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Manchester: An Overview

Manchester, a busy urban center in New England and the largest city in New Hampshire, offers cultural experiences on the state’s history, arts scene, and business sector. If you are looking for a quiet getaway, then this is your sign to book flights to Manchester, NH. During your time here, visit the Historic Palace Theatre, the Institute of Art and Design at New England College, the Currier Museum of Art, and the Franco-American Center.


Shopping is also an option in Downtown Manhattan. Take advantage of the three biggest retail areas here: South Willow, Downtown Manchester, and Second Street on the West Side. If you have an interest in tasting seasonal beer, then stop at Anheuser-Busch Brewery to get a sip of what the city has to offer.

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Using Cheapfaremart, you can easily book airline tickets to Manchester. We have special offers that cut costs on the major airlines. Additionally, we work closely with low-cost carriers so that travelers can get affordable plane tickets to Manchester. Our customer support is available anytime for assistance and guiding you through the entire process.

Tips to Find the Cheapest Flights to Manchester

  • Embrace Date Flexibility

Explore alternate travel dates and cheaper flights. Changing your schedule may result in a little lower cost of traveling.

  • Early Booking

Book your flight tickets at least one month prior, as this is when you get the best rates. Booking at the eleventh hour usually attracts an additional premium.

  • Set Fare Alerts

Travel-related sites, as well as various airlines, provide updates and notifications on airlines. Subscribe to our newsletter and get notifications about prices dropping on Manchester flights.

  • Consider Nearby Airports

Consider alternative airports, including Boston Logan International Airport or Portland International Jetport, for cheap flights to Manchester.

  • Optimize Miles and Points

Use the value of frequent flier miles and credit card points to help reduce flight expenses. Savings can be made by means of loyalty programs and rewards.

  • Strategically Select Travel Seasons

Go for the off-peak or shoulder seasons so that you can take advantage of off-demand and cheaper flights.

  • One-Way Flight Advantage

Assess the cost-effectiveness between one-way flights and round-trip bookings. Alternatively, two one-way tickets on different airlines could be cheaper.

  • Unearth Budget Airlines

Travel on budget and investigate budget carriers. They usually have low basic fares that will save you money.

  • Leverage Layovers

Do not be afraid of layovers; they are often cheaper than a direct flight. One can also save a considerable amount of cash via connecting flights.

  • Negotiate Group Discounts

For those traveling as a group, try negotiating directly with airline agents to get group discounts.

Best Time to Visit Manchester

  • Spring (March to May): Despite the relatively milder weather, Manchester experiences beautiful blossoms. This is an excellent period of the year for outdoor activities such as hiking in national parks.
  • Summer (June to August): This is the busiest period to visit Manchester. It’s warm and suitable for outside events such as festivals and activities. There are numerous cultural activities and recreational options that the city offers during the summers.
  • Fall (September to November): Fall is often regarded as the perfect season for a trip to Manchester. During this leaf-peeping season, New Hampshire’s famous foliage bursts with bright colors. The weather is usually fine, and it’s an ideal season to walk in the woods. 
  • Winter (December to February): If you’re interested in activities such as skiing or wish to see winter in New England, you should come during the cold season. This time of year tends to be very cold and even snowy in Manchester.

Manchester: Fly with Major Airlines!

Enjoy hassle-free world travel with Cheapfaremart. Major airlines that operate to and from Manchester include Emirates, Air Canada, British Airways, and so on. We separate ourselves from the crowd by providing affordable and reliable flights on these major carriers. 

Top 5 Places to Explore in Manchester

1. The Palace Theatre

Although the Theatre has gone through some challenging times, it still stands tall and hosts exciting live performances. The theater also hosts family and community shows. 

2. Livingstone Park

Visit the park for a serene environment. The amenities here elevate a family’s day out to a whole other level. The park features two playgrounds and also includes a baseball diamond, a swimming pool, a soccer field, and a running track.

3. Cowabunga Indoor Play and Party Center

Visit the indoor play and party center with your family to get the kids moving. Have them participate in activities such as sliding, climbing on inflated devices, or participating in the creative corner. You can also easily monitor your kids from the outside, thanks to the layout of the arena, or also join them. 

4. Currier Museum of Art 

The museum houses a collection of American and European pieces of art ranging from photographs and paintings to sculptures. Some of the famous names include Picasso, Monet, O’Keeffe, Calder, and Frank Lloyd Wright. 

5. McIntyre Ski Area

This ski area is right next to Derryfield Park and is one of the most visited places in Manchester. It offers snowboarding, skiing, and snow tubing lessons for different age groups. 


1. What are some of the most common outdoor activities in the summer in Manchester?

There are many opportunities for outdoor activities in and around Manchester during summer; one can hike in local parks, fish in nearby rivers, and explore the scenic countryside. Besides, you can attend open-air festivals or take up boating.

2. Are winter sports or ski resorts available near Manchester?

Yes, there are several ski resorts near Manchester; these include Pat’s Peak and Crotched Mountain. The resorts offer skiing, snowboarding, and other winter games during the snowy season.

3. How far is the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport from the city center, and how can I get there?

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is situated only a few miles from the city center. The airport is accessible via taxi, rideshare services or through the Manchester Transit Authority bus system.

4. How can one best experience Manchester’s downtown area and eating experiences?

Walking is among the best ways to experience downtown Manchester. Elm Street in the city is a center for dining, having multiple dishes that range from local to international delicacies.

5. Is there easy access to public transport in Manchester for traveling around the city and its environs?

Public transportation options in Manchester include the MTA buses. These buses go through different routes within the city and are convenient to use.

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