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Book Cheap Flights to Guangzhou

Choose Cheapfaremart to buy cheap air tickets to Guǎngzhōu – one of the biggest and busiest trade and transport hubs in China. Allow us to help you save big on your travels with our lowest airfare, 24×7 customer support, professional services and the most exciting Guangzhou flight deals on the web.

Most international flights choose to land at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN). However, travelers may also wish to fly to the Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and board a ferry to reach Guangzhou city. Cheapfaremart offers low-cost airline tickets to Guangzhou on:

1. Non-stop Flights to Guǎngzhōu

Non-stop Flights to Guǎngzhōu can be booked from Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. These 16-18 hour flights are your best option when you are under a time crunch and need last minute flight to Guǎngzhōu.

2. Direct Flights to Guǎngzhōu

Direct flights to Guǎngzhōu usually take about 18-21hours to reach their destination depending upon the number of stopovers along the way. The good news is that you can book these flights from almost every major international airport in the US.

What is the Best Time to Visit Guangzhou?

Considering its prominence in the business world, Guangzhou is pretty much an all-year-round destination with low-cost round-trip flights to Guangzhou accessible at all times. If you are looking for the best that this city has to offer then try booking tickets on a cheap flight to Guangzhou, China around October.

Autumn season brings out the prettiest colors of the city, and the temperatures outside (30-22°C or 86-71°F) tend to be around their balmiest best.  Another reason to be scheduling your flight to Guangzhou around October is the National Day Celebrations – be one with the locals as they flaunt their National pride and celebrate their culture with almost an entire week’s worth of festivities!

What are the Top Places to Visit in Guangzhou?

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What are the Top dining and nightlife options in Guangzhou?

1. Bingsheng Pinwei Restaurant

One of the best places to try out local Cantonese delicacies! Located in the Tianhe District, the places offers an amazing range of local classics like the char siu, or barbecued pork, silky tofu, piping hot pineapple buns and of course, freshwater fish dishes that a chef specialty.

Cost of dishes on menu: $44 and above
Customer rating* (Google): 4.1/5.0 based on 42 reviews
Official website: Click here

2. Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant

If the local Cantonese cuisine doesn’t quite fit with your palate preferences, head over to this restaurant for some good-old-fashioned kebabs. The place sports a very eclectic ambience and is a favorite haunt for business travelers who visit Guǎngzhōu from all over the world.

Cost of dishes on menu: $17 and above
Customer rating* (Google): 4.4/5.0 based on 140 reviews
Official website: Click here

3. McCawley’s

Visit this bar and pub in Guǎngzhōu to just kick back and have a good time after a long day of exploring the city. The place offers the best cocktails and of course, draught beer that will help you drown away all your weariness. This pub will mark the perfect ending to a perfect day in Guǎngzhōu.

Cost of dishes on menu: $7-74
Customer rating* (Google): 4.2/5.0 based on 32 reviews
Official website: Click here

4. True Color

Perched over the Pearl River, this True Color has single handedly raised the bar when it comes to nightlife in Guǎngzhōu. The place offers awesome drinks and food paired together with spectacular music and events – perfect for a wild night of fun in the Flower City.

Cost of dishes on menu: $44-147
Customer rating* (Google): 4.3/5.0 based on 19 reviews
Official website: Click here

What are the Top Shopping Options in Guangzhou?

1. Nanfang Tea Market

If you are a fan of Chinese Tea, get ready to buy the best quality tea leaves, tea sets, art-ware and more here at the Nangfang Tea Market. The place offers a spectacular range of different types and flavors of Chinese Tea at bargain prices – perfect for you to stock up and carry home.

2. Jade Street

Load up your luggage with Chinese Jade artefacts, all available for sale here in the many shops and stores lining Jade streets. Everything from bracelets, rings, earrings, figurines, vases, paperweights, pendants and many other decorative art pieces crafted out of jade are accessible here at competitive prices.

3. Shangxia Jiu Shopping Streets

A thriving traditional commercial districts of Guǎngzhōu, this market also offers visitors with an insight into the old-world architecture of China. On most evenings, the place serves as a hub for tourists looking to buy fashionable clothing and jewelry, including products from well-known Japanese and Korean fashion brands.

4. Yide Lu Seafood Market

Here, you might find something to carry back home with you, but a visit to the Yide Lu Seafood Market is definitely worth the effort. Everything from freshwater fish to dried shrimp, shark fins, abalone and even cuttlefish are up for sale at the quaint little stores here.

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Guangzhou?

1. Four Seasons Hotel Guǎngzhōu

The option to enjoy five star luxuries in the very center of Guǎngzhōu City – Four Seasons offers everything from an indoor pool, hot tubs and a host of different dining choices. The hotel is just a few minute walk away from the Guǎngzhōu Opera House and Canton Tower, which is another plus point!

Location: Tian He
Distance from airport: 44km by road from CAN
Guest rating* ( 9.1/10.0
Fares ( $245
Official website: Click here

2. Park Hyatt Guǎngzhōu

This awesome five star hotel is just a few minutes away from the beach, thereby treating guests with one of the best possible views in the city. Each room has floor to ceiling windows, allowing you to make the most of the awesome vistas created by Guǎngzhōu City and the Pearl River.

Location: Tian He
Distance from airport: 44 km by road from CAN
Guest rating* ( 9.1/10.0
Fares ( $209

Official website: Click here

3. T.G. Studio

Located just a few meters away from Litchi Bay, this two star property celebrates the traditional lifestyle and culture of China. The place has various old-school tools and gadgets of the local people on display here and offers comfortable theme-based rooms for you to relax into.

Location: Li Wan
Distance from airport: 37 km by road from CAN
Guest rating* ( 8.7/10.0
Fares ( $57

4. Guǎngzhōu Bojing Hopson Plaza Apartment

This two star property offers self-catering apartment-style accommodation in the heart of Guǎngzhōu City. The rooms here are well-supplied with modern amenities and the place is quite affordable, making it quite popular with explorers and backpackers visiting the region.

Location: Hai Zhu
Distance from airport: 46 km by road from CAN
Guest rating* ( 9.4/10.0
Fares ( $52

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