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What is the Best Time to Visit Guatemala City, Guatemala?

Knowledge about the weather could help you to find the cheap plane tickets to Guatemala City. Hence, it’s important you pay attention to it.November to March, i.e., winter, is the best time to visit Guatemala City. The upper and lower temperature limits float in the mid-70s and high-80s. The weather also remains dry with little or no rain. The combination keeps humidity away from your lifestyle. Enjoy your Guatemala holiday to the most. Summer starts from April to June. Though the increase in temperature is not significant, the onset of rain triggers the humidity level. As many travelers drop their vacation idea due to humidity, the demand for flights to Guatemala City declines too.  If you are budget conscious, this could be the time to book cheap flights to Guatemala City.

Average Temperature Guatemala City
Average Rainfall Guatemala City

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1. Guatemalan National Theatre

Find a sneak peek of the culture of Guatemala visiting this cultural complex, which is also popular as Teatro Nacional. Envisioned by the architect Efrain Recinos, the building is a substitute for the old Fuerte de San José, which was meant for the military usage. A remembrance of the military setup and battles fought is available in the form of the Museum of Old Fort of San José. The National School of Art and it also serves as the headquarters of The National Cultural Radio. The architecture bears the impression of Maya Civilization

2. Museo Popol Vuh

If you are an admirer of colonial paintings, gilded wood, and silver artifacts, look no further than Museo Popol Vuh. The museum is part of the sprawling complex of Fransisco Marroquin University. Paintings have well-lit, bilingual captions to help you dig deeper into the art and the person behind.

3. Mundo Petapa

Looking for the best things to do for your kids? Visit this upbeat amusement park. You are welcomed by a series of family-friendly entertainment activities, from electromechanical games, and free fall tower to water slides and bumper cars. The park is also home to Zoologico La Jungla, an environment full of vegetation, waterfalls and an array of vibrant flora and fauna including species of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

4. Guatemala Beaches

Guatemala boasts both Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Popular romantic beaches include Monterrico, El Paredon, Iztapa, Playa Tilapa, Champerico, Livingston, and Punta de Manabique. After diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and other water sports, you might go hungry. Well, you have an array of choices at the food courts situated nearby. Of the variety available, tapado, a seafood stew in a coconut broth, is worth trying.

How to Reach Guatemala City

Mundo Maya International Airport (IATA: FRS) is just outside Guatemala City and is the only international airport in the country aside from Guatemala City. This modern facility with its 10,000 ft. runway is courtesy of the US CIA. The popular airlines serving the city are Avianca, Copa Airlines and American Airlines.

Guatemala City Flight Time from some US Cities

Route Flight Time
New York City to   Guatemala City (JFK to FRS) 4 hours 18 minutes
Las Vegas to   Guatemala City (LAS to FRS) 4 hours 34 minutes
Houston to   Guatemala City (HOU to FRS) 2 hours 23 minutes
Los Angeles to   Guatemala City (LAX to FRS) 4 hours 45 minutes
Washington to   Guatemala City (WAS to FRS) 3 hours 52 minutes
Orlando to   Guatemala City (MCO to FRS) 2 hours 25 minutes

How Much Does a Flight to Guatemala City Cost?

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