Montevideo, Uruguay Travel Guide

Montevideo is the capital as well as the port city of Uruguay, located on the east bank of the Rio de la Plata. Its position down the South Hemisphere contributes to its contrasting weather, and tourists from the US, Canada, and Mexico embark on a vacation to Uruguay to escape the extreme climates prevailing there.

Airport in Montevideo Uruguay

  • Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Carrasco International Airport (IATA: MVD, ICAO: SUMU), the largest airport in Uruguay, serves the city with its domestic and international flights. MVD is located in the name-giving Carrasco neighborhood in the adjoining department of Canelones. The airport stands out in terms of passenger experience across Latin America and the world.

Nonstop Flights to Montevideo Uruguay from US Cities

Looking for the shortest flight route? Only Miami International Airport (MIA) in the US handles nonstop flights to Montevideo with American Airlines, Latam Airlines Brasil, besides others.

Connecting Flights to Montevideo Uruguay

From other US cities or airports like Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), McCarran International Airport (LAS), you are most likely to find airlines with connecting flights to Montevideo.

When you book air tickets to Montevideo with a connecting flight, it’s a must that you take note of the stopover airport and the time spent between two flights.

How Long is the Flight to Montevideo Uruguay?

If this is your first flight to Montevideo Uruguay, you are likely to have this question like many. The table below lists flight distance and flight time from US cities or airports.

Flight Route Flight Distance Flight Time
From Los Angeles to Montevideo 6,212 miles/9998 km 12 hours 55 minutes
From New York to Montevideo 5,322 miles/8565 km 11 hours 09 minutes
From Philadelphia to Montevideo 5,288 miles/8510 km 11 hours 05 minutes
From Miami to Montevideo 4,457 miles/7173 km 9 hours 25 minutes
From Atlanta to Montevideo 5,061 miles/8145 km 10 hours 37 minutes

The calculation of the flight time is based on the assumption that the aircraft is flying with a speed of 500 miles per hour (804.67 km).

Best Times to Visit Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo is in the temperate zone in the Southern Hemisphere and according to Köppen climate classification, the destination has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa). Summers, October through February, are hot with upper temperature floating between the highs of 70s °F and lows of 80s°F.

Winter descends in Montevideo Uruguay by June and lasts till August, and the lower temperatures sway between mid-40s and low-50s. Now, you might have got the clues of how to beat the extreme summer and winter conditions of Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle and other places? Find low cost flights to Montevideo.

Top Attractions in Montevideo

  • Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia (Spanish for Independence Square) is the name of Montevideo’s most important plaza. It is sandwiched between Ciudad Vieja and downtown Montevideo, and is flanked the Gateway of The Citadel on one side and the beginning of 18 de Julio avenue on the other. Carlo Zucchi designed this square around the 1830s deriving inspiration from the Rue de Rivoli, Paris. Three decades later it was redesigned by Bernardo Poncini.

  • Pocitos

Being in Montevideo, you can’t afford to miss on Pocitos. It’s an upscale beach barrio (neighbourhood or district) in Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo. Located along the banks of the Rio de la Plata, the beach borders Buceo to the east, Parque Batlle to the north, Tres Cruces, Cordón and Parque Rodó to the west and Punta Carretas to the south.

  • Mercado Del Puerto

Bustling 19th-century markets exhibiting handcrafted souvenirs and traditional meat-centric restaurants is a great place to visit if you are after exploring the culture of Montevideo. The atmosphere is warm, so make sure you are dressed accordingly.

  • Constitution Square

Located in Ciudad Vieja, Plaza Constitución (Constitution Square), also known as Plaza Matriz, is the oldest plaza in Montevideo. It was named in honor of the Spanish Constitution of 1812. The square faces the Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral and the Montevideo Cabildo.

How to book cheap flights to Montevideo

Here are some simple yet proven flight booking hacks to help you save more and travel in a budget.

  • Flexibility with travel dates

Flights on weekend are costlier than weekday flights. Use our flight booking engine to shortlist flights by departure and arrival timings to get more relevant results to suit your demand.

  • Flexibility with airlines

Irrespective of the airline type – LCC or full-service airline, the fare often differs from one airline to another. Filter the list of fares by airlines, and compare the fares, amenities, and the number of stops involved on the route.

  • Flexibility with airports

If your city is served by multiple airports, you may try this formula to find the cheapest airline tickets to Montevideo. Frequent budget travelers don’t mind traveling some extra miles on road to maximize their savings.

  • Flexibility with times

Guess? If you can manage an early morning or late-night flight, you are in for unbeatable Montevideo flight deals. These hours not benefit you in terms of affordability but also helps you with a safe travel. The skies are quieter during these hours.