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The quoted price corresponding to the best deals on Lafayette is for round-trip fares, and is inclusive of surcharges, our service fee, and airline taxes. However, the booking cost of Lafayette tickets is subject to the availability of flights and demands. You agree and understand not to hold Cheapfaremart liable for any fluctuation in airfares from what expressed on the website.

Lafayette: An Overview 

Lafayette, a diverse and culturally intriguing city in Louisiana, is situated along the Vermillion River. Dotted with an interesting mix of ultramodern skyscrapers and grand, old-world churches and cathedrals, the city is a photographer’s delight. Art museums and galleries promise a rich and educational experience in Lafayette. It is also a great place to catch an exciting game of indoor football, hockey, or baseball.  

You can also attend a ballet performance, orchestra show, or dance program to learn more about the local heritage and distinct identities of different ethnic groups. Lafayette is famed for its gourmet scene and numerous fairs and competitions to celebrate Cajun and Creole-style cooking. So, start planning a trip to this beautiful city right away by going through the various flights to Lafayette, LA. 

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart 

At Cheapfaremart, we make it easy for you to spot cheap flights to Lafayette. The search bar on our website can help you compare multiple airlines on different dates, so it is simple to select the most affordable one. We can also assist you with other trip-related matters at Cheapfaremart, whether you are looking for discounts, are not sure how to plan that perfect itinerary, or want information on rescheduling charges. 

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Lafayette 

  • Be Open to Change 

Explore various flight options on different dates using the search bar on Cheapfaremart’s website. By being flexible, you can compare and secure budget-friendly plane tickets to Lafayette. Generally, flying on weekdays or taking an early morning or late night flight can help. 

  • Select the Right Season

You are likely to find cheap flights to Lafayette in November and February. During the winter season, you can avoid big crowds and save on hotel prices as well. 

  • Purchase Tickets at the Right Time 

If you buy tickets a couple of months in advance, you have a good chance of saving significantly on flights to Lafayette, LA. The other option is to wait till the travel date is near, as many carriers sell still-unfilled seats at reduced prices then. 

  • Be Careful about Baggage 

Different airlines have different rules regarding the amount of baggage you can carry. You can check the same on Cheapfaremart. So, the best way to save money is by either traveling light or choosing a carrier that charges the least for extra bags. 

  • Capitalize on Discounts 

We at Cheapfaremart offer attractive deals every now and then to make your plane tickets to Lafayette as affordable as possible. To spot them on time, visit our website regularly, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter.  

  • Consider Flights with Stopovers 

Airline tickets are generally cheaper when you choose a flight with layovers rather than a direct one. And stopovers don’t have to be mundane, as you can spend the time shopping from top brands inside the airport, enjoying a tasty meal, or exploring other corners of the airport. 

Best Time to Visit Lafayette 

Lafayette is a wonderful city to see and experience, irrespective of the time of the year you choose to plan your trip. 

  • In spring, explore beautiful gardens in full bloom, catch an outdoor concert, go on walking tours, visit farmers’ markets, and enjoy a picnic. Attend seasonal festivals, visit art exhibitions, and participate in cultural workshops.
  • Summer is perfect for swimming, camping under the stars, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. You can enjoy with friends, spot wildlife and beautiful birds, try local cuisines, enjoy culture days, or head to a brewery. 
  • In fall, catch nature-changing hues, hike to gorgeous waterfalls, attend seasonal fairs and festivals, and pick pumpkins. You can enjoy plenty of musical performances and go on haunted house tours, too.
  • Winter is ideal for having fun at rodeos, catching film festivals, watching colorful parades, and experiencing a Cajun and Creole Christmas. Visit holiday markets, admire festive lights, stay at a cozy inn, and dance the night away. 


No matter when you decide to visit the diverse and charming city of Lafayette, be ready to make precious memories. 

Lafayette: Fly with Major Airlines!

Major carriers such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Finnair operate in Lafayette, LA, on a regular basis. You can compare the available options on Cheapfaremart before selecting the most suitable one. 

Top 5 Places to Explore in Lafayette  

These 5 places must be included in your Lafayette itinerary if you are looking for a unique experience: 

1. Vermilionville: Soak in the charm of this historic village peppered with period houses that feature old-world furnishings. Learn how French colonists and Native Americans lived in the 18th century through the play-acting of the staff here in traditional clothes. 

2. Acadian Village: This picturesque neighborhood is dotted with historically important and ancient houses, including the famous Bernard House and Castille House. Discover how Acadians lived, built homes, and survived the ravages of time. 

3. Acadian Cultural Center: Dive deep into the history of Acadians, trace their journey from Canada to Lafayette, admire an impressive collection of artifacts, and watch an informative documentary on their struggles and successes. 

4. Lake Martin Rookery: Go for leisurely strolls and spot exotic birds like egrets, blue herons, and ibis at this rookery. Enjoy boating and kayaking and even catch alligators basking in the sun.  

5. Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist: Constructed in 1916, the cathedral boasts a Dutch Romanesque Revival architectural style. The massive structure in white and red features beautiful stained glass windows. The interior houses realistic religious statues.  


Q1. When can I buy plane tickets to Lafayette if I want to avoid rain?

March is usually the driest month in this city. However, you should check the weather forecast before booking flights to Lafayette, LA. 

Q2. How do we keep little kids engaged in Lafayette? 

Take little ones to the Lafayette Science Museum and Children’s Museum of Acadiana. Outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, and boating can also delight them. 

Q3. What are some popular dishes to try in Lafayette?

Enjoy jambalaya, gumbo, plate lunch, crawfish, smoked meats, French bread, and craft beer. 

Q.4. What are the best places for shopping in Lafayette?

The Gypsy Market, Acadiana Mall, The Velvet Monkey, Sans Souci Fine Crafts Gallery, and Sweet Caroline Boutique are some popular shopping joints. 

Q.5. How to save money on a trip to Lafayette? 

Apart from securing cheap flights to Lafayette, book hotels in advance, focus on free outdoor activities, buy from small local shops, and use public transport. 


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