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 Placencia Flight Deals

Search cheap plane tickets to Placencia using our flight booking engine, compare fares and book the cheapest one-way or round-trip flight. Nestled in the Stann Creek District of Belize, this is a small village but a favorite tourist spot that attracts visitors, mainly, nature lovers who are looking for an escape from the concrete jungle of cities.

What is the Best time to Visit Placencia?

Placencia has got a tropical climate with the average day hardly exceeding the lows of the 80s. The comfortable temperatures make one believe that the city is good for visiting any time of the year. Yes, it’s is no doubt. However, you must pay attention to the wet season. From June to November, the city receives heavy rainfall between 7.10 and 10.5 inches. If you are looking for an affordable beach vacation, this could be the time when you can grab cheap flights to Placencia Belize. However, make sure you stay alert on the weather front as the time is infamous as Caribbean hurricane season.

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Considering its proximity to the equator (17° N, 88.5° W) in Central America one might surprise at it. Thanks to the bordering Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Honduras that trap the heat waves and keep the temperature pleasing around the year.

As the rainfall percentage reduces, the number of visitors start increasing from December onwards. And, the trend continues till May. If you are eying on getting the best of Placencia’s waterfronts and water activities, this is the best times to visit. However, don’t wait for the last-minute flight booking as that would be a costly proposition. Consider making your travel reservation in two to three months in advance to find cheap plane tickets to Placencia. 

What are the Top Things to Do in Placencia?

1.  Diving/snorkeling

If you love diving and snorkeling and are ready for an adrenaline rush too, the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere is the place to be. This is 45-minute boat ride off the coast of Placencia. There are local dive centers. Most of them offer 2 or 3 tank dives with a lunch break on an island. The lunch menu may have chicken, rice, beans, soft drinks, and fruits. After or before diving or snorkeling, take pleasure of white sandy beaches.

2. Kayaking

Placencia is home to several lagoons which you can explore easily boarding a kayak. In the lagoon, you might spot manatees, which are abundant, fully aquatic species. Don’t need to scare as this is entirely an herbivore animal.

3. Fishing

Wondered how fisherman can observe the movement of fishes beneath the water current? On your Placencia Belize vacation, you have the opportunity to learn the fishing skills. Find local tour operators in the area offering fishing trips.  Catch Snapper, Grouper, Jack, Permit, Tarpon, Snook and Bonefish. 

4. Jungle Tours

Being on a Placencia holiday and skipping a jungle tour is something that no one is going to admit.  Jungle tour operators offer services via air or water. On your visit, you may combine a set of activities including cave tubing, zip lining, xunantunich, altun ha, baboon sanctuary, Belize zoo, and horseback riding.

How to Reach Placencia

The city is served by Placencia Airport (PLJ). Most of the flights are connecting ones. The favorite airports for layover are Panama City (PTY) and Belize City (BZE). The flight distance between PLJ and BZE airports is 67 miles/108 km. On the road, the range is 113 miles/182 km, which can be covered in less than three hours.

How Much Does a flight to Placencia Cost?

On the top of the page, we have displayed the flight cost from some selected cities in the US to Placencia Airport (PLJ) airport. The price of plane tickets to Placencia is subject to change and non-warranted. Use our flight booking engine to know about the current price. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What USA cities have direct flights to Placencia, Belize?

No USA cities have a direct flight to Placencia in Belize. All arrivals from USA first take place in Belize City (BZE), and from there passengers take a connecting flight to Placencia (PLJ).


How far is Placencia from Miami?

The shortest flight distance is 836 miles or 1,345 kilometers via Belize City (BZE). American (AA), Tropic Air (9N), Maya Island Air (2M) and Copa Airlines (CM) are the key airlines that operate in some combination as no airline standalone serve the full route.


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Miami?

The shortest flight time is 02 hours 25 minutes from Miami to Placencia via Belize City. As no direct flights operate. Take note of the stopover airport and time before confirming your flight reservation.


What airlines offer cheap tickets to Placencia from Miami?

Copa Airlines, either in alliance with Tropic Air or Maya Island Air, provides cheap tickets to Placencia. The first connection is in Panama City, which is Copa’s hub airport, and the next in Belize City.


How far is Placencia from Chicago?

The shortest flight distance to Placencia from Chicago (via Belize City 1 stop) is 1,756 miles or 2,826 kilometers.


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Chicago?

