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Riverton: An Overview 

Riverton is a city in west-central Wyoming's Fremont County. It is located at the mouth of the Wind River, alongside the Bighorn River. Established in 1906 under the name Wadsworth, the town was later renamed Riverton due to its proximity to the confluence of four rivers.

The Wind River basin, which is irrigated by the Riverton Reclamation Project, uses Riverton as a shipping terminal. The city is home to mills that make railroad cross ties and fence posts, as well as uranium and sulfuric acid facilities and cattle interests. Fields of natural gas and oil are close by. The Wind River Indian Reservation (Shoshone and Arapaho) borders the city. This is definitely a city that would highly interest you.

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Best Time to Visit Riverton

The best time to visit Riverton for general outdoor tourist activities is from late June to late August, when the weather is clear and dry, with temperatures between 65°F and 80°F.

Riverton: Fly with Major Airlines!

Cheapfaremart offers major airlines that fly to Riverton, ensuring your journey is both comfortable and convenient. Some of the renowned airlines you can choose from include American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Southwest Airlines. These carriers offer a range of options to cater to your needs.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Riverton

1. Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site

One word describes this site: Beautiful! When you travel on the dusty roads leading to these rock gardens, you'll be thinking that you're in the middle of nowhere. Continue driving; the rewards are worthwhile. 

The textures and colors are simply breathtaking. We would suggest visiting this amazing location for a day trip. Although the roads are adequate, they can be a little uneven. Therefore, a nice midsize car is at least recommended. You can utilize a Subaru Outback as an example.

2. Wind River Casino

Wind River Hotel & Casino is Wyoming's biggest gaming attraction. They provide the widest selection of live table games and slot machines in the Cowboy State, along with more winnings, greater promotions, and newer games. Their athletes triumph greatly! 

To receive free play, free food, and free entries into their contests, you can join the rewards club. There are two self-service kiosks on the gaming floor that offer Pepsi drinks, tea, hot chocolate, and a special coffee. 

While at it, don't forget to check out the Native American art on display at the Wind River Casino Gift Shop. The casino, which is situated in the center of Wyoming, is a must-see attraction for travelers.

3. Riverton Museum

Adjacent to the Wind River Indian Reservation, the Riverton Museum boasts an impressive array of Native American artifacts in addition to outstanding, one-of-a-kind local history collections and narratives.

This museum contains a number of unique objects. The museum is now housed in the structure that was once the Methodist Church. Unfortunately, most of the equipment in the outdoor display is unlabeled. This place is definitely worth going to. 

4. Wind River Heritage Center

The museum showcases 62 full-body mounts of wildlife and 27 life-size wax figure history scenes of the fur trade, western exploration, native Americans & early settlement of the West. We also have a number of horse-drawn agricultural equipment. There is local beadwork for sale.

5. Wyoming Heritage Trail

This trail can make a good encounter for a magical morning walk. You’ll discover markers explaining tree ecology and conservation as well as others giving historical facts about Riverton.

The route goes over 20 miles to Soshoni, but the paved section in Riverton, the town center, is well worth a walk of an hour or two. Following an old railroad route, there are some major roadways that should be crossed carefully. 

The labeled trees are a major attraction, while the ancient train station, which is now a Mexican restaurant, is intriguing.


Q1. How long is it from Riverton's center to the Riverton Regional Airport (RIW)?

Ans: The distance between Riverton Regional Airport and the city center is not too much. Four miles separate it from the city core.

Q2. Which airport serves Riverton?

Ans: The Riverton Regional Airport (RIW) is the main airport serving the city of Riverton.

Q3. For what is Riverton well-known?

Ans: Since dolphins tend to come up into the estuary to feed, Riverton is well renowned for its dolphin sightings.

Q4. Why is Wyoming so popular?

Ans: Wyoming is a great area to live if you want a slower pace of life, stunning scenery, low-income taxes, rural living, and a reduced cost of living.

Q5. If I cancel my flight tickets, can I get a refund?

Ans: Yes. If you book your flights and cancel them within 24 hours from the time of booking, Cheapfaremart gives a full refund on your original payment method.

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