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The displayed fares for the round-trip flights to Narita, Japan are based on historical data, non-warranted and subject to change at the time of booking. The costs of airline tickets to Narita are inclusive of fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes levied by airlines/airports/regulators.

Book Cheap Flights to Narita on Cheapfaremart

Get ready to experience a splendid vacation to Japan with tickets for cheap flights to Narita, Tokyo, Japan available here at Cheapfaremart. Planning a Japanese holiday is not just about the destination, but also about finding cheap air tickets to Narita. Cheapfaremart is the name of professionalism in the travel industry, offering 24×7 customer support in addition to great Narita flight deals. Our trained staff ensures you get the best discounts with popular airlines. Book with Cheapfaremart for a seamless travel experience.

Your flights from the US to Narita will land on Narita International Airport (NRT), formerly known as New Tokyo International Airport. With Cheapfaremart, you will be able to book:

1. Nonstop Flights to Narita

Bookings for non-stop flights to Narita can be done from some of the major cities of the US. You get 4 non-stop flights to Narita from Chicago, 3 from New York City and 2 each from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. These flights typically last 11-15 hours.

2. Direct Flights to Narita

Direct flights to Narita are available from all the major cities in the USA making it convenient to book from any such city. Depending on the city of origin and duration of layovers, your flights can last anywhere between 15 and 23 hours.

What is the Best Time to Visit Narita?

March, April and May are the spring months in Narita and are quite popular with tourists. Temperatures remain pleasant within the range of 52° to 76° F (11° to 25° C). You can conveniently engage in the traditional Sakura viewing held across Japan during this season. On the contrary, summers and winters happen to be the unpopular seasons for tourists – they are too hot and too cold respectively. Whatever the case, you can be sure to get a cheap one-way flight to Narita if you book in advance. Last-minute flights to Narita can be a gamble, therefore it is prudent to book your air ticket to Narita while they are available on a deal.

What are the Top Places to Visit in Narita?

1. Narita-san

One of the best-known Shingon Buddhist temples in the Kanto region, Narita-san is a spacious complex consisting of buildings and open grounds. The temple houses a statue of Fudo Myoo, the king of wisdom, holding a sword in one hand and rope in the other, surrounded by fire. He has often been associated with the Fire God. Marita-san has quickly gained popularity among tourists.

2. Museum of Aeronautical Science

If you have a fascination for airplanes, this museum has much to offer to you. Featuring exhibits of plane-replicas and flight simulators, this museum attracts quite the flight-lover. There is a wide collection of old, almost historical aircraft collected through time; you will also find here a decent collection of modern planes as well. The museum also offers uninstructed view of flights landing in the Narita airport, which is quite the sight.

3. Kuriyama Park

This unique park will have you wondering about the versatility of spaces. It redefines usability of an otherwise unusable area in a completely different concept. This park is situated underneath an overhead, operational railway line. Sprawling greens, play areas for kids and strategic displays of locomotives make for a good place to hang out. The thunder of a train passing by will leave you thrilled!

4. Sakuranoyama Park

If you want to sit and relax with a good book and coffee in your hands, this is the place to be. This park is filled with serene walkways flanked by Sakura trees on both sides. Its proximity to the airport lets you see flights landing and taking off in the distance, without the associated clamor. When it is season, the trees bloom in pink filled with flowers and cover the walkways completely with their petals.

What are the Top dining and nightlife options in Narita?

1. Ramen Bayashi

This restaurant, specializing in ramen as its name suggests, is among the top five restaurants in Narita in terms of popularity. Their signature chili-pepper ramen is famous to the moon! It is a casual dining place, cosy and comfortable, good for children as well. You can come here for a filling, tasty meal.

Cost of dishes on the menu: under $18

Customer rating* (Google): 4.2/5.0 stars based on 264 reviews

2. Surugaya

This restaurant is a cozy place with soft interior and space enough to go dining with groups. A little on the costlier side, it specializes in unagi cuisine – food made with freshwater eel as the primary ingredient. The dishes are delicious, and it is always filled with people.

