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On Cheapfaremart website, we have disclosed the airfares against round-trip flights to Prague. Each Prague airfare is inclusive of fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes as charged by the flight service providers and the concerned airports. The availability of seats with any Prague flight and the respective airfare might undergo a change at the time of bookings. Cheapfaremart, its employees or affiliates shall not be held accountable for any such variation.

Book Cheap Flights to Prague on Cheapfaremart

Secure your Prague flight tickets today and ensure a seamless family or honeymoon vacation. Leveraging the best-in-class web technologies, we empower you with an efficient flight ticket booking engine. Booking a flight ticket to Prague is now a child’s play as mentioned below.

1. Last-Minutes Flight to Prague

You can book last-minutes flight to Prague via a host of airlines including Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Lot Polish Airlines, Csa Czech Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines. Compare prices, flight duration and other aspects before concluding your purchase of Prague flight tickets

2. Round-Trip Flight to Prague

We help you book round-trip flight to Prague via leading airlines as discussed above. Booking a round-trip flight helps you ease your travel planning as you are no longer in obligation to search for flights and cope with the unexpected price tag of last-minutes flight deals.

What is the Best time to Visit Prague?

Spring and early fall are considered by travel guides and experts as the best time. It’s not the pleasant balmy weather that allures, but also the affordable hotel price tags that makes head turn. As the city witnesses a chilly winter, it’s best to plan your vacation ahead of it.

The summer is the peak tourism season and witnesses a huge influx of travellers particularly, students who want to make the best of their summer vacation. Hence, it would be wise to skip the crowd and make the best of your hard earned money by planning your Prague vacation in advance.

Prague also shines during the festive Christmas season. However, you should be ready to brave snow and extreme low temperature during the festival month

How to Reach Prague

Prague Airport is the primary airport that connects the city with all major and minor cities of the world. However, Brno Airport and Ostrava Airport provide a considerable support in decongesting the crowd in the peak season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What cities in the USA have a direct flight to Prague (Czech Republic)?

New York JFK has direct flights to Prague with Delta Airlines though it is seasonal service. In case you book a 1-stop flight, the connection could be at Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Manchester, Munich, Dublin, London Heathrow, Zurich, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, New York City, Milan (Malpensa), Venice Marco Polo, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, or Rome.


How far is Prague (PRG) from Atlanta (ATL)?

The shortest distance from Atlanta to Prague is 4911 miles or 703 miles by air is measured with 1-stop flight route via Paris CDG. The flight time measures 09 hours 55 minutes. Popular carriers operating flights to Prague from Atlanta are Air France, Delta, and Czech Airlines.


What airlines offer cheap tickets to Prague (Czech Republic) from Atlanta?

Turkish Airlines offers cheap tickets to Prague in Economy class. Delta, together with Air France, offers cheap tickets in Premium Economy class.


How far is Prague (Czech Republic) from Orlando (MCO) by plane?

The shortest distance from Atlanta to Prague is 4,973 miles or 8003 kilometers by air is measured with 1-stop flight route via London Heathrow. The flight time measures 10 hours. Popular carriers are Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. 


What airlines offer cheap flights to Prague from Orlando?

In Economy class 1-stop flights segment, Delta offers the most affordable flights. In Premium Economy class 1-stop flights segment, Discover Airlines, together with Lufthansa, offers cheap tickets.


How far is Prague from Boston by air?

The shortest distance from Boston to Prague by air is 3,909 miles or 6291 kilometers measured with one-stop flights via Frankfurt. The longest distance on 1-stop flight route, via Funchal (Madeira), measures 4,975 miles or 8007 kilometers.


How long does a flight take to arrive in Prague from Boston?

On the shortest 1-stop flight route, via Frankfurt, the flight time measures 08 hours, while on the longest, via Funchal (Madeira), it takes 10 hours 25 minutes. 


What airlines offer cheap flights to Prague from Boston?

Condor (DE) and Lufthansa (LH) jointly offer cheap flights to Prague from Boston in Economy and Premium Economy class. Condor and Lufthansa, both are German-based airlines.


How far is Prague from New York JFK by air? 

Prague is 4,068 miles or 6547 kilometers from New York JFK by plane on the shortest direct route. When flying via a connecting city, the flight distance might vary and so does the flight time. 


JFK or EWR – Which airport is best in New York to fly to Prague?

Only JFK has a direct flight, and more 1-stop routes than EWR, so JFK is a better choice to fly to Prague.


What airlines offer cheap flights to Prague from New York?

Norse Atlantic offers cheap tickets to Prague from JFK to PRG in Economy class. Condor, together with Lufthansa, offers cheap tickets to Prague in Premium Economy class. 


How far is Prague from Miami by air?

Prague is 4,899 miles or 7884 kilometers from MIA, Miami by air on the shortest route via Amsterdam. 


How long does a flight take to reach Prague from Miami?

Flying to Prague from Miami via Amsterdam, which is the shortest route, takes around 10 hours 15 minutes. 


What airlines offer cheap flights to Prague from Miami?

Turkish Airlines has the most affordable ticket in the 1-stop Economy class flights segment. For cheap 1-stop Premium Economy ticket, flights co-operated by Condor and Lufthansa are the most affordable options.


How far is Prague from Los Angeles by plane?

The shortest flight distance from Los Angeles to Prague is 5,999 miles or 9655 kilometers. It measures the 1-stop route distance via Amsterdam.


How much time does it take to fly to Prague from LAX by plane?

The shortest flight time is (1-stop via Amsterdam) 11 hours 45 minutes and the longest 1-stop flight (via Istanbul) distance is 16 hours. 


What airlines offer cheap flights to Prague from Los Angeles?

In 1-stop Economy class, Swiss, together with United, offers cheap tickets to Prague. Lufthansa independently poses a strong challenge to the combination so do check its fare. In Premium Economy 1-stop flights, Condor Airlines together with Lufthansa, presents the most affordable option.


How far is Prague from Washington (IAD) by plane?

The shortest flight distance, via Frankfurt, measures 4320 miles or 6952 kilometers, and the time spent in air is 09 hours 05 minutes.


What airlines fly to Prague from Washington IAD?

United and Lufthansa have the most frequent flights to Prague from Washington IAD.


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