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A Quick Look at the Panama City Tourism Season


January, February, March

Dry season with number of rainfall days per month between 1 and 3| Average of Max. Temp: Lows of 90s °F | Average of Min. Temp: Mid 60s °F


November, December

The number of rainfall days/month drops from 20 to 16 and 7.5 respectively | Max and Min. temp floats between the lows of 90s °F and highs of 60s °F.


April, May, June, July

Highs of temperature stay around the mid-80s and 70s °F. Skip the spring break time (First week of April) to get affordable lodging and flight tickets.


September and October

This is the wettest time of the year with the number of rainfall days per month falling between 17 and 20. The sunshine hours also drops to 3.3 to 3.4 hours a day.

Airport in Panama City

Tocumen International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen) (IATA: PTY, ICAO: MPTO) serves the capital of Panama. The airport serves as the homebase for Copa Airlines and is a regional hub to and from The Caribbean, South, North and Central America and additionally features routes to some European and Asian cities.

Busiest Flight Routes with Airlines to Panama City from US Cities

S. No City (Airport) Airlines Flight Type
1 Miami, MIA American Airlines, Copa Airlines Nonstop
2 Chicago, ORD Copa Airlines Nonstop
3 Denver, DEN Copa Airlines Nonstop
4 Newark, EWR United Airlines Nonstop
5 New York, JFK Copa Airlines Nonstop
6 Atlanta, ATL Delta Air Lines Connecting
7 Los Angeles Copa Airlines Nonstop
8 Orlando, MCO Copa Airlines Nonstop
9 Fort Lauderdale, FLL Spirit Airlines Nonstop
10 San Francisco, SFO Copa Airlines Nonstop

Busiest Flight Routes with Airlines to Panama City from Non-US Cities

S. No. City, Airport (Country) Airlines Flight Type
1 San José, SJO (Costa Rica) Avianca Costa Rica, Copa, Copa Colombia Nonstop
2 Bogotá, BOG (Colombia) Avianca, Avianca Ecuador, Copa, Copa Colombia Nonstop
3 Cancun, CUN (Mexico) Copa Airlines Nonstop
4 Havana, HAV (Cuba) United Airlines Nonstop
5 São Paulo, GRU (Brazil) Copa Airlines Nonstop
6 Mexico City, MEX (Mexico) Copa, Aeroméxico Nonstop
7 Santiago, SCL (Chile) Copa Airlines Nonstop
8 Lima, LIM (Peru) Copa Airlines Nonstop
9 Caracas, CCS (Venezuela) Avior Airlines, Conviasa, Copa, LASER Airlines, SBA, Venezolana Nonstop
10 Santo Domingo, SDQ (Dominican Republic) Copa Airlines Nonstop

What is the Best time to Visit Panama City?

Unlike North American cities like New York and Las Vegas (Where you can’t think of visiting from December to February due to extreme cold), Panama City boasts an average of 320 days of sunshine. So, you don’t have to ponder over too much while planning a trip to Panama City.

If you want to avoid the crowd of school and college students, it’s worth to say no to March and April. Students generally plan their visit to enjoy the beaches here. This will also help you to find the best deals on flight and hotel bookings.

Top Attractions in Panama City

Touted as the seven wonders of the modern world by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Panama Canal is a man-made 82 Km (51 miles) canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. This artificial waterway supports trade and tourism both for the country and contributes significantly to its economy, which is identified by the World Economic Forum as the second-most competitive economy in Latin America. Its construction was one of the most challenging works in the annals of civil engineering and was completed by France and United States both. It takes 11.38 hours to pass through the Canal.

Casco Viejo, in Spanish, means old city. Casco Viejo is the historic district and a World Heritage Site of Panama City that dates back to 1673. Its founder, Antonio Fernández de Córdoba, has paid keen attention towards the safety of the district as pirates ravaged the previous establishment. It’s built on a peninsula completed isolated by the sea and a robust defensive wall system. Casco Viejo is home to many significant attractions such as La Catedral Metropolitana (main Catholic temple), El Palacio de las Garzas (governmental office and residence of the President of Panama), Church and Convent of Saint Francis of Assisi, and Church of San José.

Officially called as Mac Panama, the museum showcases contemporary arts from Latin America and other regions produced in the time frame between 1887 and 2016. What kind of works of art does the museum have? Currently, there are 686 objects, comprising of paintings, sculptures, photography, installations.The most represented artists in the collection are Guillermo Trujillo, with 19 works; Trixie Briceño, with 19 works; Manuel Chong Neto, with 17 works and Julio Zachrisson with 14 works.

Timings:Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm Closed Monday Adults: $5, Children: Free
To Know More, Visit the Official Website

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