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What is the Best Time to visit Fortaleza?

Fortaleza (and Ceará) is an all-year-round destination. The high air temperatures hover around 86ºF/30ºC, and the low temperatures stay around 73-75ºF/23-24ºC between February to May. Though it’s known as the wet season, the rain will barely be a barrier as the rain doesn’t last long. It comes on and goes off after some few minutes or hours.

However, if you don’t want to be part of the rainy season, it’s best to book your flight tickets to Fortaleza between June and January. The season remains dry, and there is little humidity.

What are the Top Attractions in Fortaleza?

1. Beach Park

Beach Park is a Brazilian water park and tourist resort that you must visit, especially, if you are accompanied by kids. The resort is located on the beach of Porto das Dunas. It’s spread out across an area totaling 170,000 m² and has a gigantic aquatic park.

2. Cocó Park

If you love nature and biodiversity, Coco Park is something that you must not skip. The park is home to various endemic and threatened species of plant and animal life. This ecological heritage reminds us of maintaining the ecological balance to preserve the beauty of the world.

3. St. Joseph's Cathedral

Also referred to as Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Joseph, it’s a Catholic church built with neo-Gothic design by famous French architect George Maunier. It took almost forty years to build this magnum opus building that stood 75 meters tall and can accommodate five thousand people.

Adventures in Fortaleza

1. Hiking & Trekking In Fortaleza

Fortaleza brings you the best of hiking and trekking adventures. The trekking and hiking do have its challenges, but the experience that comes on the way while you reach your goal through the Atlantic and Amazon Rainforest is truly incredible. The cerrado highlands of the interior and the Pantanal wetlands further drive your passion. The trail also offers you wildlife viewing and breathtaking panoramas.

2. Kayaking & Canoeing In Fortaleza

Fortaleza has got a sprawling coastline and the largest wetlands in the world. Experience the best of Kayaking adventures while making your way on the strongest waves. Travelers mostly book flights to Fortaleza to enjoy this wild activity.

3. Kite-Surfing & Wind-Surfing in Fortaleza

Kite-surfing & wind-surfing is truly irresistible. What drives this sports? Well, the credit goes to the Strong Atlantic Ocean breezes. It’s not difficult to figure out adventure agencies offering all sorts of assistance from amenities to guidance at affordable prices.

4. Mountain Biking & Cycling In Fortaleza

Rent a mountain bike or cycle and set off to experience a different world in Fortaleza. The sports activity receives encouragement from the local adventuring club and fitness businesses, which are leveraging the technology to the best to offer their customers with a rewarding experience. The bike or cycle is equipped with a GPS to help you find your way quickly on the trails.

How to Reach Fortaleza

Book your one-way or two-way flight to the Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport to enter this incredible place blessed with nature and fortune. The airport has an estimated capacity of 11.2 million per year.
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