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La Crosse: An Overview 

The city of La Crosse in Wisconsin promises an unforgettable holiday, owing to its enviable position on the Mississippi River and Instagram-worthy views. There is so much to do outdoors, whether you love hiking through marshlands or spotting exotic wildlife. The presence of creeks, rivers, and lakes makes it easy to enjoy fishing and canoeing too. The city is also dotted with cultural centers, where you can catch a show, concert, exhibition, or game.  

You can indulge in retail therapy at one of the upscale malls as well. La Crosse is home to many trendy restaurants where you can relish local dishes. A leisurely walk in the downtown area will bring you face-to-face with historic buildings and beautiful sculptures, even if you don’t have anything special planned for the day. Can’t wait to visit this interesting city? Choose from the many budget-friendly flights to La Crosse, WI, to get started. 

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart 

Finding cheap flights to La Crosse is a simple affair at Cheapfaremart. All you need to do is use the website’s search bar, explore the various options from different airlines on different dates, and then pick one that suits your wallet. We can also help you plan a comprehensive itinerary, land attractive deals, reschedule the journey, and more. 

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to La Crosse 

  • Pick a Suitable Season 

It is usually easy to spot cheap flights to La Crosse during January and February. You can save on hotel prices and stay away from large crowds, too, during this time. 

  • Stay Flexible 

Using Cheapfaremart’s search bar, you can explore the flight options from different airlines on different dates. This will help you to zero in on affordable plane tickets to La Crosse. As a thumb rule, flying on weekdays or late at night or very early in the morning can help you save, too. 

  • Mind the Bags 

Check the free baggage limits offered by different airlines on the Cheapfaremart website. To save money, try to travel light or opt for a carrier that charges the least for extra baggage. 

  • Purchase Tickets at the Right Time 

A smart way to save on flights to La Crosse, WI, is by buying the tickets well in advance. If that is not possible, you can wait till the last moment when most airlines slash prices for those seats that are still unfilled. 

  • Look Beyond Direct Flights 

Plane tickets to La Crosse are usually cheaper for flights with layovers when compared to direct ones. Moreover, you can make the most of stopovers by stepping outside for a city tour, shopping, or getting a spa inside the airport. 

  • Utilize Deals 

To make your trip enjoyable as well as affordable, we offer discounts and promotions at Cheapfaremart from time to time. To make sure you don’t miss out, regularly check our website, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media. 

Best Time to Visit La Crosse

No matter when you decide to plan your La Crosse trip, rest assured that you will have plenty to do and lots to see. 

  • Spring in La Crosse is ideal for exploring gorgeous gardens and orchards, photographing vibrant blooms, going on scenic drives, biking along nature trails, and taking adventurous hikes. Catch outdoor shows and events, have a picnic, and visit a vineyard.
  • In summer, you can go boating, swimming, fishing, and camping. If you are up for some more thrills, try canoeing or kayaking. Relax with a mug of chilled beer, admire public sculptures and murals, enjoy patio dining, and relish homemade ice creams. 
  • Fall is perfect for visiting museums and historic landmarks, catching leaves changing colors, spotting migratory birds, and getting lost in corn mazes. Go on haunted house tours, pick apples and pumpkins, and attend fall festivals too.
  • In winter, have fun ice skating, skiing, sledding, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. Admire holiday lights, go on carriage and hay rides, watch parades, explore ice caves, and sip on hot cocoa. 

La Crosse is an unforgettable getaway throughout the year, so you can choose any season you like. 

La Crosse: Fly with Major Airlines!

American Airlines and Iberia are among the key carriers that operate regular flights to La Crosse, WI. On Cheapfaremart’s website, after you explore and compare all available options, pick the one that suits you the best. 

Top 5 Places to Explore in La Crosse 

Your La Crosse itinerary must include these 5 places so you have a memorable experience: 

1. Riverside International Friendship Gardens: Explore beautifully landscaped gardens inspired by different countries like Ireland, Germany, China, Russia, and so on. Admire colorful flowers, charming sculptures, and the serenity here. 

2. Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe: This neoclassical-style church comes with a stunning large mosaic (9 by 6 feet) and gorgeous frescoes. It houses beautiful relics, sculptures, and paintings of saints. Remember to soak in the scenic surroundings, too. 

3. Dahl Auto Museum: This family-owned museum houses some of the United States’ oldest classic cars, mainly from Ford. Every vehicle is in brilliant shape, and you can dive into their manufacturing history with gusto. 

4. Grandad Bluff: A state park with a namesake cliff, Grandad Bluff offers mesmerizing views of the city and Mississippi River Valley. Coin-operated binoculars allow you to have a wonderful visual experience. It is perfect for picnics, too. 

5. Riverside Park: Walk, jog, or laze around in this expansive park in downtown La Crosse. Opened in 1911, it hosts events such as Fourth of July fireworks, Riverfest, Moon Tunes, Oktoberfest, and Rotary Lights. 


Q1. What can I do with kids on a trip to La Crosse?

You can take them hiking, trekking, kayaking, skating, and so on. Kids will also love amusement parks and the Children’s Museum of La Crosse. 

Q2. Is January a good time to book flights to La Crosse, WI? 

Before buying plane tickets to La Crosse, check the weather forecast, as January can be quite cold. You can enjoy many activities, but pack heavy sweaters, jackets, thermal layers, and boots.   

Q3. What to shop for in La Crosse?

Locally made honey, cheese, candy, tees, and home décor accents are some of the things tourists usually buy here. 

Q.4. What are some popular restaurants in La Crosse?

Try out Lovechild, Le Chateau, The Crow, Waterfront Restaurant & Tavern, Digger’s Sting Restaurant, and Buzzard Billy’s. 

Q.5. How to get around in La Crosse? 

Public buses, shuttles, and taxis are available. Or you can rent a bike, or a car, or use a rideshare app.  

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