A commercial passenger from Chicago ORD via Belize City to Placencia PLJ takes around 04 hours 44 minutes.


What airlines offer cheap tickets to Placencia from Chicago?

Volaris, Tropic Air and Maya Island Air operating in some combination offer cheap tickets to Placencia from Chicago. Cancun, and Belize City are the popular connecting cities. No airlines serve the full route.


How far is Placencia from Los Angeles?

Placencia is 2,244 miles or 3,611 kilometers from LAX on the shortest flight route via Belize City (1 stop).


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Los Angeles?

The shortest flight time is 05 hours 08 minutes via Belize City. 


What airlines fly direct to Placencia from LAX?

No airlines operate directly from Los Angeles to Placencia.  Alaska and Maya Island are all-season carriers. The shortest route to reach Placencia from LAX is via Belize City. Cheap flights can be found with Volaris Costa Rica and Maya Island Air’s combination. Alternatively, find nonstop flights from LAX to BZE, and cover the remaining 69 miles from BZE to Placencia by road. 


How far is Placencia from Las Vegas by plane?

Placencia in Costa Rica is 2,245 miles or 3,613 kilometers from Las Vegas by plane on the shortest route with 2 stops- Houston (HOU) and Belize City (BZE). No direct or 1-stop flights operate on this route. 


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Las Vegas?

The shortest time to reach Placencia from Las Vegas via Houston and Belize City (2 stops) is 05 hours 35 minutes. However, most of the flights are with 3 stops – DFW, Cancun and Belize City and the flight time increases to 07 hours 33 minutes.


What airlines offer cheapest tickets to Placencia from LAS?

No airline alone offers the full service on the route. The combination of airlines including Frontier, Spirit and Maya Island Air offers the most economical tickets.


How far is Placencia from Washington?

Placencia is 1,691 miles or 2,721 kilometers from Washington IAD on the shortest route, which has 2 stops including Charlotte (CLT) and Belize City (BZE). 


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Washington?

The quickest flight from Washinton IAD to Placencia PLJ takes 05 hours 26 minutes via CLT and BZE.


What airlines have cheap tickets to Placencia from Washington?

In 2-stop flights segment, the combination of Avianca and Tag Airlines via Guatemala (GUA) and Belize City (BZE) offers cheap tickets to Placencia.


How far is Placencia from Dallas Fort Worth?

The shortest distance recorded with 1 stop in Belize City is 1,260 miles or 2,028 kilometers. American Airlines along with Maya Island Air is the key carrier to serve passengers on the route.


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Dallas Fort Worth?

On the shortest 1-stop route via Belize City, a passenger aircraft takes 03 hours 20 minutes to reach Placencia from Dallas Fort Worth.


How far is Placencia from NYC?

The shortest flight distance from JFK via Belize City to PLJ is 1,883 miles or 3,030 kilometers. Jetblue and Maya Island Air are the popular carriers.


How long does it take to reach Placencia from NYC?

The shortest direct flight time from JFK to Placencia is 05 hours 03 minutes. 


How far is Placencia from Atlanta?

The shortest flight distance from Atlanta via Belize City (1 stop) to Placencia measures 1,206 miles or 1,941 kilometers. Delta and Maya Island Air are the key airlines. Tropic Air has seasonal flights that end in April.


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Atlanta?

The required time to fly from Atlanta to Placencia via Belize City is 03 hours 29 minutes. 


What airlines offer cheapest tickets to Placencia from Atlanta?

The combination of Spirit, Tropic Air and Maya Island Air offers cheapest tickets to Placencia in the Economy class. Travelers with preference to Premium Economy class find the combined flights of Westjet, Air Transat and Tropic Air has budget friendly.


How far is Placencia from Philadelphia?

The shortest route from Philadelphia to Placencia measures 1,781 miles or 2,866 kilometers. The route has 2 stops – Atlanta and Belize City.


How long does it take to reach Placencia from Philadelphia?

The required flight time from Philadelphia (via Atlanta and Belize City) to Placencia is 05 hours 44 minutes.


Do I need a tourist visa to visit Placencia?

Not required for stays up to 30 days.


How safe is Placencia, Belize for US travelers?

Belize is one of the safest destination countries for USA travelers. The US Department of State maintains Level 2 Advisory for Belize, and advices citizens to exercise increased precaution while in Belize. However, the advisory keeps changing as per current situations.


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