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Incheon, today, is a recovering image of the industrial, rough-edged port that it was previously. Today you will find Incheon to be this ultramodern, chic little metropolis with beautiful waterfront areas, the design-heavy architecture of the concession era, fish markets, thriving shopping districts, exquisite dining, and pop-culture entertainment. Whether travelling solo or with family, Incheon has something to offer to everyone.

What are the Top Airports in Incheon?

Ranked as Asia’s 8th busiest airport in terms of international airports, Incheon International Airport (ICN) is the largest airport in South Korea and the primary airport serving Seoul. It is located on the reclaimed land between Yeongjongdo and Yongyudo Islands, 30 miles west of Seoul. It is known for its Airstar Terrace, Korean Culture Museum and Traditional Culture Experience Zone.

What is the Best Time to Visit Incheon?

You can book your flight to Incheon between April and July or between September and November for the best experience as far as the weather is concerned. Temperature range during these months stays between 45 and 81 °F and 38 and 78 °F respectively (16-21 °C and 3-25 °C). South Korea has a temperate climate giving it four distinct seasons, making summers and rainy season the least favorite among tourists. Spring is the most spectacular time to be here, offering an immersive experience in the native Cherry Blossom flowers in full bloom in the country. Winters may see a chillier environment, but it is best for walking tours around Incheon.

What are the Top Places to Visit in Incheon?

1. Wolmido Island

Filled with beautiful beaches and streets soaked in Korean culture, Wolmido also has an amusement park, making it a perfect getaway recreational zone for the natives and tourists alike! It was initially an island which has now been joined with the mainland with a highway for easy access.

2. Muii-do Island

You must visit this island to enjoy the stunning views of East Sea and enjoy beach activities at the Hanagae and Silmi beaches. If you’re up for some adventure, then hiking up the Horyonggoksan Mountain and Guksabong Peak in the Hanagae beach will be best for you.

3. Yeongjongdo Island

You’ll be landing at the international airport housed on this island. Apart from the state of art airport, this island is also known for Yonggungsa temple and its mineral water spring at the Bakeunsan Mountain, located at the center of this island. If exciting sports are on your mind then you must visit Yeongjong Sky Park and Mt. Baekunsan Gliding Range present here.

4. Jjajangmyeon Museum

This specialty museum is unique in its preservation of the cultural and historical values of the traditional Korean noodle – the Jjajangmyeon. The six exhibit halls of this museum display the history of Jjajangmyeon, the beginning of Jjajangmyeon, the Gonghwachun guest room, the Jjajangmyeon boom period, Jjajangmyeon as a cultural icon and the Gonghwachun kitchen.

What are the Top Restaurants to Eat in Incheon?

1. Mandabok

Located in the Chinatown, this fancy restaurant has classy interiors, beautiful artifacts and excellent balcony. While in Incheon with a group this place will be your ultimate go-to as it serves apt banquet dishes of the Chinese cuisine. You may also check out the best jajangmyeon right here, at its place of birth!

2. Pungmi

This oriental restaurant, operating for the past three generations, awaits your presence with authentic Chinese-Korean food. The heartwarming menu includes the classic noodles in black bean sauce with seafood or spice, sweet and sour pork and egg rolls; all with a cup of piping hot tea!

3. Sinpo Market

In order to enjoy the local delicacies, street food from the many stalls along the Sinpo Market, lays out a sumptuous spread. Visit this haven to feast on Korean classics like dumplings with pork and kimchi filling, bibimbap(rice, egg, meat and veggies with chilli sauce), pork cutlet, cold noodles, dakgangjeong (fried chicken in a sweet, spicy sauce) and hotteok (fried, syrup-filled pancakes).

4. Dadabok

Another Chinese restaurant that is famous for its tasty mandu (filled dumpling). When you team it up with pork or shrimp with vegetables it becomes a hearty meal after a tiring day in Incheon. The only thing to be noted here is the early time of closing.

What are the Top Shopping Options in Incheon?

