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Kelowna Island: An Overview 

Situated on the sun-kissed Lake Okanagan, Kelowna is the perfect destination for you to recover, refresh, and rejuvenate. Whether you want to experience nature by strolling through orchards and vineyards, go hiking or trekking along many picturesque trails, breathe in the pristine air of pine forests, watch a few rounds on a golf course, relax in the gardens, or spend your day on sandy beaches, Kelowna has it all. It is renowned for its wine-tasting tours – what better way to end the day?

Regardless of the weather, Kelowna offers endless outdoor activities. The slopes of the surrounding mountains are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing in the winter. You can explore numerous galleries, theaters, museums, a casino, artists’ studios, charming local shops, fine dining, and a vibrant cultural life. Book your flights to Kelowna BC – this eclectic and alluring city awaits you with its many wonders.

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

You no longer have to fret about cheap flights to Kelowna, thanks to Cheapfaremart. Our travel portal aims to make your flight booking experience quick and hassle-free. When you enter your travel dates, Cheapfaremart’s website displays plenty of affordable flights and offers to suit your preferences. Get ready for your adventure in Kelowna!

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Kelowna Island

  • Red-Eye Flights

Book your plane tickets to Kelowna on flights that depart late at night or early in the morning. You may get a red eye from lack of sleep, but you’ll get to save on fares as those flights are not in high demand.

  • Book on Weekdays

Most people tend to search and book flights during the weekend as they happen to be free then. The higher demand can cause the fares to get hiked – search on a weekday instead to get lower fares.

  • Special Categories

You may be entitled to a special discount from certain airlines if you are a senior citizen, student, person with disabilities, or a serving/retired defense personnel.

  • Cashback Offers

Check if there are cashback offers if you pay with specific e-wallets or credit cards. Even if you don’t get a direct discount on the fare, you will get some of the amount back – and that’s good too.

Best Time to Visit Kelowna 

Kelowna has a humid continental/ inland oceanic climate.

  • April–June: Spring is the ideal weather for enjoying views of the lake, strolling, hiking, etc. without layering up or getting too warm. This season experiences a little rain.
  • July–August: These months have pleasant temperatures and a little rain but are still good for tourists.
  • September–November: Fall has the most gorgeous weather, and many outdoor activities can be pursued during this season.

Kelowna: Fly with Major Airlines!

Top airlines operating to and from Kelowna include Air Canada, WestJet, and Alaska Airlines. Book your flights with Cheapfaremart – and save the maximum! We provide booking choices from over 200 airlines from all over the world, major and minor. Our search engine toils in the background to sift and filter the best deals from thousands of flights to display the choicest options to you. Tell us when you want to fly, and we’ll do the rest.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Kelowna 

The 5 places mentioned below are a must-visit in Kelowna:

1.  Myra Canyon Park

Recharge your batteries with a rewarding half-day trip to this charming and scenic park. The Kettle Valley Railway runs through this park; an easy hike, filled with spectacular views along the old track, including a steep-walled canyon. With 18 trestle bridges and two tunnels, this stunning region is a must-see in Kelowna.

2. Kangaroo Creek Farm

Interact with exotic, farm animals in the outdoors sans fences. Kangaroos, wallabies, capybaras, wallaroos, emus, peacocks, pigs, chickens, goats, parrots, and more. You can learn about them, pet them, and feed them if there aren’t huge crowds in this family-run farm park.  There is also a giant turtle on the premises.

3.  Okanagan Lake

This 82-mile lake offers exciting activities like parasailing, water skiing, boating, swimming, and fishing. You can have a picnic on its shores, enjoying mesmerizing views of the surroundings. Take a boat and cruise around, and if you feel adventurous, go a little further to Peachland. 

4. Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure

This farm has games in addition to petting animals. Feed goats, ponies, ducks, and bunnies, watch peacocks dance, and explore the hedge maze. Try your luck at archery, get a temporary tattoo, pick up fresh produce, homemade sauces, jellies, and baked goods, and end your visit with ice cream from the creamery.

5.  Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park is the largest natural park in Kelowna, spread over 385 acres, very close to the city. There are grasslands and woods that are home to wildlife like the occasional grizzly, several deer, bird species, and salmon in the lake near the park. Hike through the many trails and be treated to spectacular views of the city and Lake Okanagan.


1. What are the ground transportation options at Kelowna airport?

Ebus, Rider Express, Silver City Stagelines, BC Transit, taxis, and rental cars are among the transportation available at the airport.

2. Does Kelowna have beaches?

It has over 30 beaches, including Hot Sands Beach, Rotary Beach, Tugboat Bay, Boyce-Gyro Beach, Sarson’s Beach, Bertram Creek Regional Park, and Strathcona Park.

3. Why is Kelowna’s wine talked about?

Kelowna's wine is talked about because of its award-winning wineries, wine museum, and scenic wine tours.

4. Does Kelowna have budget restaurants?

Yes, we recommend Bohemian Cafe, Lake Tai Vegetarian Restaurant, Mad Mango Cafe, Subcity Donair, and the Marmalade Cat Cafe. The Memphis Blues and RauDZ Regional Table are mid-range options for local cuisine – seafood, BBQ, meat, etc.

5. What indoor activities does Kelowna offer?

You can visit art galleries and museums like Okanagan Heritage Museum and Art Lovers Gallery & Tours; see artist studios like Gallery 421; enjoy casinos like Chances Casino and Playtime Casino, or catch a play at the New Vintage Theater.


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