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Helena: An Overview 

Known as the Queen City of the Rockies, Helena is a charming town where beautiful Victorian mansions and opulent buildings share space with modern constructions. It’s near the Missouri River and is nestled between the Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Tour the city on foot, or ride the iconic trolleys and learn all about the exciting heritage and the flourishing local culture of Montana’s capital. 

Dig into sumptuous culinary delights, visit the marvelous art galleries, explore the eclectic shopping precinct, hike through the iconic trail system, and drink in the panoramic views. Explore the numerous microbreweries in the area and take advantage of the vibrant year-round events filling the city’s calendar. Book your flights to Helena, MT, now. This gateway to the Rockies has canyons, pine forests, woodlands, prairies, and limestone cliffs—that’s nature like you’ve never experienced anywhere else.

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Cheapfaremart is a travel portal site designed to end your hotel and flight booking woes. Are you searching for cheap flights to Helena but are wondering how to get them? Relax, Cheapfaremart will do it for you. Simply let us know when you want to fly, and our search engine will do the heavy lifting. You can use our search bar for the best flights or call us.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Helena

  • Long Haul Flights

Check if there are flights with layovers; they are likely to be cheaper than direct flights. This is a good option if you’re not in a rush to get there.

  • Flexible Date Flights

Sometimes, the dates you choose may have expensive fares. Search for plane tickets to Helena on different dates—you may find they are priced lower. If you are willing to adjust the dates, you can save money. 

  • Low-Cost Airlines

If you’re okay with not being pampered in the airplane, check out local and low-cost airlines, which are likely to offer much lower fares on airline tickets to Helena than the major ones.

  • Sudden Price Drops

Airlines sometimes have flash sales on some routes. Keep checking Cheapfaremart to see if they are for your routes. Subscribe to our newsletter to make it easier—we notify our customers immediately to help them save more.

  • Bundle deals

Cheapfaremart also helps you book hotel accommodations; when you book flights and hotels with us, you save twice as much. Grab this offer and save time too!

Best Time to Visit Helena

Helena experiences a wide temperature range, with temperatures in July reaching the mid-80s and dropping extremely in January.

  • June–August: Warmer temperatures and occasional rain make it the best season for endless outdoor adventures. Notable events include Farmers' Markets, drag races, block parties, the Wake the Giant Music and Color Festival, the Last Chance Stampede & Fair, Beyond the Big Sky, Pride, and Symphony Under the Stars.
  • March–May: Pleasantly cold, Spring is the second busiest season in Helena. Many live music concerts and parties happen, and it’s ideal for recreational activities.
  • September–November: Autumn in Helena brings chilly weather, occasional rain or snow, and smaller crowds. It's the season of the Fall Festival, Septemberfest Soapbox Derby, Sweet Bee Fall Vintage Market, Queen City Oktoberfest, Last Chance Community Pow Wow, Montana Balloon Sculpture Festival, and the Fall Art Walk, all widely attended events.

Helena: Fly with Major Airlines!

Major airlines serving Helena Regional Airport include Alaska Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines. Booking your tickets is now easier than ever, whether at home or on the go. Cheapfaremart brings convenience to your fingertips by aggregating flight data from over 500 worldwide airlines, ensuring we present you with the finest options. Our robust search engine sifts through extensive data, delivering results in under a minute while you relax.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Helena

1.  Last Chance Gulch

Downtown Helena’s Main Street, adorned with historic stone buildings, bears witness to its gold rush history. Today, it’s a vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment hub. Intriguing sculptures, verdant spaces, and a meandering brook between small rocks enhance the area’s charm.

2. Gates of the Mountains

Go for a boat ride up the Missouri River, learn about the region’s geology, wildlife, and history, and cast a line in the waters. You will be blown away by the stark beauty of the place and the azure waters of the Missouri. 

3. Cathedral of St. Helena

An outstanding showcase of geometric Gothic architecture, this splendid cathedral boasts intricate stained-glass windows, white marble altars, carvings, and statues crafted from pure Carrara marble adorned with authentic gold leaf accents. The pews showcase genuine hand-carved oak, and the stunning light fixtures are meticulously hand-forged in bronze and finished with a special lacquer. 

 4. Montana State Capitol

Nestled atop a serene incline amidst a 10-acre expanse of expansive lawns and neighboring civic structures, the Capitol offers a panoramic view of the picturesque Prickly Pear Valley. Crafted from a combination of granite and sandstone, this majestic structure showcases a copper-domed pinnacle adorned with a statue symbolizing Liberty, and it houses stunning interior paintings that inspire awe. A tour of this remarkable structure is sure to leave you in awe.

5. Montana Historical Society Museum

Learn about the history and heritage of the region from the many artifacts preserved and displayed in this museum. You can see art, items of historical and archeological importance, photographs, and documents.


1. When can you find the most affordable tickets to Helena?

Tickets to Helena are typically the cheapest during winter, from December to February. This period is characterized by freezing weather and frequent snowfall, which tends to deter visitors, resulting in lower airfare prices.

2. Is it possible to experience the lifestyle of old prospectors in Helena?

Certainly, Reeder’s Alley provides a glimpse into the past with its restored mining town featuring cobblestone streets, adobe structures, log cabins, and the Pioneer Cabin, where you can explore a collection of historic artifacts.

3. What are the best activities for kids in Helena? 

The Last Chance Tour Train ride through the city, the Last Chance Walking Mall with playgrounds, ice-cream stores, a local toy store, the Great Northern Carousel, and the Flying Giant Adventure Park is great for kids.

4. When is the most affordable day to book a flight to Helena?

Generally, Monday is the most budget-friendly day for flying to Helena. In contrast, flying on a Friday often leads to higher flight costs.

5. How many days should I spend in Helena?

To have a relaxing holiday with plenty of outdoor activities and experience local events, you must spend at least 4 to 5 days in Helena. 


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