miles or 8777 kilometers that a commercial passenger airplane covers in 10 hours 40 minutes. No direct flights operate. 

What airlines offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Miami?

In 1-stop Economy flights segment, Norse Atlantic Airways along with Norwegian, offers cheap tickets. In 1-stop Premium Economy, there are 3 airline combinations to offer cheap tickets, first is of Swiss and Croatia, second, Iberia and American, third Lufthansa and Croatia.

How far is Dubrovnik from Los Angeles by plane?

The shortest distance, measured with a 1-stop flight connecting at Zurich ZRH, is 6,503 miles or 10466 kilometers. The required time to fly is 13 hours 30 minutes. Dubrovnik is 9 hours ahead.

What airlines offer cheap flights to Dubrovnik from Los Angeles?

In 1-stop flights segment Economy class, Norse Atlantic Airways together with Easyjet offers the cheapest flights to Dubrovnik from LAX.  In Premium Economy, the combined flights of British and American have cheap fares.

How far is Dubrovnik from San Francisco by air?

The shortest distance (via 1-stop flight, connection in Munich) is 6,369 miles or 10250 kilometers, and the flight time measures 12 hours 30 minutes. No direct flights operate. Poplar carriers are United, Lufthansa, and Croatia Airlines.

What airlines offer cheap tickets from San Francisco to Dubrovnik?

Jetblue, together with Condor, offers cheap tickets to Dubrovnik from San Francisco in 1-stop flights segment in Economy Class. The partnership of Condor and Croatia Airlines pose a strong competition too in affordable travel segment. 

How far is Dubrovnik from Atlanta?

The shortest distance from ATL to DBV (1-stop flight route via Paris) measures 5,257 miles or 8460 kilometers, and the flight time 10 hours 30 minutes. No direct flight operations exist on this route as of now. Air France, Delta and Croatia Airlines are the top carriers. 

What airlines have cheap tickets to Dubrovnik from Atlanta?

In 1-stop Economy flights segment, United, followed by the combination of Delta and Air France, has the lowest fare.

Airlines Fly to Dubrovnik

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