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Moline: An Overview 

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, right between the Mississippi and Rock rivers, Moline is one of the four cities that together make up the Quad Cities – with Rock Island, Bettendorf, and Davenport. Life here pretty much revolves around two things – the Mississippi River and the John Deere tractors – the citizens of Moline are very proud of both. Experience the charm of the Midwest, with its beautiful landscapes and warm citizens.

Moline offers many outdoor adventures and exciting experiences with museums, shopping, special events, and dining. Enjoy beautiful sunsets on the riverside or monster truck shows; go beer tasting at microbreweries; sway to music at outdoor concerts; explore the Mississippi through a cruise – Moline offers this and a lot more to visitors. Book your flights to Moline and enjoy crisp fall mornings and pleasant summer evenings.

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

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Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Moline

1. Child Fares

When you book plane tickets to Moline, make sure that you correctly enter passenger details, especially the ages of your children. Most airlines offer discounted fares for infants and children under 12 years of age.

2. Flexible Dates

If it’s not mandatory to fly on a certain date, check if tickets are cheaper to your destination on other dates – quite often, they are. 

3. Fly on Weekdays

Weekday flights are less in demand than weekend flights and are, hence, priced lower usually. If you can, book those flights to save money.

4. Cashback Offers

You may be eligible for cashback offers if you pay for your tickets with specific cards or e-wallets; check that before you book.

5. Fly local

Local airline tickets to Moline are likely to be much cheaper than those of major, popular carriers. You may suffer a little discomfort, but that’s a small price to pay.

Best Time to Visit Moline

Moline's climate can be described as having hot, humid summers and cold winters with a little bit of snow. If you're looking for the ideal time to explore this city, you'll find that from May through October is the most favorable period.

During these months, Moline experiences pleasant, warm temperatures, and rainfall is relatively low. This combination of factors creates the perfect environment for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking to bask in the delights of open-air concerts.

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Top 5 Places to Explore in Moline

1.  John Deere Pavillion

This is a huge exhibition space that displays the iconic green machines that have been used in agriculture and construction in the US for close to two centuries. Touch and feel the tractors, harvesters, timber cutters, and other popular machines – and even climb into the driver’s seat to get a feel of the machine. 

2.  TaxSlayer Center

Set on the Mississippi banks, the TaxSlayer Center is the biggest and most popular venue for sports, conferences, conventions, and concerts. It’s one of the leading revenue-earning venues in the country in the mid-size segment. The central space and multi-purpose arena draw many visitors each year. It is now officially called the Vibrant Arena at the MARK.

3. Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House

Learn all about John Deere and how he started his manufacturing business when you tour these two opulent mansions. Featuring exquisite architecture and beautiful designs, it is definitely worth a visit. Check out the breathtaking painting on the ceiling and the amazing pipe organ.

4.   Sylvan Island

Stroll through history as you explore the ruins of the Sylvan Steel Mills and an old quarry; hike through the myriad trails and open spaces, and cross the narrow pedestrian bridge to Rock Islandbridge. It’s a great place to get some peace and tranquility. Explore the fishing pier and the manmade island channel, and watch the mighty river, Mississippi, flowing by.

5. Channel Cat Taxi

Take a ride on the famous Channel Cat Taxi and zip through the water. Get on and get off wherever you want on any of the four stops on the route, and return at your convenience. Once you buy the ticket, you can use it the whole day, for as many hours as you want.


1. What are the ground transportation options at Moline airport?

You can take the shuttle, private car, taxi, rideshare like Uber and Lyft, chartered motorcoach, buses, and hotel shuttles. The public transport METRO bus is available in front of the terminal across door 6 twice an hour from 0610 hours to 1810 hours and 0840 hours to 1810 hours on Saturdays. The RIM rural transit is available on 24-hour notice.

2. What special services are provided for travelers at Quad-City airport?

Wheelchair assistance can be arranged for passengers with disabilities by calling ahead at 309-429-9684. Curbside assistance can help passengers move their luggage by texting “skycap” to 309-429-9684.

3. What are the local shopping options in Moline?

Head to Antique Archaeology and other antique stores for some hidden pieces from old times, clothing, and handcrafted jewelry at Isabel Bloom, Quad City Arts, Crafted QC, and other local stores.

4.  How can we best experience the Mississippi River?

Ride the Celebration Belle, a riverboat that accommodates 750 passengers on 4 decks, with two dining decks and two for observation. It has an elevator on board as well. You can board from Moline and choose from many options for cruises – with narration, lunch, dinner, and dance, or themed ones.

5. What are the popular outdoor activities in Moline?

You can explore scenic biking and hiking trails, try your hand at fishing or golfing, go boating or kayaking on the river, take a refreshing swim, play a game of pickleball, unwind in tranquil gardens, or visit the local zoo for a fun and educational experience. The options are diverse and sure to please outdoor enthusiasts.

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