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What is the Best time to Visit Salta?

This place stands out to be one of the greatest tourist destinations known for pleasant weathers. The temperature remains temperate throughout the year with the ideal weather between February 20th to May 20th or October 1st to October 21st. If you visit Salta in February, you can have a view of the Argentina’s most intriguing Carnival festival. Even if you visit in the summers, i.e., December, you will find yourself a part of Fiesta de Nuestra Senora del Valle which is celebrated two weeks after Easter on December 8.

Top Attractions in Salta

Salta has been one of the must-see locations in Argentina. With vast spread vineyards and mountainous regions, accompanied by rugged natural landscapes and valleys, this place is gifted with so many picturesque sites and the gift of nature. Couple of places to visit from them includes

Salina Grandes Salt Flats

This large flat land of salts was previously adorned with lakes which dried up with the passage of time, leaving only the salt behind. This salt flats are at a very high altitude and gives a strange feeling that one has to see them after an uphill drive between the reddish-brown rocks.

Cathedral Basilica de Salta

One of the most authentic sites of the city stands on the Cathedral, which has been in the city since 1882. The Cathedral contains the ashes of its freedom fighter named General Martin Miguel. The cathedral is open for service on Sunday mornings and regular visiting from Monday to Saturday in mornings and evenings.

Cabildo and Museo Historico Del Norte

This place is an old colonial government building which is also a recognized museum of the city. The place is beautifully decorated with floral plants in the central building. You can find a wide range of paintings, sculptures, designs, ancient artifacts and even cars at this place.

Mercado Municipal San Miguel

If you want to try something local, you can visit this market that is lined with stalls of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, souvenirs, local eateries, and an aura that you won’t want to shake off.

Adventures in Salta

Other than antique beauty, a touch of European architecture on the streets and great wine availability, Salta still has a lot to offer to its visitor. You should try a couple of activities amongst the one stated below.

Fill your cravings with some tasty Empanadas

When we say, Empanadas originated here; we can say that you will get the most authentic and scrumptious empanadas in the entire South America. Salta also shelters the famous El Patio de la Empanada, where a large number of stalls are set up, each offering their own different style.

Cable Car in San Bernardo Hill

For all the city dwellers and lovers, they can embrace the entire city from the cable car that takes you up to San Bernardo Hill. On the top, there is a small market and some souvenir shops. This ride will give you one of the most impressive view of the entire city in just a couple of minutes.

Tren a las Nubes

This term can be broken into ‘Train to the clouds’ which is pretty much what the ride is all about. The train takes off in the morning from the Salta Central station and goes up to Quebrada del Toro which is in fact so high, that the train passes through clouds. Well, don’t give up on the dream to pass through clouds, you just got the Polar Express to be on Cloud 9, literally and figuratively.

How to Reach Salta

You can take your flights and land at Buenos Aires International Airport. From there you can find some connecting flights from Buenos Aires to Salta Airport. Salta airport is 5km south the city center. You can take an ‘8A’ bus which runs from airport terminal to the city center.

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