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The displayed fares for the round-trip flights to Osaka, Japan are based on historical data, non-warranted and subject to change at the time of booking. The costs of airline tickets to Osaka are inclusive of fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes levied by airlines/airports/regulators.

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Airport in Osaka

Kansai International Airport
Official name of the airport: Kansai International Airport
Location: The airport is based on an artificial island (Kankujima) in the middle of Osaka Bay off the Honshu shore, 38 km (24 mi) southwest of Osaka Station.
Hub for: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways
Quick Facts: All international flights land on Kansai International Airport (KIX), which is the second busiest airport in Japan after Narita International Airport. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Osaka?

Japan is a country of temperate climate, making it possible to travel to Osaka any time of the year. However, to see Osaka for how colorful and lively it genuinely is, travel during fall (October to November) or spring (March to May). These seasons offer breathtaking cityscapes swathed in vivid colors, elevating the travel experience to a whole new level. The temperatures during these seasons remain comfortable, ranging between 41 and 77 °F (5-25 °C). Summer is the least favorable season to visit this city; it becomes very hot and humid. The best time to book your one-way flight to Osaka is therefore, during the cooler months. It is also highly likely for you to find cheap flights to Osaka then.

What are the Top Places to Visit in Osaka?

1. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Counted among Japan’s best aquariums, Kaiyukan has been featured in many a media. This ginormous aquarium houses many a sea life species from the infamous Pacific Ring of Fire. Coral-reef butterflyfish, Antarctic penguins, Monterey bay seals, Arctic otters and many other species find home in this aquarium. Kids particularly love the dolphins here.
2. Dotonbori
This bustling and lively area is superfluous with neon boards and pedestrians out for a good time. On and around the canal of its namesake, Dotonborigawa, you will find countless walkways offering sights of the lively neon signs reflected off the waters. This canal is a whopping 4 centuries old!
3. Tempozan Ferris Wheel
Tempozan Ferris Wheel, rising to a pinnacle of 112.5 meters, is something special – it doesn’t just give you a fun ride. Riding this wheel gives you different views in each direction with the Rokko Mountains to the north, Mount Ikoma in the east, Akashi Kaikyo bridge to the west and Kansai airport to the south. The wheel also predicts the next day’s weather through colored lights mounted on it – orange for sunny, green for cloudy and blue for rainy.
4. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
Ando Momofuku, one of the chairpersons of Nissin Foods, invented this museum in honor of the company’s line of famous instant ramen, which has now become Japan’s most popular export. The exhibits in this museum take you through how instant ramen is made, how the company’s packaging evolved and the line of their cup noodles.

What are the Top Dining and Nightlife options in Osaka?

1. Koryu
Come to Koryu for a three-star Michelin experience. This cozy restaurant boasts space for only ten diners at a time while the ambiance remains warm and welcoming. There are no menus at this restaurant – the inventive chefs here use whatever is available during the current season to serve magic on the plates. One floor of this restaurant also serves drinks for a comfortable drink-while-you-eat.
Cost of dishes on menu: $145-165 depending on set courses.
Customer rating: 4.0/5.0 stars based on 56 reviews on Google*.
2. Harijyu
Being in Japan is nothing short of lucky for meat lovers, at least when Michelin-star meat heavens like Harijyu are around to please the taste buds. Come to this place to taste meats of all kinds, cuts and grades – and all surprisingly delicious. There is a meat shop on the first floor where you can buy meat to take home.
Cost of dishes on menu: $65-150 for various set courses.
Customer rating: 4.0/5.0 stars based on 199 reviews on Google*. Put an asterisk after Google.
3. Takama
Takama is a family-owned joint serving up affordable but yummy dishes of filling, traditional Japanese noodles. They are especially known for their finger-licking, delicately flavor-balanced broths, the recipes of which have been passed down in the family since many generations.
Cost of dishes on menu: $5-18
Customer rating: 4.1/5.0 stars based on 97 reviews on Google*.
4. Bar-Nayuta
This is, hands-down, the best bar you will ever go to in Osaka. Complete with its cryptic entrance through a small door and darkish but cozy interiors, this place could be crowded or empty depending on the night you choose to visit. Their specialty is not having a menu – you tell them your base and preferred taste, and they’ll make a cocktail around it!
Cost of drinks on menu: $80+
Customer rating: 4.9/5.0 stars based on 175 reviews on Google*.

What are the Top Shopping Options in Osaka?

1. Shinsaibashi-suji
This historical market has been in existence since 400 years! It has more to offer to a tourist than to a local. It runs a little over half a kilometer from Shinsaibashi to Namba, full of various touristy items and souvenir stalls. This place alone houses 180+ stores where you can find everything. Visit this market for affordable shopping and souvenirs.
2. Tennoji-mio
This unique shopping arcade is built atop the Tennoji station. Boasting 250+ stores that cater to a wide variety of customers, this shopping spot has sprung into public attention after its renovation in 2013 which gave it a modernistic upgrade. You can find all kinds of fashion adorning the windows of stores here.
3. Amerikamura
Welcome to the fast-fashion street of Osaka. A localized-vocalization of “America-mura”, this street market is a heaven for those looking to shop for local Osaka fashion at highly affordable, negotiable prices. You will find some really quirky garments here reflecting Japanese fashion in its true form. Be bargain-ready at stores here!
4. Namba Parks
Situated close to Namba station, this chic shopping area comprises of over 240 boutiques, interior decoration stores and furniture shops. You can look for home-décor items in mid-high price range in this elegantly designed shopping complex. The rooftop consists of a park – this is a must-visit place.

