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On this webpage of Cheapfaremart, we have displaced a few Erbil, Mexico flight deals available with different airlines. The fares are for round-trip flights to Erbil. However, the airfares to Erbil are based on record and, hence, are subject to change. The cost of return tickets to Erbil includes the base fare, fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes mandated by airlines, airports, and government authorities.

Erbil, Iraq: Overview

Erbil, also popular as Hawler, serves as the capital and most populated city in the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq. The city earned the recognition of Arab Tourism Capital 2014 from the Arab Council of Tourism. The history of human settlement in the area dates back to the 5th millennium BC.

Erbil attracts tourists, particularly, history buffs. The citiy’s archaeological museum houses a large collection of pre-Islamic artefacts, particularly the art of Mesopotamia, and is a center for archaeological projects in the area.

Airport in Erbil

Erbil International Airport

Airport Code: EBL

Location:  The airport is located in Ankawa. The driving distance from Erbil, Iraq to Erbil International Airport is 6 miles / 10 km

Hub For: Fly Erbil, Iraqi Airways

Interesting Facts: The airport was built at the beginning of the 1970s as an Iraqi military base

Airlines That Fly to Erbil from USA

You have multiple carrier options with leading mainline and many flagship airlines as follows.

  • Turkish Airlines (TK)

It’s a flag carrier airline of Turkey.  The airport is a member of Star Alliance. Most probably the connection happens at the Istanbul Airport.

Hub Airport for Turkish Airline: Istanbul International Airport (IST), Ankara Esenboga Airport (ESB)

  • Qatar Airways (QR)

It’s a flag carrier airline of Qatar. The airline is a member of Oneworld Alliance.

Hub Airport for Qatar Airways: Hamad International Airport in Doha (DOH)

  • Royal Jordanian (RJ)

Book your air ticket with the flag carrier airline of Jordan. The airline is a member of Oneworld Alliance.

Hub Airports for Royal Jordanian: Amman–Queen Alia (AMM)

  • Emirates (EK)

You may book your plane ticket with Emirates, the flag carrier airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The airline is not a member of any of the three global airline alliances – Oneworld, SkyTeam or Star Alliance.

Best time to visit Erbil

During summer (May-Sept) it is sweltering and dry and goes from 45°C to 50°C. Evenings are cooler. During October and November, the weather is better, and you can enjoy the sights of the place. The winter is cool and has rainfall with snow. To help you with the best time to visit Erbil, we would suggest you go in the spring. This time comes in March when Nowruz is celebrated, and people go for the picnic and enjoy in various recreational activities. Based on your choice, you’re your plane tickets to Erbil after comparing airfare deals on Erbil.

Top Attractions in Erbil

1. Gaugamela

It is the site that takes us to historical times when the famous battle between Alexander the Great and King Darius III took place. Its historical significance attracts travelers from around the globe. If you have kids on the trip, this is something that you shouldn’t miss. A must place to be explored.

2. Kurdish Textile Museum

To take you to some of the best museums of Erbil, we would refer to few like Kurdish Textile Museum, Erbil Civilization Museum, etc. Kurdish Textile Museum is a small but nice museum and has a nice café wherein it displays some historical aspects of textiles and history. Pay a visit to the place, and you will never regret. It is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites that makes travelers crave for more.

3. Shanadar Park

It is a Gem in Erbil, and it is full of excitement. This displays the art gallery of Iraq. Go for helium air balloon ride and trolley ride. All you get under one roof. Especially in summer, it is at its best. It has a nice green place to sit and relax and spend your quality time with family.

4. Chopin & Saray Piano Bar

This is a cool place to visit. You have polite staffs that will serve you with bear and mixed nuts. If you are looking for a salad, you can go for a chicken caesar salad and relish it.You are charged reasonably for service and food. Compare prices for the services and places while making your cheap airline tickets to Erbil. Our website will take you to the best offers available and enjoy great airfare deals.

Top Outdoor Activities to Do in in Erbil

1. The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa

Have amazing time here and with spa. It is a beautiful resort where you can go with your family to make your time special. You can be a part of activities like- Ropeway, classic accommodation and teleferik. This is going to blow your mind away. Our website is dedicated to helping you make the best of Erbil flight deal and book a low-cost airplane tickets to Erbil.

2. Aqua Tarin

Do you wish to have some aqua activities with your friends and family? Have fun and adventure at the same place in Aqua train. The place gives you best of the best options for water games of all types. Make your visit rocking and feel the thrill of the site. Compare the prices of all hotel service providers before making Erbil flight deals.

3. Bazaar

This place has many food items right from fresh vegetables to kebab with tea. The place has all the flavors and lots of food and clothing. The familiar sight is-Money Exchange on the street, selling of clothes and souvenirs, many shops, etc. Explore the place and feel the aroma of the locality. You can go to our website and make easy booking direct flights to Erbil.

4. Lagoon Bar

You should make the collection of valuable information before making a booking of air tickets to Erbil. Lagoon Bar is a suitable place for night hangout and has all types of food. It has wines of best brands, and you can have them in some tastes. The service is excellent. A must place to have a rocking time.

Sounds impressive? Grab the best flight deals on Erbil flight bookings at Cheapfaremart. We not just help you book a cheap air ticket to Erbil but also provide post-booking support to enable you to board the flight on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far is Erbil from the USA?

The approximate distance from the USA (JFK) to Erbil (EBL) is 5, 835 miles/9390 km. Erbil is 07 hours ahead of the USA. The flight time is 12 hours 10 minutes. Flight time is purely the time spent by an aircraft in the air. Aircraft’s speed is assumed as 500 miles or 804.67 km per hour.

2. Can I find a nonstop flight from New York to Erbil?

No airline operates nonstop flight from New York to Erbil.

3. Does American Airline have flights to Erbil?

Yes, it does have, but in partnership with Qatar Airways. The flights are connecting only with transfer at Chicago (ORD), Doha (DOH), or other hub airports of either of the airlines.

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