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Providence: An Overview 

Providence is situated on the Providence River at the head of Narragansett Bay. From ancient times, it was a highly industrialized town, and today, it’s also renowned for its many colleges and universities. 

From the beautiful coast that has some of the best beaches in the area to the vibrant downtown city life dotted with restaurants serving sumptuous cuisine; from the thriving art and culture scene to the upbeat nightlife; from its many parks and gardens to its local breweries; Providence offers endless activities for visitors. 

Book your flights to Providence, Rhode Island, and experience why it features in the top quirky cities of the US, or what makes it the best city for foodies!  Embrace the hospitality and charm of this small town and explore the sophisticated culture you would expect in a big city.  Head to Providence for a memorable holiday with your family!

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Are you fretting about getting cheap flights to Providence? Relax, with Cheapfaremart, you have your personal booking agent at your service! Just punch in your travel dates and our portal will grind away at top speed, displaying the airline options to you in just a few seconds. Start prepping to party in Providence!

Tips to Find the Cheapest Flights to Providence

  • Book Early

Planning your trip early can help you book plane tickets to Providence at lower fares. As the dates for the travel come closer, the demand for the tickets increases, and so do the fares.

  • Error Fares

Sometimes airlines post low fares in error; it could be human error or some software glitch – or a mass cancellation close to the travel date. Keep an eye out for such listings. They tend to appear suddenly. 

  • Frequent Flier Programs

Sign up for loyalty programs with airlines and try to fly the same airline whenever possible. This helps you to collect miles, which you can then exchange for money once you have the requisite miles.

  • Fly on Weekdays

This could mean taking a day or two off from your work, but if you are able to save a lot of money on the fares, it may well be worth it. Most people prefer to fly on the weekend – the higher the demand for flights, the higher the fares too.

  • Child Fares

Most airlines offer a good discount to children under 12. Make sure that you book child tickets if you have children who fit that category – when you’re flying with family, it can make a huge difference.

When to Visit Providence?

Providence has a humid continental climate.

  • June-November: These are the best months to visit Providence as the climate is favorable in fall and you can properly explore the outdoors and all the attractions. It’s also a wonderful time to experience the gorgeous fall foliage colors.
  • March–May: The summer months are very crowded and hectic and you can expect heavy tariffs on hotels and expensive flights too. However, the weather is great for outdoor recreation like camping, hiking, fishing, and so on.

Providence: Fly with Major Airlines! 

Now you can book flights to Providence, Rhode Island, easily and quickly with Cheapfaremart. We compare and offer flight information from over 200 airlines. These include the biggest names in aviation and less-known, local flights including Allegiant Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Breeze Airways. 

Top 5 Places to Explore in Providence

1. WaterFire Arts Center

Experience Providence at its best and most artistic! The main aim of WaterFire is to revitalize the urban experience by fostering community engagement and creatively transforming the city. It features amazing artwork, and the highlight is the fireworks display in November.

2. Roger Williams Park Zoo 

Stretching over 40 acres of stunning woodlands the Zoo facilitates the viewing of animals from across the globe. Zebras, Komodo dragons, red pandas, giraffes, elephants, flamingos, snow leopards, sloths, and bears to name a few. You can feed the animals, ride a train, and take a thrilling zipline ride. 

3. Federal Hill

Federal Hill is actually the home of RI’s Italian immigrant community. It was once called Providence’s Little Italy. Here you will find multiple Italian restaurants and a tinge of Italian flavor in everything you see. Massimo, Cassarino, and Pastiche are a few must-try foods from Federal Hill. 

4. RISD Museum

Rhode Island School of Design and Museum is a hidden gem, among the cluster of five buildings. 91,000 works of art are on display here including pieces by Degas and Monet. You can have a quick stroll inside the museum to observe these masterpieces. 

5. Providence River Boat Company

Hop on to one of the open-air boats to enjoy the history and current beauties of the Providence waterways. They offer 50-minute guided tours where everything is narrated as you explore the nautical architectural and historical attractions. 


Q1. What forms of payment are accepted in Cheapfaremart when booking plane tickets to Providence?

We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, VISA, Debit card, and Credit card payments. The payments are all accepted in both US and Canadian dollars. 

Q2. What can I buy in Providence? 

Jewelry, silverware, fine wines, vintage clothing, handmade clothes, toiletries, and artifacts are things you can buy. DePasquale Square, Garden City Center, Vault Collective, and Big Top Flea Market are places we recommend to make the purchase.

Q3. What’s the food scene in Providence? 

For local culinary experiences, we suggest: Los Andes, Gracie’s, Waterman Grille, Hemenway's Restaurant, The Capital Grille, Café Nuovo, Providence Oyster Bar, Nick's on Broadway, Julian’s, CAV Restaurant, and Pan E Vino.

Q4. What is the Providence walking tour? 

You get to explore the majestic buildings and scenic beauty all around. Explore and discover Providence’s top landmarks like the 18th-century homes on Benefit Street, and more.

Q5. Should you hire a guide to explore the city? 

It is totally optional, but hiring a guide will make your job easier. The guides already know the best places to visit and create a schedule based on the time you have and your budget.

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