Cost of dishes on the menu: $100+

Customer rating* (Google): 4.3/5.0 stars based on 437 reviews

3. JetLag Club

This is one of the best nightclubs in Narita, and the perfect place to be to spend a night partying. You will find here a bar and grill, a pool and billiards hall, a pub and much more. It has become quite popular with tourists and has come to be known as the “Pilot bar” of Narita.

Cost of dishes on the menu: $10-30

Customer rating* (Google): 4.2/5.0 stars based on 109 reviews

4. The Barge Inn

This cozy place features comfortable furniture and tasty bites to accompany your drinks. Try some of the most scintillating cocktails in Narita here – the specialty of professional mixologists employed here. The place is great for groups with plenty of space to seat everyone. The music will set your mood.

Cost of dishes on the menu: $15-20

Customer rating* (Google): 4.0/5.0 stars based on 112 reviews

What are the Top Shopping Options in Narita?

1. Aeon Mall

This gigantic mall has over 200 retail stores in the premises and great eateries as well. It is great for shopping locally produced goods and local fashion. The clothing stores are actually quite popular among tourists. The shopping is tax-free for foreigners. You can find plenty souvenirs here, and lots to shop for yourself as well at affordable prices.

2. Naritasan Omote Sando

This shopping street is the touristy kind of place where you will find a great assortment of eateries, gift and specialty shops, cool traditional Japanese items and souvenirs to shop for – all at amazing prices. A tip – a majority of stores here close shop around 5-6 pm so time your visit accordingly.

3. Pokémon Store Narita Airport

The world knows what Pokémon is – and at Narita airport, there is a store that makes this amazing fantasy become a reality. Find Pokémon action figures, Pokéballs, cards and toys and much more here. Shop for Pokémon fan-goods at this quirky little store at the airport, and that too duty-free!

4. Fa-So-La Tax Free Akihabara

This is another great place to buy souvenirs at the airport. If you happen to miss visiting Akihabara in Tokyo, this little shop at the Narita airport will sum it up for you. Purchase local liqueurs, electronic items and everything that you can possibly get in Akihabara right here.

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Narita?

1. Radisson Narita

This 4-star hotel in Narita is comfort redefined in the finest way possible. Find here a great pool, a bar, spacious rooms and free shuttle service. Nearby you can visit the Naritashisanrizukagoryobokujokinenkan, a horse breeding museum.

Location: Nanae, Tomisato-shi Narita

Distance from airport: 9 km by road/taxi from NRT

Guest rating ( 8.5/10.0

Fares (*: $125 for 2 persons per night

2. Hotel Nikko

This hotel sits in a great location just minutes away from the famous Sakuranoyama Park. It is a 4-star property equipped with a great pool, a bar and is popular with business travelers. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities and the staff is hospitable.

Location: Tokko, Narita

Distance from airport: 2 km by road/taxi from NRT

Guest rating ( 8.4/10.0

Fares (*: $115 for 2 persons per night

3. Narita View Hotel

Unlike many 3-star hotels, Narita View comes equipped with all facilities that a traveler needs for a comfortable stay. The staff is hospitable and knows English, the rooms are spacious and the hotel has a bar. Narita-san temple and Sakuranoyama park are just minutes away.

Location: Kosuge, Narita

Distance from airport: 4 km by road/taxi from NRT

Guest rating (*: 8.2/10.0

Fares ( $70 for 2 persons per night

4. Narita Tobu Hotel Airport

If you are looking for value for money, book a room at the Tobu. For minimal prices, you get a pool, a fitness center, plush interiors, a bar and spacious rooms. It’s proximity to Naritasan Park and the terminal make it a strategic choice.

Location: Tokko, Narita

Distance from airport: 2 km by road/taxi from NRT

Guest rating (*: 8.1/10.0

Fares ( $85 for 2 persons per night

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Visiting Narita is a matter of cultural heritage of Japan. Cheapfaremart helps you book the cheapest airline tickets to Narita with the most popular carriers. Book your flights to Narita with Cheapfaremart and get amazing deals on round-trip flights to Narita.

Note: *Ratings are subject to change based on reviews

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