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The quoted price corresponding to the best deals on Ft Walton Beach flights is for round-trip fares, and is inclusive of surcharges, our service fee, and airline taxes. However, the booking cost of Ft Walton Beach flight tickets is subject to the availability of flights and demands. You agree and understand not to hold Cheapfaremart liable for any fluctuation in airfares from what expressed on the website.

Ft Walton Beach: An Overview

Situated in North Florida, Fort Walton Beach is full of pristine beaches and nature walks that tell a tale of the state’s indigenous past. If you love the outdoors, this is your sign to book tickets to Ft Walton Beach. At the beach, you can look out for dolphins, snorkel and meet marine life, or hike through the woods to explore thousands of years of Native American history. 


Besides, Fort Walton Beach also has the Indian Temple Mound Museum, where you can look at artifacts from 12,000 years of Native American history, relics of European explorers, early settlers, and local pirates. Booking plane tickets to Ft Walton Beach also allows you to experience southern hospitality in downtown restaurants, bars, and cafes. And, while you are there, shop at the flea markets to take home something memorable. 

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Cheapfaremart is your go-to destination for cheap flights to Ft Walton Beach. Here, you can browse flights from major airlines from all around the world, including budget airlines. We also filter red-eye flights that are relatively cheaper than flights at other times of the day. And, if you are planning to travel during major holidays but are afraid of flights getting booked out, you can also visit our platform to know the early deals on the holiday season.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Ft Walton Beach 

  • Mix and Match Airlines: Consider booking one-way flights with different airlines if it’s cheaper than a round-trip ticket. Sometimes, it’s worth the extra effort.
  • Use Nearby Airports: Check for flights to airports like Pensacola International Airport (PNS) or Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP). A short drive can lead to significant savings.
  • Explore Budget Airlines: Consider budget carriers like Allegiant Air or Frontier Airlines. They may offer lower fares, but be aware of additional fees.
  • Redeem Miles and Points: If you’re part of a frequent flier program or have credit card points, this is an excellent opportunity to use them for discounted or even free flights.
  • Avoid Peak Travel Times: Travel during off-peak times, like mid-week flights or during shoulder seasons (spring and fall), to find better prices.
  • Consider Package Deals: Sometimes, booking a flight and hotel together can save costs. Look for package deals on travel websites.
  • Use Airline Alliances: If your travel plans are flexible, check if booking through an airline alliance (e.g., Oneworld and Star Alliance) might offer better fares.
  • Student and Military Discounts: If you’re a student or in the military, look for special discounts or programs catering to these groups.
  • Travel During Unpopular Hours: Early morning or late-night flights are often cheaper, and the airport is less crowded.
  • Group Bookings and Charter Flights: If traveling with friends or family, consider booking as a group. Cheapfaremart offers discounts for a certain number of passengers traveling together. Additionally, look into charter flights, which are often more affordable for larger groups and can be customized to your schedule and needs.

Best Time to Visit Ft Walton Beach 

  • Spring 

Spring is the ideal time to go fishing. This is when the waters will be teeming with various fish species. Moreover, you can enjoy water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, and paddleboarding in the comfortable spring weather. Visit the nearby nature reserves, such as the Gulf Islands National Seashore, for birdwatching. 

  • Summer

Summer is the perfect time for beachgoers. You can visit the beach to swim, build sandcastles, and soak up the sun. This is also when Ft Walton Beach organizes numerous festivals and events, such as live musical concerts or seafood events. 

  • Winter 

Winter is another perfect time to visit Ft Walton Beach. Although the water might be too cold to swim on the beach, you can still go on dolphin-watching tours. If you are considering visiting during the winter, visit indoor attractions such as local museums or art galleries. 

Ft. Walton Beach: Fly with Major Airlines!

Your dream vacation to Fort Walton Beach is just a click away, thanks to the major airlines at your service, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Allegiant. Cheapfaremart collaborates with top airlines to provide you with economical and convenient flights to Ft Walton Beach, FL. All you need to do is visit our website, enter your travel dates, specify your departure city, and set your destination.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Ft Walton Beach

1. Indian Temple Mound Museum

The Indian Temple Mound Museum opened in 1962 and is Florida's first municipally owned and operated museum. The museum is home to thousands of imperative artifacts of stone, bone, clay, and shell, along with collections of prehistoric ceramics in the Southeastern United States. 

2. The Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier and Boardwalk

Enjoy nature amidst modern amenities at the Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier and Boardwalk. You can shop, eat, and play at the Boardwalk. The area also has children’s playgrounds, volleyball courts, a wide beachfront, a fishing pier, and picnic tables, perfect for a family outing. 

3. Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone 

Besides enjoying the serene beaches, you can also visit Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone, where you can enjoy rides and activities to pump up your adrenaline. The Adventure Zone has race tracks, bumper boards, a 4F Theatre, mini golf, and laser tag, among other activities. 

4. Farmer’s Market

If you want to take home some of Ft Walton Beach’s local produce, visiting the Farmer’s Market is necessary. Enjoy local food or shop for local honey jars, fresh beef, and organic eggs. After a beach trip, you can also stroll around the market to socialize with the locals.

5. Pensacola

If you are looking for a day trip from Ft Walton Beach, take a one-hour road trip to Pensacola. Here, you can explore museums, shops, galleries, and more. You can also visit the Historical Village or tour the Naval Aviation Museum.


1. How do I get around Ft Walton Beach?

You can get around Ft Walton Beach via the OCT or Okaloosa County Transit bus service.  

2. What is the nightlife like in Ft Walton Beach?

Ft Walton Beach offers a vibrant nightlife, with live music, comedy shows, or club scenes. There is something for everyone here. 

3. Can you drink alcohol on Ft Walton Beach?

Although alcohol is allowed on the beach, you cannot drink alcohol in the state parks. 

4. Can you swim with dolphins in Ft Walton Beach?

Take a guided Ft Walton Beach Dolphin tour to see the dolphins up close. You can also swim with them at the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. 

5. In which county is Ft Walton Beach?

Fort Walton Beach is in Okaloosa County, Florida.


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