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Morgantown: An Overview

The city of Morgantown is in West Virginia. There is a sculpture park and an art museum at West Virginia University. Morgantown's green surroundings make it one of the best cities in Virginia for outdoor activities, with locations like West Virginia Botanic Gardens and the Mon River Rail Trail. 

Old-growth woodland and spring wildflowers can be found in the WVU Core Arboretum on the Monongahela River. The Metropolitan Theatre hosts performances to entertain visitors. Beaches and a coastal trail are located east of Cheat Lake. All this justifies why you must consider planning a trip to Morgantown.

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Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Morgantown

1. Always be Flexible: To get the cheapest plane tickets to Morgantown, be flexible with your travel dates. 

2. Set Up a Price Alert: By setting up an alert, you can quickly keep track of the cost of airline tickets to Morgantown. You will receive a push message or email if prices change for the better flight fare.

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Best Time to Visit Morgantown

According to many tourists, mid to late spring and late summer, when temperatures are on the warmer side, is the greatest time to visit Morgantown. 

Others agree that autumn is the best season since the leaves start to change color. However, we think that visiting West Virginia is wonderful at any time of year, depending on your preferences.

Morgantown: Fly with Major Airlines!

Morgantown is served by a number of reputable airlines, making travel simple and comfortable for customers. Flights to Morgantown, WV, are available from reputable carriers, including Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. From the many options that these carriers offer, Cheapfaremart allows you to select the airline that best suits your interests.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Morgantown

Given below are the 5 must-see places when visiting Morgantown, West Virginia:

1. West Virginia University (WVU)

Visit West Virginia University to kick off your journey. This well-known university is very important to the character of Morgantown. West Virginia University is situated in a serene and beautiful area with nearby greenery and a waterfront. 

It's enjoyable to stroll about the neighborhood because the building structures are of various architectural styles. With the hills and the magnificent Monongahela River flowing peacefully, the view from the campus area is spectacular.

2. Coopers Rock State Forest

Coopers Rock State Forest is a must-see for wildlife lovers. This forest, which is close to the city, has hiking paths, stunning vistas, and the well-known Coopers Rock, from which you may take in the breathtaking views of the Cheat River Gorge. For hikers, rock climbers, and photographers, it is an outdoor paradise.

3. Morgantown Art Museum

Discover the artistic side of Morgantown at the Morgantown Art Museum. This brand-new art gallery, which is close to the College of Creative Arts, has a lovely collection of artwork on exhibit. Beautiful paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and pottery are available. The two-story structure has some outside artwork as well. 

This artistic treasure boasts a varied collection of both modern and historical works. The museum serves as a focus for inspiration and innovation by hosting recurring exhibitions, workshops, and events.

4. Core Arboretum

Visit the Core Arboretum for a peaceful haven in the middle of the city. This 91-acre nature reserve offers a selection of hiking trails, chances to see wildlife, and an opportunity to get close to the local flora and fauna. For people looking for a quiet retreat, it is a tranquil oasis.

On 91 acres of primarily intact woodland, with magnificent and enormous specimens of native trees, such as white, red, black, and pin oak, honey locust, hickory, cherry, and others, there are several kilometers of hiking loops. There are labels on the prominent specimens that add a lovely touch. Some of the trail's loops follow the river's edge. The facility is accessible by bicycle from downtown via the Caperton Rail Trail. 

5. The Mountaineer Field

On Saturdays in West Virginia, Mountaineer Field is the place to be! It has non-stop excitement, from the tailgating before the game to singing Country Roads after a WVU victory. 


1. How can I go from Morgantown Municipal Airport to the city's core in the quickest time possible?

Ans: It is often quickest to drive from Morgantown Municipal Airport to the city center, which will typically take you roughly 10 minutes. You can also use public transportation, bus route RT 12, which takes around 15 minutes to get you to downtown Morgantown.

2. Is a hotel directly connected to the Morgantown Municipal Airport?

Ans: While there aren't any hotels directly connected to Morgantown Municipal Airport, there are plenty of hotels around it. Many of these even provide their visitors with complimentary shuttle services.

3. Is it nice to live in Morgantown?

Ans: According to Livability, Morgantown is one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live. For many years running, Morgantown has received the title of Tree City. 

4. What is transportation like in Morgantown?

Ans:  Morgantown offers various transportation options, including a local public transit system (Burke County Transit) and a developing walkability and bike-friendly infrastructure. Taxis and rideshare services are also available.

5. What are the best places for couples to enjoy in Morgantown?

Ans: You can visit places like Silver Fork Winery, Fonta Flora Brewery, Apple Hill Orchard & Cider Mill, and Catawba River Greenway to spend a wonderful time with your other half in Morgantown.

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