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On Cheapfaremart, we help you discover the beauty of the Iguazu Falls. Discover all sorts of flight tickets from direct flights to Iguazu to indirect flights with world-class airlines like Caribbean Airlines, Surinam Airways, Copa Airlines and American Airlines. Since this world’s largest waterfall is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, so you have a choice to make your entry through either of the nations.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Iguazu?

If you ask anyone as what drives the most to travellers in the context of Iguazu flight booking, the most probable answer would be Iguazu Fall. This waterfall divides the river itself into two parts, viz., upper Iguazu and lower Iguazu. Based on how and what you want to enjoy being at your dream vacation, you can have different vacation trip. If you want the waterfall to be abundant with water, it’s best to go there in December, January, and February (summer months), when the summer hovers around.

However, the better time to visit the falls depends on your focus. Some travelers make up their vacation planning when the water level has elevated to a considerable height. People that enjoy the outdoors often like to go during the shoulder season when water levels are a little lower.

Top Attractions in the Neighborhood of Iguazu River

1. Iguazu Falls

Watch the grandeur of nature on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and experience beauty and calmness and tranquility. The falls are located near the equator. The water level of the falls touches San Martin Island. As the fall is located in proximity to the equator, you can expect a stable weather all round-the-year. However, in summer it can go a bit sticky.

2. Parque das Aves

Booking cheap tickets to Parque das Aves, you get to witness more than 1320 birds from about 143 different species. If you have kids with you, then probably it would be no less than a fun-cum-educational trip. The lush park, clean environment, and serenity of the place are some of the key things that you must get addressed by your non-company.

3. Monoliths at Los Próceres

This is a magnificient architecture that commemorates the martyrs of independence struggle from Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. With four parallelepipeds: two vertical ones built of travertine marble, and two horizontal ones crafted out of black marble, each measuring 30 meters in length and a total weight of 300 tons.
The building honors the independence struggle of Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Perú, and Venezuela. The heritage has a common place for organizing parades and official events as summoned by its state.

4. Paulista Museum (Museu Paulista)

Located in proximity to the Iguazu Metro, this lush green park-cum museum was made available to the public in 1961. The design has three important sections, viz., (a) open grass field with an undulating topography; (b) forested landscape; and (c) a series of paved gardens with unmatchable water works to entertain travelers. Earn a mix of traditional and contemporary engineering.

Adventures in the Neighborhood of Iguazu River

The flight deals to Iguazu get more attractive with vivid adventure options available to you. Here is a list of what not to miss when you are in Iguazu.

1. Iguazu Bike & Adventure Tours

This is a tourism-oriented company that helps travelers to relish bike tours in the rainforest. On your entire bike tour, you will find yourself surrounded by a diversity of flora and fauna. The risk of attack by wild animals can’t be ignored. Hence, you are advised to mind the instruction of the guide accompanying you on behalf of the company.

2. Photo safari, kayaking, trekking

Make the most of your flight tickets to Puerto Iguazú. It’s not difficult to locate tourist agencies offering photo safari, kayaking, and trekking in the local Paranaense or Misionera rainforest. While you make your way through the enigmatic terrain of the jungle, you are most likely to come across the melody of native birds.

3. La Gran Aventura

The Great Adventure combines the essence of the lguazú National Park: the jungle and the waterfalls in a single route. Travellers are made to enter the woods, enjoy and interpret the natural and cultural abundance of the area.

4. Jardin de los Picaflores

If you are an ardent lover of nature and want to explore its constituents like water fountains and birds consider visiting Jardin de los Picaflores. Equip with a professional camera so that you can capture the vibrant ecosystem perfectly.

How to Reach Iguazu

Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport (IGR) of Argentina and Foz do Iguaçu International Airport (IGU) of Brazil are the nearest airports. Most of the major airports and cities of the Americas, Europe, and Asia are aerially connected with it. The massive capability of the airport and a high degree of professionalism manifested by their staff have helped the organization to emerge as one of the best destinations in the world.

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