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 Cheap Flights to Puerto Jimenez (PJM)

Cheapfaremart presents a quick and easy way to compare one way and round-trip flights to Puerto Jimenez with the world’s leading airlines and perform a booking. Our flight booking engine is accessible on desktop and mobile both devices. Hence, you can book low-cost flights to Puerto Jimenez from anywhere, anytime. Booking a last-minute flight has also gone easier with Cheapfaremart.

What is the Best Time to Visit Puerto Jimenez?

Mid-December to March is the ideal time to visit Puerto Jimenez. Costa Rica is a very beautiful country, and Puerto Jimenez, the largest town of the Osa Peninsula is a haven for tourists. March witnesses the maximum warmth. In day hours temperature remains around 94.4°F (34.7°C) while in the night it plunges to 73.7°F (23.2°C).

With many airlines offering cheap flights to Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica, traveling to this destination has become quite easy. Famous for both gold mining as well as logging, this city has a population of just, over 3000. The popularity as a tourist destination stems from the numerous beaches it has to offer. Consequently, there are some low-cost flights to Puerto Jimenez being operated now.

Top Attractions in Puerto Jimenez

This place has a lot on offer by way of access to the Corcovado National park, to Golfito, the colorful city situated just across the Gulf. With gold mining still a passion, this city gives an impression of being an unhurried city situated in the Wild West. The fact that the overgrown swamp of Quebrada Cacao slices this city exactly ina half results in the many diverse attractions that the city has on offer. Some of these attractions which make it a destination wherein even last minute flights to Puerto Jimenez are also generally filled up are:


For the adventure-hungry traveler, this city seems like a haven with the many beaches. A few are discussed below.

1. The Bay of the Puerto Jimenez

This bay consists of shallow, gently lapping and clean waters and the areas around the Puerto Jimenez docks present quite a few opportunities for both kayaking and swimming. Hence people opting for nonstop flights to Puerto Jimenez make it a point to take advantage of the restful calm offered by this area.

2. Playa Preciosa

Also known as the Playa Platanares, this pristine, unspoiled beach and coast starts off from outside the town of Puerto Jimenez and gently curves around the Puntarenitas Point to stretch as far as the human eye can see. With waves just playfully perfect for both bodysurfing and surfing, this beach is much sought after by hard-core surfers and beginners looking to hone their skills. Thus plane tickets to Puerto Jimenez are generally in high demand all through the year.

3. Cabo Matapalo

Situated about an hour’s drive from the city of Puerto Jimenez, this beach is located at the southernmost end of the famous Osa Peninsula. This place as famous for its beautiful, virginal beaches as it is for the rich bio-diversity that awaits every traveler and every tourist who comes to Puerto Jimenez. Being rich in both animal and plant life makes this place an interesting visit for many nature lovers, biologists, etc. who keep a constant look out for cheap airline tickets to Puerto Jimenez and visit this place at any opportunity they get. This place also boasts of three beaches namely the Playa Pan Dulce, the Playa Cabo Matapalo and the Backwash bay.

National Wild Life Reserves and Parks

With this place showcasing a rich diversity of plants and animals alike, it is but natural for Puerto Jimenez to be blessed with places which have now become popular national parks, national wild life reserves and even wildlife refuges. Some of the more famous ones which warrant a look out for top deals on Puerto Jimenez flights that are available are:

1. Corcovado National Park

This is known to be among the most bio-diverse places present on the planet. One gets to see many different plants and animal species here starting from bird species to mammals, reptiles and amphibians, freshwater fishes and extremely venomous snakes. In fact this national park boasts of 4 varieties of venomous snakes and is home to all the four different monkeys’ species of Costa Rica. Also easily seen here are the Scarlet Macaws, a sight rick in colorful beauty, turtles, harpy eagles, red-eyed tree frogs, peccaries and of course jaguars but in relatively small numbers. From Puerto Jimenez, the ranger station of La Leona is the only accessible entrance to this national park and it would be of great help for people buying air tickets to Puerto Jimenez to remember this.

2. Piedras Blancas National Park

Located in the village of La Gamba in Golfo Dulce, this place boasts of a bio-diversity almost equal to that found in the Corcovado National Park. Well-known for its extreme isolation, this National Park has seen great success in the rearing and rescue of both the wild cats or jaguars and the scarlet macaws.

3. Playa Platanares Refuge

The presence of an estuary complete with a rich mangrove makes this place worth visiting especially for people booking round-trip flights to Puerto Jimenez. Providing a much-needed peace especially when taking long walks at night, it is a haven for the world-weary traveler.

4. Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a great place to see spider monkeys, peccaries and toucans at a very close range. In fact this sanctuary is also used as a refuge for illegally captured pets and both orphaned or wounded animals so that they can be rehabilitated in this wildlife sanctuary thereby giving them a fresh lease of life. It is indeed a great experience to have and tourists generally book plane tickets to Puerto Jimenez to see it first-hand.

Botanical Gardens and Farms

From gardens to farms, Puerto Jimenez is a delight for the nature lover especially the ornithologist. Some of the famous farms and gardens of this place are:

Casa Orquideas which almost looks like the maze-like forest of Alice in Wonderland and is famous for the many different species of orchids, bromeliads, heliconias and many edible plants present here,

Herrara gardens which are a 260-acre secondary rainforest conceptualized and created to attract and entire wildlife to take advantage of the stream running through its entire length and

Finca Kobo, a fully sustainable farm, where people booking Puerto Jimenez flight deals can see and learn about the whole process of making chocolate from harvested cacao as well as see some wild animals like the monkeys, sloths, etc.

The place Puerto Jimenez has something to offer everyone. This accounts for the high demand for direct flights to Puerto Jimenez. With hiking, surfing, kayaking, trekking, etc., all taking place in one single tourist destination, this place is indeed one of its kind providing a once in a lifetime experience.

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