Cheap Plane Tickets to Phoenix Arizona

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA: Overview

Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona, USA. Warm and sunny winter weather makes it a popular destination for tourists. However, summer sees extreme temperatures. Grab your sunglasses and sunscreens if you opt this season to explore the city. Phoenix is the region’s primary political, cultural, economic, and transportation center.

Airport in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (IATA: PHX) is a civil-military public airport 3 miles (2.6 nmi; 4.8 km) east of downtown Phoenix, in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. It is Arizona’s largest and busiest airport, and among the largest commercial airports in the United States.

Ranking of airlines by passenger traffic share

1. American (36.96%)
2. Southwest (36.06)
3. Delta (6.20%)
4. Mesa (5.67%)
5. United (5.11%)
6. Other (10.00%)

Top 10 Destination Cities, States, and Airports with Airlines

City State Airport Airlines
Denver Colorado(CO) DEN American, Frontier, Southwest, United
Seattle Washington (WA) SEA Alaska, American, Delta, Southwest
Los Angeles California (CA) LAX American, Delta, Southwest, United
Chicago Illinois (IL) ORD American, Frontier, Spirit, United
Minneapolis Minnesota (MN) MSP American, Delta, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country
Dallas/Fort-Worth Texas (TX) DFW American, Spirit, Sun Country
San Diego California (CA) SAN American, Southwest
Las Vegas Nevada (NA) LAS American, Southwest
San Francisco California (CA) SFO Alaska, American, Southwest, United
Salt Lake City Utah (UT) SLC American, Delta, Southwest

Airfare to Phoenix, AZ: Monthwise Trends

Based on the top destinations served by Phoenix International Airport (IATA: PHX), we have created month-wise airfare trends (One-way flight from destination served to Phoenix) to help you find months with the cheapest, costliest and below-average fare.

Denver to Phoenix

Both Phoenix (Arizona) and Denver (Colorado) are located in the same time zone, i.e. Mountain Standard Time (MST). Based on the airfares from Denver International Airport (DEN) to Phoenix International Airport (PHX), we can say:

  • Cheapest month: January to April
  • Moderate month: June to October
  • Expensive month: December
  • Airfare (USD)

Seattle to Phoenix

Phoenix (Arizona) and Seattle (Georgia) are located in MST and PST time zones respectively. Based on the one-way airline ticket cost to PHX from Seattle’s Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, we can say:

  • Expensive month: December, June, July
  • Cheapest month: January, February
  • Moderate month: August, September, October, November
  • Airfare (USD)

LA to Phoenix

Phoenix and Los Angeles (California) are located in MST and PST (Pacific Standard Time) zones respectively. Based on airfares from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to PHX, we can conclude as follows:

  • Expensive month: November (might be due to late booking)
  • Cheapest month: January to October, December
  • Moderate month: January to October, December
  • Airfare (USD)

Note: Last Monday of every month for one-way fare for American Airlines as found on Nov 6, 2019. Average of August and September fares is taken for that of October. Fares not available for October as the airline has only 331 days of advance reservation window.

Best Time to Book Flights to Phoenix

Probability of getting a cheap flight ticket to Phoenix increases when you book it four to eight weeks ahead of the scheduled flight departure. No substantial savings can be made if you book too early. However, if you are planning a visit to Phoenix around Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Christmas or New Year Eve, you should confirm your ticket at your earliest. Delaying may lead to an exponential rise in the airfare. Cheapfaremart can help you to reduce your ticket cost, provided lady luck is in our favor. Brose our Cheapfaremart promo codes page to find flight discount coupon.

Cheapest Airline to Fly to Phoenix

Frontier or Spirit, the leading low-cost carriers in the US, operate flights to Phoenix from Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis and Dallas Fort-Worth. On other routes, where you don’t see them, you can make good of the competitive fares offered by all carriers to find the best flight deal on Phoenix flight ticket booking. While you focus on getting cheap flights, don’t overlook the airfare rules and baggage policy. Some airlines may offer cheap ticket but may impose a high baggage fee. Most of the cheap air tickets come with many restrictions regarding change, cancellation, etc.

How Much Time Do I Need To Fly to Phoenix

Flights to Phoenix Flight Distance Flight Time Time Difference
DEN to PHX 601 miles/968 km 1 hour 22 minutes No difference
SEA to PHX 1,107 miles/1781 km 02 hour 24 minutes PHX is 1 hour ahead
LAX to PHX 370 miles/596 km 59 minutes PHX is 1 hour ahead
ORD to PHX 1440 miles/2317 km 3 hours 16 minutes PHX is 1 hour behind
MSP to PHX 1,274 miles/2054 km 02 hours 52 minutes PHX is 1 hour behind
DFW to PHX 868 miles/1397 km 2 hours 7 minutes PHX is 1 hour behind
SAN to PHX 304 miles/490 km 51 minutes PHX is 1 hour ahead
LAS to PHX 255 miles/411 km 46 minutes PHX is 1 hour ahead
SFO to PHX 651 miles/1048 km 1 hour 32 minutes PHX is 1 hour ahead
SLC to PHX 517 miles/ 816 km 1 hour 15 minutes No difference

Top Attractions in Phoenix

1. Desert Botanical Garden

Explore the rich floral diversity of Arizona and the Northern Hemisphere. Desert Botanical Garden is a 140-acre (57 ha) botanical garden located in Papago Park, at 1201 N. Galvin Parkway in Phoenix, central Arizona. Have rare encounters with more than 50,000 plants, in more than 4,000 taxa, one-third of which are native to the area. There are 379 species, which are rare, threatened or endangered. Highlights are the rich collections of agave (4,026 plants in 248 taxa) and cacti (13,973 plants in 1,320 taxa), especially the Opuntia sub-family.

2. Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain derives its name from its shape, which resembles the hump and head of a kneeling camel. The mountain, a prominent landmark of the Phoenix metropolitan area, is located in the Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area between the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix and the town of Paradise Valley. It is a popular recreation destination for hiking and rock climbing.

3. South Mountain Park

As the name suggests, South Mountain Park is a park over a mountain. It is one of the largest urban parks in North America and in the world. It has been designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride. The park attracts nature lovers from across the globe. It has some unique flora and fauna collection. The most noticeable plant species is the Elephant tree, (Bursera microphylla), which exhibits multiple contorted trunk architecture and carrot tailed Chuckwalla.

4. Arizona Science Center

For families visiting Phoenix with kids, Arizona Science Center is a must-see science museum. It sits in Heritage and Science Park in the heart of downtown Phoenix. The museum has over 350 permanent hands-on exhibits. It runs exhibitions on the wheel that travel throughout the city. Do not miss the shows in the Dorrance Planetarium and in a five-story, giant screen IMAX Theater. Special educational programs and science activities are run for visitors of all ages including, summer science camp, Adult’s Night Out, thematic events, Stroller Science preschool programs, and the Science on Wheels outreach program. Visiting Arizona Science Center is a good option when it rains in Phoenix or temperature goes unbearable like between May and October.