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Osaka?

1. St. Regis
This 5-star property, centrally located in Osaka, is the perfect choice for those looking for supremacy in comfort and proximity to happening spots in the city. You can walk down to popular tourist spots like Namba Shrine and Yuki Museum just half a kilometer from this hotel.
Location: Chuo-ku Honmachi, 3-6-12
Distance from airport: 50.8 km by road/taxi from KIX.
Guest rating ( 9.2/10.0
Fares ( $430 for 2 persons per night.
2. Hankyu International
Hotel Hankyu International, a 5-star accommodation, offers sweeping views of the panorama of Osaka through its wide windows in each room. All amenities here spell luxury. Nearby is the happening Hep Five, a popular shopping area in Osaka.
Location: 19-19, Chayamachi, Kita Ward.
Distance from airport: 53.5 km by road/taxi from KIX.
Guest rating ( 9.0/10.0
Fares ( $350 for 2 persons per night.
3. Osaka Bay Tower
Classified as an art hotel, this 4-star lodging is priced at a reasonable rate for all the facilities it provides to its guests. The specialty is that there is a city or bay view available from all the rooms of this hotel – even the guest rooms. Nearby you can visit the popular Osaka Dome and Osaka Castle.
Location: Benten, Minato Ward
Distance from airport: 47.7 km by road/taxi from KIX.
Guest rating ( 9.0/10.0
Fares ( $94 for 2 persons per night.
4. J-Hoppers Osaka Guest House
This hostel style 2-star facility is a hospitable place to stay on a budget in Osaka. You will find it equipped with essentials of a convenient stay, such as comfortable beds, clean bathrooms and staff that can manage English.
Location: Fukushima Ward, 7-4-22.
Distance from airport: 53.1 km by road/taxi from KIX.
Guest rating ( 8.8/10.0
Fares ( $25 per person per night.

Why Book Airline Tickets to Osaka with Cheapfaremart?

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Osaka is a city that has something for everyone. Book your one-way flights to Osaka with Cheapfaremart and witness a whole new world while saving big. Japan is calling, have you booked your cheap flights to Osaka yet? Book air ticket to Osaka today.
Note: *Ratings are subject to change based on reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What airlines operate nonstop flights to Osaka, Japan from the USA?
Japan Airlines (JL) operates nonstop flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Kansai International Airport (KIX). United Airlines and All Nippon Airways operate nonstop flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Kansai Airport (KIX).
Q2. How expensive is the business class flight over economy class flight to Osaka?
A business class flight to Osaka can be 3 times costlier than an economy class ticket.
Q3. How long does it take to reach Osaka from USA?
The travel time could vary depending upon the departure city or airport. 
Departure Airport code, City, USA Flight Time
LAX, Los Angeles 12 hours 30 minutes
SFO, San Francisco 12 hours
ORD, Chicago 18 hours 30 minutes
HNL, Honolulu 12 hours 10 minutes
SEA, Seattle 16 hours
ANC, Anchorage 15 hours 50 minutes
DEV, Denver 15 hours
MIA, Miami 23 hours 30 minutes
ATL, Atlanta 22 hours
IND, Indianapolis 17 hours
LAS, Las Vegas 16 hours 20 minutes
Q4. What is the best airline to book a business class ticket to Osaka from Miami, USA?
Emirates, according to Skytrax. Emirates is Certified as a 4-Star Airline. It has a connection at Dubai International Airport (DXB). The rating is based on the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc., and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff. 
Q5. What is the best airline to fly to Osaka from Atlanta (ATL)?
Korean Air and Japan Airlines are the top 5-rated airlines as per Skytrax airline rating. Korean Air operates with its partner Delta Air Lines, and it has its stopover at Seoul, South Korea. Japan Airlines operate with American Airlines, and enroute connection is at Los Angeles (LAX).
Q6. What are the best airlines to fly to Osaka from Las Vegas (LAX)?
American Airlines (3 Stars) and Japan Airlines (5 Stars) are the best airlines to book flight to Osaka.
Q7. What airlines offer the lowest flight ticket to Osaka from Las Vegas?
Hawaiian Airlines offers most affordable airfare from Las Vegas to Osaka. The flights are mostly one-stop with a connection at Honolulu Airport (HNL).
Q8. What are the cheapest months to fly to Osaka?
April to May and July to August are the cheapest months to fly to Osaka in Japan.
Q9. What is the connection airport for Japan Airlines flying to Osaka?
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
Q10. When to book airline ticket to Osaka, Osaka for the lowest fare?
Book your cheap flights 4–7 months before the scheduled departure.
Q11. Do I need a tourist visa to visit Osaka?


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