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Midland-Odessa: An Overview

Situated between Fort Worth and El Paso, the Midland Odessa area shares a friendly spirit of the Two Cities, No Limits motto. 

The childhood home of President Bush boasts a history of the railroad industry and the thriving economy of the largest petroleum corporations in the Permian Basin.

Explore the rustic dunes and crater parks and groove to the eclectic nightlife with live music, top-notch wineries, and chic boutiques.

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Best Time to Visit Midland Odessa

  • From March to May is spring in the city; Temperatures vary between 70 to 95 degrees F, with warmer temperatures in the later months. As the place gears up with a busy spring calendar, you have various activities to choose from. Tee off the Green Acres Mini Golf or close the evening at the Big-Sky Drive-In Theatre.
  • Plan your visit between June and August to take on the summer like the Midlanders! Although the temperatures can soar up to 90 degrees F, you can find cold treats and water activities to beat the heat. Slosh at the Centennial Park Splash Pad and head to the Eskimo Bar or Amara Gelato for a welcome respite from the heat.
  • The city adorns the fall colors between September and November. The temperature varies between 64 degrees to 92 degrees F. Put on your plaid jacket and gear up to explore Midlands-Odessa. Visit the Mandujano Brother’s Pumpkin Patch and stop at the Midland Y Halloween Carnival to get a more authentic fall festive vibe.
  • December to February is winter in the location, and you can expect the temperature to be around 57 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Indulge in indoor snow sports at the Music City Mall, or shuffle over to the Downtown Farmers Market to pick up a few Texas-certified keepsakes!

Midland Odessa: Fly with Major Airlines!

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Top 5 Places to Explore in Midland Odessa

While in the Midlands, don’t skip these top attractions!

  • Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center: Whether you are looking for a quiet musical evening, a fascinating ballet, or a good comedy show, this is the place to be. This 108,000-square-foot state-of-the-art performing center offers an incredible acoustic experience. Visit with your family for a cultural evening with Broadway productions, jazz, or local plays. Managed by the University of Texas, it hosts more than 150 live performances annually.
  • Washington Park: This iconic park offers a basketball court, barbeque pits, and a water park. Whether you are looking for some sporty fun or want to enjoy an afternoon picnic table, this is the perfect place to go. It also offers a swimming pool and a kid’s playground as well.
  • Childhood Home of George W. Bush: Take a tour of the house to discover the essence of American life and a peek into the pre-White House life of the 43rd US President. The aura of the renovated house can inspire you to achieve anything in life, and history enthusiasts can gain some insights into the Bush Family’s life and living in post-World War II America.
  • Odessa Meteor Crater Museum: Learn about the cosmos in this stunning geological wonder located near the western borders of Midland. This modest museum is home to the second-largest meteor crater in the US, trailing behind Arizona. Six tonnes of meteorites are said to have been discovered beneath the craters, a few of which form a part of the display. Outside, a walking trail circles two of the five craters, with information explaining how the meteor crashed at this site.
  • Monahans Sandhill State Park: Take a 45-minute drive to reach the striking dunes contrasting the flat terrain of the region. Spend a day playing in the 3,800 acres of natural marvel as a few dunes can reach up to 70 feet. You can choose to camp or hike on the unmarked trails. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, water, and sunglasses because the terrain is exposed and sandy.


1. Where is the visitor center in the Midlands?

Ans. The visitor center of the city is located at 1406 W. Interstate 20, Midland, TX 79701.

2. How is the transportation facility in the city?

Ans. Midland is served by several shuttle services, taxis, car rentals, ride-share services, and fixed bus routes throughout the city.

3. Which are some good breweries in the city?

Ans. The Tall City Brewing Co. and Texas Sun Wineries are good breweries; you can also visit the Hoop and Barrel for signature cocktails.

4. Where can I find fine dining in the Midlands?

Ans. The Wall Street Bar and Grill, Cowboy Prime, and Café at the Gardens are good for a fine dining experience in the city.

5. What are some wildlife parks in the area?

Ans. You can visit the I-20 Wildlife Preserve, Sibley Nature Center, and Midland Trail Park to experience the local wildlife and greenery of the region.

6. Where can I buy exclusive merchandise in the Midlands?

Ans. You can check out the Velvet Mesquite, Ivy Cottage, and Bird Box Gifts for some unique finds. Miss Cayce’s is good for Christmas and Halloween decor.

7. Is there any spa in the area?

While in the Midlands, you can treat yourself to a spa day at the Woodhouse Day Spa, Sculpt Haus, or simply in Ally Village.


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