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The displayed fares were last found on: Sun | 05 July 06:47 AM(EST) . Fares are round trip.

  • JFKNew York CityThu | 01 Oct
    FRSFloresWed | 07 Oct
    $ 323.25
  • LASLas VegasWed | 30 Sep
    FRSFloresWed | 07 Oct
    $ 747.35
  • IAHHoustonWed | 30 Sep
    FRSFloresWed | 07 Oct
    $ 338.75

The Flores, Guatemala flight results shown above are for round-trip flights from some famous cities in the US. However, the fares are based on historical data and are subject to change. To find the current Flores flight deals, perform a search from your city or nearby airport to Flores

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What is the Best Time to Visit Flores, Guatemala?

Winter is the best time to visit Flores, Guatemala. Winters start from October and ends by February. The upper-temperature limits stay around the mid-80s. Virtually experience the spring of Las Vegas in Flores. So when it starts freezing in Las Vegas or New York, escape to a warmer Flores for a beautiful holiday. While setting off on your Guatemala vacation in October and November, make sure to have your umbrella. You never know when you might need it. For budget vacationers, June to October is the best time. Airlines drop their fares and hotels their rentals. Savings will help you to extend your Guatemala holiday. To find the cheapest round trip flights to Flores consider departing on weekdays.

Average Temperature Flores
Average Rainfall Flores

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What Things to Do in Flores?

1. Actún Can

A 10-minute drive from Flores, take you to Actún Can, an underworld of Maya Civilization. This is a natural cave in the municipality of Flores in Guatemala. The entrance of the cave is in the town of Santa Elena. Inside, there are signs to guide you in exploring different areas. Scared of darkness inside? No worries, you will be provided with a speleological helmet with a flashlight. Inside the cave, visitors are expected to maintain silence and do not litter the walls.

2. Lake Petén Itzá

With a sprawling 99 km² area and 160 meters depth, Lake Peten Itza is the second largest lake in the city after the Izabal Lake. Besides the serenity of the lake, what attracts visitors the most is the archeological heritage of 27 Maya sites present nearby.

3. Tikal

A visit to Tikal is revisiting the Mayan Civilization. The carbon dating establishes a connection of the ruins to anywhere between 200 and 850 A.D. The ruins contain temples and palaces. The most visited ones are the Lost World (Mundo Perdido) Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar.  At 70 meters, Temple IV is the tallest pre-Columbian structure in the Americas.

4. Acatenango

Ever got a chance to hike a volcanic crater?  A visit to Acatenango in Guatemala may help you live out your dream. However, do it at your own risk. The volcano has got two peaks, namely, Pico Mayor (Highest Peak) and Yepocapa (3,880 m) which is also known as Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters). Acatenango is joined with Volcán de Fuego, and collectively the volcano complex is known as La Horqueta.

How to Reach Flores

Mundo Maya International Airport (IATA: FRS) is just outside Flores and is the only international airport in the country aside from Guatemala City. This modern facility with its 10,000 ft. runway is courtesy of the US CIA. The popular airlines serving the city are Avianca, Copa Airlines and American Airlines.

Flores Flight Time from some US Cities

Route Flight Time
New York City to   Flores (JFK to FRS) 4 hours 18 minutes
Las Vegas to   Flores (LAS to FRS) 4 hours 34 minutes
Houston to   Flores (HOU to FRS) 2 hours 23 minutes
Los Angeles to   Flores (LAX to FRS) 4 hours 45 minutes
Washington to   Flores (WAS to FRS) 3 hours 52 minutes
Orlando to   Flores (MCO to FRS) 2 hours 25 minutes

How Much Does a Flight to Flores Cost?

On the top of the page we have displayed some best Flores airfare deals. However, the fares in the aviation industry are dynamic. The price of plane tickets to Flores is subject to change and non-warranted. Check current cheap air tickets to Flores with our flight booking engine.

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