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Huntington: An Overview

Huntington, the second largest city of West Virginia, feels like three distinct places rolled into one: the thriving college town courtesy of Marshall University, the creative arts colony in the burgeoning downtown, and the classic all-American vibe across the board. 

Enjoy live performances of upcoming bands at The Loud. Traverse West Virginia's glass-making heritage and relish the nightlife at the dainty cosmopolitan hub in the lap of the Appalachians! 

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Best Time to Visit Huntington

Huntington is a true four-season vacation destination, with each season ushering in its colors and natural wonders.

Between February and April, the natural beauty of the Mountain State comes alive with blushing blooms and sunny skies. The spring temperature varies between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can expect foggy mornings. The pleasant evenings are perfect for sipping some of the best wine in the county’s vineyards. 

  • Summers from May to September bring bright sunny days, warm evenings, and fun activities to enjoy. With temperatures varying from 27 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and occasional rainstorms, you can expect a bit of humidity. Enjoy the summer bliss with evening strolls through the lush trails in the parks, and end your day on a sweet note with Austin's Homemade ice cream!
  • October brings the Autumn charm to the city. The temperature hangs around 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the nights can be frigid around November. Enjoy an afternoon at Huntington's Central City Antiques District and try the best culinary spread at the Black Sheep Burritos and Brews!
  • Experience the winter wonder in Huntington from December to February. With temperatures varying between 15 to 31 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect a snowy spell at night. Besides enjoying the year-end dazzle of the city, you can also visit the Blenko Glass Company and witness the master glassblowers create magnificent pieces of art. Try your hand at the craft or pick a few to carry back home; the choice is yours.

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Top 5 Places to Explore in Huntington

Harris Riverfront Park: Enjoy the beautiful view of the Ohio River from this picturesque park off Pullman Square. The lush green space of the park offers a skating arena and a playground, among other things. Meander through the tranquil paths while basking in the vistas of the river and the striking suspension bridge in the distance. 

Huntington Museum of Art: Located near the Parks Hill neighborhood, it is one of the city's top attractions. Walk through the majestic galleries displaying fine ceramic artworks and an intriguing collection of guns. Admire the Appalachian folk art and the century-old Islamic prayer rug shown next to the exquisite European paintings. On your way out, check out the hiking trails and visit the conservatory housing subtropical plants.

Camden Park: This old-fashioned amusement park has been the city's long-time family favorite. Sitting on the outskirts of Huntington towards Kenova, it has old carousels, roller coaster rides, and a haunted house, among other attractions. The Big Dipper, log flume rides, and the mini-golf courses flaunt its vintage charm and make a perfect stop for a few hours!

Pullman Square: Missing out on this while in Huntington is criminal! Besides strolling through its leafy alleyways, you can mosey over to stylish shops and restaurants or catch up on the latest releases at the Marquee Cinema. This vibrant lifestyle center also has a spa, GameStop, and a Starbucks; plan an evening and click a few incredible snaps in the de-facto spot of Huntington.

Heritage Farm Museum and Village: It's an absolute must if you want to relive the nostalgia of Appalachian history and culture. You can see unique old artifacts and peek into the life of the early settlers in this replica village. Take a 15-minute drive from Pullman Square and visit the scenic site nestled amidst the hills and forests. Watch the artisans recreate the rural life charm using vintage equipment; while some exhibits focus on schools and their changing history, others choose coal mining! 


1. How can I reach Huntington by car?

Ans. It is located off the I-64; the main exits for downtown are 8 (5th St. Road) and 11 (Hal Greer Blvd.).

2. Which bus services are available in the city?

Ans. You can avail bus service of Greyhound, with the station at TTA Transit Center, 1251 4th Ave., and Tri-River Transit running from Logan to Huntington Mall in Barboursville. 

3. Can I travel to Huntington by train?

Ans. The Cardinal line of the AMTRAK serves the city. There are trains to and from New York and Chicago on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

4. Can I take a walking tour of the city?

The area between Marshall University and the Civic Arena/Riverfront is ideal for a walking city tour.

5. What are some good neighborhoods in Huntington?

Ans. Downtown, Southside, Fairfield, Enslow Park, and Highlawn are some of the prominent neighborhoods in the city. 

6. What are some good shopping spots in the city?

Ans. The Heritage Station is the main shopping center. You can find local art in the Red Caboose. Mug and Pia is another spot for colorful home decor, kitchen art, and quirky keepsakes.

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