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Omaha: An Overview 

Situated in the great Midwest of America, there’s a lot more to Omaha town than farming. It’s full of hidden gems and offers gourmet cuisine, music, and entertainment for visitors of all ages. This historic, diverse, and entertaining city also happens to be the largest in Nebraska. Stroll along the Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge for breathtaking views of the Missouri and the brilliant Omaha skyline. 

There are hundreds of flights to Omaha, NE; get on the one you like to experience this multi-faceted city in all its versions. Take a tour of the museums, dig into artisan food, catch a basketball game, or explore the outdoors, which offers eclectic activities like tubing, boating, camping, and hiking. 

Bite into the most succulent steaks you’ve ever had, shop for antiques and quirky artifacts, and sway to the foot-tapping rhythms of indie music at outdoor concerts. Get ready to be amazed by Omaha!

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Have you been pulling your hair out in frustration because you could not find cheap flights to Omaha? No need to worry anymore! Cheapfaremart is here to the rescue! We designed a travel portal to help travelers like you who need more time to search to get the best deals on air tickets endlessly. We've made it super easy for you; all you must do is tell us your travel dates and our search engine does all the hard work for you to show you the best airfares. 

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Omaha 

  • Fly on Weekdays

Book plane tickets to Omaha for flights that depart on weekdays; as most people prefer weekend take-off, the weekday ones are cheaper as there is less demand.

  • Flash Sales

Airlines sometimes offer some tickets at heavy discounts. Keep checking our portal to see if your flight is on the list. You can make it easier by subscribing to our newsletter. We immediately notify customers about these price drops.

  • Group Booking

If you are traveling in a big group, click on the group booking option on our portal so that you get to save more, rather than buying tickets individually.

  • Special Category Discount

When searching for airline tickets to Omaha, check if the airline offers discounts for seniors, students, defense personnel, and people with disabilities; if you belong to any of these, you can get lower fares.

  • Book Early

Planning in advance always helps. Fares are usually much lower if you book your tickets 7-8 weeks in advance.

  • Best Time to Visit Omaha 

Omaha has a humid continental climate, with warm and wet summers and freezing, snowy, and windy winters; it is partly cloudy all year.

  • September–November: These months bring along excellent weather. Yet, it is not a peak tourist season, which means you can have a relatively peaceful holiday.
  • March–May: The Spring is also a good time to visit Omaha and is ideal for the outdoors, though it still rains quite a bit in May.

Omaha: Fly with Major Airlines!

Cheapfaremart offers flight information from all the big airline companies and the local ones, too. In fact, you have over 200 airlines to select from, including Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Allegiant Air. 

The powerful search engine on our portal digs through thousands of flight options to show you the best prices in less than a minute. You can also book your hotel accommodation on our site – how great is that! We aim to give our customers a trouble-free holiday planning experience!  

Top 5 Places to Explore in Omaha 

1.  Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Omaha’s zoo features magnificent exhibits, like the largest nocturnal animal habitat, the largest indoor swamp, the largest wild cat habitat, a spectacular indoor rainforest, the Lied Jungle, and an expansive indoor desert called the Desert Dome.

2.  Durham Museum

Situated within the fabulous Art Deco Union Station, this museum exhibits various scientific and industrial artifacts, regional historical objects, old-time storefronts, restored train cars, historical documents, and rare coins, part of the Byron Reed Collection. Enjoy a malt of phosphate at the antique soda fountain to top it off.

3. Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen Gardens is a living, breathing museum with its spectacular display of seasonal flora. Located along the Missouri right in the city, this arboretum and botanical garden displays an exquisite Victorian garden, The Song of the Lark Meadow, a festival garden with open lawns and an annual planting ceremony, and a bird sanctuary that serves as a haven for several bird species. You can also go hiking along the many trails and enjoy the waterfalls in the area.

4.   First National's Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park

This is a tribute to the pioneers, commemorating their bravery and conviction. Walk down memory lane and learn how the early settlers overcame numerous challenges in the New World through sculptures and plaques. You can see recreations of bison stampedes, flocks of migratory Canadian geese, and wagon trains.

5. Joslyn Art Museum

This museum has a fountain court, a vast concert hall, a lecture hall, an informative tech gallery, a cafe, and a gift shop. You can find a superb collection of European and American artwork from artists like Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pollock, Wesselman, etc., and Greek ceramics.


1. When can I get the cheapest plane tickets to Omaha?

The winter season from December to February, when it snows a lot, is the slowest tourist season. It is the time when you can get plane tickets and accommodations at lower rates.

2. How can I get around in Omaha?

Omaha public buses are reliable and affordable; you can even rent electric bikes called QuikByke during summer weekends, rent cars, hail taxis, or reserve an Uber, which is slightly cheaper.

3. Where can I do the best local shopping in Omaha?

The Old Market! Walk the cobblestone streets and explore the shops, boutiques, shops, pubs, breweries, and restaurants that are there in plenty in this historic entertainment district.

4. What is Omaha most famous for?

As beef is the largest industry in the city, it’s no surprise that Omaha is famous for steaks. Our top picks to have the best steaks are 801 Chophouse at the Paxton, Spencer’s for Steaks & Chops, Sullivan's Steakhouse, and the Mahogany Prime Steakhouse.

5. Which are the best neighborhoods to book hotels?

Omaha’s downtown is where most of the museums and other attractions are. Bemis Park – serene and old-worldly charming, and Blackstone district – the ale and culinary center of Omaha, are beautiful and peaceful neighborhoods for tourists to stay.

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