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  • MIAMiamiTue | 21 Jan
    YULMontrealTue | 28 Jan
    $ 426.77
  • MDWChicagoTue | 21 Jan
    YULMontrealTue | 28 Jan
    $ 287.05
  • LGANew York CitySat | 18 Jan
    YULMontrealFri | 24 Jan
    $ 209.75
  • LAXLos AngelesTue | 21 Jan
    YULMontrealTue | 28 Jan
    $ 409.05
  • FLLFort LauderdaleTue | 21 Jan
    YULMontrealTue | 28 Jan
    $ 313.83
  • ORDChicagoWed | 22 Jan
    YULMontrealFri | 24 Jan
    $ 417.78

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Also known as City of Mary, Montreal is a place that embraced urbanization as early as 1535. Characterized by Parisian-style streets, the city is a new address to diversity and a perfect place to wander. The diversity gets reflected well in the variety of cuisines – Portuguese, Thai, Moroccan, Indian, Mexican, and much more – that are served in its restaurants. Here, the old-fashioned elegance is contrasted well by contemporary culture with vibrant clubs, bars and restaurants that awake to life once the darkness descends.

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What is the Best time to visit Montreal?

Montreal receives the highest footfalls in summer, i.e. from June to August. There are two reasons. First, the weather is quite comfortable and pleasant (Avg. High 70 degree Fahrenheit, and average low 50 degree Fahrenheit to walk around. And, second, the season is marked by the onset of numerous events and festivals including Canada Day July 1, Festival international de Lanaudière, Carifiesta parade, International percussion festival, to name a few. Advance booking of hotels can help you rein the expenses. If you want to save some money on accommodation, shopping, etc., it’s best to plan your trip either a month or two ahead of summer. Along with getting cheap flights to Montreal, you can expect good savings on hotel prices. The average high temperature in winter hovers between 30°F and 50°F. Art souterrain, International Children’s Film Festival March 4, the International Film Festival, are some of the key events that you would never think of giving a miss.

What are the Top Attractions in Montreal?

No matter what time of the year you choose, Montreal is packed with things to see and do to make your vacation enjoyable and memorable.

1. Old Montreal (Vieux – Montreal)

Depicting the history, this is the treasured possession of Montreal that has remained immune to the rapid urbanization. Horse-drawn carriages making their ways on cobblestone streets traversing the world heritages like the Basilique Notre-Dame, the Hôtel de Ville, to name a few, are the reminiscent of the industrial era when steam engine by James Watt was a divine piece of art for the human civilization.

2. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux-Arts)

If you are an artist or an admirer of artist at the core of your heart, this prestigious museum which is home to the masterpieces by some of the globally acclaimed artists like Renoir, Cézanne and Picasso is worth exploring. The collection extends to include 18th-century English porcelain, artifacts from World War I and creative carpentry works by Frank Gehry. Wondering how to reach there?  No worries. The Montreal Transit Corporation aids the convenience. Reach the place either via the Green Line’s Peel or Guy-Concordia métro stations. Except Monday, you are free to visit any day of the week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Wednesdays, the timings extend up to 9 p.m.

3. Montreal Botanical Gardens

Also known as Jardin Botanique Montreal, this 185-acre botanical garden is refuge to 10 large greenhouses. Interestingly, their mutual identity doesn’t get blurred. Their unique architecture and composition of flora engage and compel travellers, particularly Botanical students and kids to explore more. The garden is home to harmony and diversity as well. On the one hand, you are to witness the Japanese Zen garden with miniature decorative bonsai trees, and on the other, the Chinese Garden housing colorful roses and alpine plants. So this cheap flights to Montreal is all set to let you bag priceless memory.

4. Parc du Mont-Royal

Ever thought where Montreal got its name from? Well, here is your answer: Parc du Mount-Royal. Towering over central Montreal, this 761-foot hill challenges and entertains adventurers, joggers, picnickers, dog walkers and bicyclists. The place is accessible from the Green Line’s Peel métro station or the Orange Line’s Mont-Royal métro station. Want some respite from the scorching summer? Head to park’s Lac des Castors or the Beaver Lake. Hire boats with textures and designs that match your persona.

Dining in Montreal

The gastronomy penchant of  Montrealers that was once ruled by the French cuisines has gone diverse. Easily find cuisines from international demographics including Portuguese, Thai, Moroccan, Indian, Mexican and others. If you want to go with traditional cuisines, hop around Vieux-Montréal. Not just cuisines served there, but the bistros and restaurants (restos) there graciously embrace the historic essence. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a more contemporary favorites, head towards boulevard St-Laurent, rue St-Denis or rue Crescent. Key Restaurants: Restaurant Chasse Galerie, Les Deux Singes de Montarvie, Damas Restaurant, Le Filet.

Nightlife in Montreal

Booking a flight to Montreal and not taking cognizance of nightlife options is something hard to digest. From the envying upscale to the most low-cost bars – Montreal has got all of these nightlife options. If you want to savor on the best luxury beverages and dance the night away, rue St. Laurent is an ideal option but the busiest one. As the night never sleeps, so you don’t have to look at your watch.

However, the infamous district rue Ste-Catherine is flocked by its own niche of visitors seeking adult-oriented entertainments. Looking for outdoor options? Make your way to St-Denis which is abundant in bars with terraces. If you want to celebrate the night mingling with locals then there is no better option than Ste-Elizabeth located diagonally to rue Ste-Catherine. Its economical offerings make it a favorite for university students. If you are looking for nightlife options with a gay community, you won’t get disappointed. The city is inhabited by a huge gay community. Take a walk down the gay village and enjoy a night brimming with entertainment.

Shopping in Montreal

Montreal is world-known for spearheading trends at all fronts from food and art to fashion and design. Here is a list of the city’s delightful boutiques, markets and galleries.

1. Argo Bookshop

Argo is the paradise for bibliophiles. Established in the 60s, the store offers books on a gamut of genres ranging from fiction and poetry to philosophy, science and religion, to children’s titles. You might have a chance to see some of the world’s renowned writers, comedians and musicians, provided you have made your Montreal flight bookings intelligently. Visit Agro’s Official website to stay apprised of any upcoming events.

2. m0851

This Montreal-based enterprise is best known for the manufacturing and marketing of genuine leather products, including bags, accessories, and clothing merchandises for women and men. Its wide collection of traditional and contemporary leather offerings has made it a must-visit destination for those who want to make nothing but the best style statement. Though the brand has a multi-national presence with outlets in the United States, China and France, they haven’t outsourced any of their business. The products are still manufactured at their native workshop in Mile End.

3. Boutique Point G

Whether you want to savor on sophisticated confectionaries, or to pack some for your friends and family as a gift, this is the place to be. At surprising low prices, you can collect macraons  and sweets including Caramel fleur de sel, Madagascan vanilla, choco-sesame, lavender-blueberry, orange blossom. Got the sense of “G”? If you don’t, we leave it for you to experience it with perfection.

How to Reach Montreal

Being the commercial hub of Canada, Montreal is well-connected with all key global and domestic cities and is laced with all well-planned road transport amenities. Trudeau International Airport is the major airport, but commuters do have alternatives like Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport, Lachute Airport, Richelieu Airport and Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil Aerodrome.

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