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Najaf, Iraq: Overview

Najaf, popularly known as the site of the Tomb of Ali ibn Abi Talib also known as “Imam Ali” the First Imam of Shia’s, is a city in central Iraq. Followers of Shia Islam considered it the third holiest place in Islam after Mecca and Medina.

Najaf has a hot desert climate. In the Köppen climate classification, the climate is classified as BWh. Summers are long, and very hot. The season starts from May and lasts until September. Winters are mild. It begins with December and ends by February, but this the popular tourist season.

Airport in Najaf

Official Name: Al Najaf International Airport

Airport Code: NJF

Location:  This airport is 6 km from the center of Najaf, Iraq

Hub For: Iraqi Airways

Interesting Facts: Initially, Al Najaf International Airport was a military airbase. In the recent time the airport has received a massive transformation.  It has four departure gates, two arrival gates, immigration and passenger services.

Airlines Operating Flights to Najaf from US Cities

  • Qatar Airways (QR): Qatar Airways is a flag carrier of Qatar. Hamad International Airport (DOH) serves as its hub. Hence, all Qatar Airways departure flights from the USA take a stop or layover at DOH airport.
  • American Airlines (AA): American Airlines is the flag carrier of the USA, and one of the best airlines in the North America by on-time performance. The airline operates its flights with connection at Amman (AMM) airport in Jordan. When it operates with British Airways, it may have its connection at the hub (LHR) of the latter’s.
  • JetBlue Airways (B6): JetBlue Airways is a leading American low cost airline, and the sixth largest in the country. It operates with Qatar Airways. Hence, JetBlue departure flights from USA to Najaf are most likely to have their connection at Hamad International Airport (DOH).

No carriers operate nonstop flights to Najaf from any of the cities/airports in the USA.

Best times to Visit Najaf

November to Feb is one of the best times to visit Najaf. Days are sunny, and the average highs remain between 20 and 30 degree Celsius. The city received around 10 to 12 hours of sunshine. Hence, you are likely to rub shoulders with foreigners, if you happen to attend one. Najaf is about 454 km away from the seafront. However, unlike other coastal cities like Miami, it doesn’t witness any major storm or tornado.

Top Attractions in Najaf

1. Imam Ali Mosque

The Imam ‘Ali Holy Shrine, also known as Masjid Ali is one of the top attractions of the city and a holy place for Shia Muslims.  Imam Ali is believed to be the cousin of Muhammad, the first Imam. The place witnesses a huge crowd every year, most of them coming for pilgrimage.

2. Wadi Al-Salaam Cemetery

You can visit some of the best famous graves and shrines of the place. It is even said to be the largest cemetery in the world. It is very near to the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali. Great people like prophets Hud and Saleh were buried here.  You can visit the prophets Hud and Saleh. This place is full of peace and piousness. This is a must-go place for you and your family.  You can simply book round-trip flights to Najaf online on our website.

3. Najaf Amusements Park

This is a place for your family to play games and get-together. It gives you a feel of Disney land. This is an exceptionally beautiful and nice Amusement park in Najaf. When you plan for the Najaf flight deals, you should also plan to visit this park as you would always like to be here. Tickets may exhaust with cheap airfare to Najaf, so check it on our website and make your booking ASAP.

4. House of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb

This is known as the house of the first Imam. It comes in the top list of the places for pilgrimage in Najaf. You can have water from the blessed well and spend your quality time here. This place fills your heart with Tranquility and makes you free of worries. Connect yourself to Allah by going to this place and relax with peace of mind. Some offers may be valid for less time, so go and grab the tickets for cheap flights to Najaf Iraq on our website.

Top Outdoor Activities in Najaf

1. Sobat Restaurant

It is the best restaurant in Sobat and has best kebabs which will delight you. It has a very nice ambiance, and you can come with your family for a rocking night. The staffs are cheerful. You can have so many delicious things in menu like-chili kebabs, pistachio kebabs, kebab Ali naazik.Perfect place to dine out with your family. It is neat and clean and takes Optimum Care of your needs. If you wish to visit during months of a rush, you can make bookings for low-cost flights to Najaf on our website.

2. Najaf Desert Safari

When you are in Iraq, you cannot miss going on desert safari. You can opt for some nice desert safari packages. You can enjoy the adventure of dune bashing and camel riding and hospitality. Feel the thrill of these places by standing with camel, taking snaps with a falcon and shaking hands with henna. All this makes your trip memorable and worthwhile. Cheap flight tickets to Najaf can be had at attractive prices and with best offers on our website.

3. City Teachers Games

This is a must-go amusement park. It’s a fun place for a family get-together. It has best games available with magnificent location. If you are in Najaf, this would be the worth visiting place. You can check the prices of hotel stay at the place, so things do not go out of your budget. Cheap airline tickets to Najaf can be had from our website, but do compare the prices of hotel stay as there are best offers available with attractive discounts.

4. Najaf City Mall

Many thanks to this place to have such big supermarkets and restaurants, cafeterias and shops of clothes for family shopping! It is a place for family entertainment. You get branded clothes at reasonable prices here. Do pay a visit once you are in Najaf. Make your booking easy by logging on to our website and grab the best return flights to Najaf.

Hope you found the information useful. You may book your cheap flight tickets to Najaf on your own with our booking engine, or call us to seek assistance?

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