1. NC Cube Canal walk

What’s a trip to Incheon, if you don’t visit this multi shopping center which comprises of four buildings named Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Although casual wear is sold to the premium brands, this place will be perfect for a date or a family outing alike!

2. Bupyeong Station Underground Shopping Mall

Come prepared to experience an elaborate shopping spree in this enormous seven sectioned mall which features over 1400 shops! They sell almost everything under the sun here! Since interpretation services are available in both, English and Chinese, you can shop at ease. Apart from this, the color-coded corridors provide easy access to the visitors.

3. Sinpo-dong

Be prepared to go home with some trendy fashion shopping from this area, which is similar to Myeongdong of Seoul. You can reach this place by taking the Gyeongin line to the Dongincheon Station in the subway. It is located close to the traditional Sinpo Market where you can shop till you drop as nearly everything is available in this flea market.

4. Sorae Fish Market

You won’t be disappointed by visiting this exquisite fish market which is renowned for its round the year supply of seafood. Apart from this, the neighborhood is available for a number of festivals and events all year round.

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Incheon?

1. Grand Hyatt Incheon

True to its name, everything in this hotel, from the spacious and classy rooms to the exorbitant restrooms, is grand. You are sure to receive a celebrity treatment with the world class services here at the hotel. This location is perfect for your honeymoon when all you want to do is relax and splurge in luxury!

2. Songdo Blue Hotel, Incheon

You are bound to book this hotel when on a family vacation as it is easy on the pocket and moderately lavish in services. Its close proximity to the Airport and the Munhak Baseball Stadium, free WiFi service and private parking make every Won spent worthwhile!

3. Oakwood Premier Incheon

If you love your Golf and cannot afford to miss it even on a business trip to Incheon, you will be delighted to try a shot or two at the Jack Nicklaus Golf club! This luxurious hotel is perfect for that classy stay when in Incheon for business. You can choose where to stay from the Studio Superior to the premier apartments sprawling over 600 acres open space.

4. Elvis BNB Incheon

When on a living-out-of-the-suitcase kind of vacation, Elvis BNB Hostel will provide you the perfect accommodation to set the nomadic tone in your vacation! It provides free breakfast and complementary WiFi. Since it is advantageously located in Jung-gu, public transport and pocket friendly services are perfect for you when travelling on a budget!

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Travel to Incheon: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does it take to reach Incheon from the USA?

The travel time could vary depending upon the departure city or airport. The time spent in air with a nonstop or direct flight to Incheon is given below.

Departure Airport code, City, USA

Flight Time

LAX, Los Angeles

13 hours

JFK, New York

15 hours 30 minutes

ORD, Chicago

14 hours 30 minutes

LAS, Las Vegas

13 hours 30 minutes

HNL, Honolulu

10 hours 20 minutes

SEA, Seattle

11 hours 40 minutes

SFO, San Francisco

13 hours

Q2. What US cities and airlines have direct flights to Incheon?

Departure Airport code, City, USA

Airline Name

LAX, Los Angeles

United Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines

JFK, New York

United Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines

SFO, San Francisco

United Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines

ORD, Chicago

Korean Air

LAS, Las Vegas

Korean Air

HNL, Honolulu

Korean Air, Asiana Airlines

SEA, Seattle

Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines

Q3. What airlines offer cheapest ticket to Incheon from Miami?

Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines

Q4. What are the cheapest months to fly to Incheon?

April to May are the cheapest months to fly to Incheon, South Korea.

Q5. What airlines have cheap tickets to Incheon?

Turkish and United Airlines offer competitive airfare to Incheon.

Q6. When to book airline ticket to Incheon for the lowest fare?

Book your cheap flights 4–7 months before the scheduled departure.

Q7. What are the best carriers to fly to Incheon from USA cities?

Korean Air and Asiana Airlines (as per Skytrax airline rating 2023).

Q8. How much is the airfare difference between economy and business class flight to Incheon?

Business class airline tickets could be 4 times more expensive than economy class tickets.

Q9. Do I need a tourist visa to visit Seoul?


Q10. How long should my passport be valid?

Must be valid at time of entry.

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