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What is the Best time to Visit San Carlos de Bariloche?

The best time to visit Bariloche is from mid-December to mid-March when the temperature hovers between 21 degrees and 26 degrees Centigrade. But if you are looking to go in cold weathers, in that case, you can pick in between March to May when you can also get few deals on your hotel bookings, tour guides and get your hands on cheapest flights to San Carlos de Bariloche. And if you happen to be anywhere in Argentina in July, you should attend the Chocolate Festival which is celebrated widely and elatedly by everyone in the city.

Top Attractions in San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche lies in the center of the country’s Lake District. Offering its visitors not only the thrilling outdoor activities which shall give you an adrenaline rush but it also opens the door to a world of tastiest chocolates. Okay, now who can say no to that, right?

1. Centro Civico

This place gives similar feeling you get in Switzerland. The place has a chocolate box architecture with pretty alpine houses, small souvenir shops, boutiques and many shops catering to the outdoor activities in Bariloche. The street is small enough that you can take a small stroll.

2. Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

You can either take an admiring look at this prodigious national park, Nahuel Huapi or take a hike on one of the many hiking routes in this area and explore this place as your heart desires. One can also raft or kayak in the lake, Lago Nahuel Huapi which is surrounded on all sides by the snowcapped mountains.

3. Volcano Lanin

This place is near the national park Lanin and can be seen from a long distance. Although the place has been uninhabited for 10000 years, the volcano has still not been considered extinct because of the occasional tremors. So, if you are an adventurer by heart, you can try and find out some guided tour group to hike up on the volcano.

Adventures in San Carlos de Bariloche

Other than eating lots of chocolates, we have other adventurous things planned out for you on this trip to Bariloche. You can sign up for one these adventures while you are in the city.

1. Full day Horseback Riding

This trip is designed for people who have little or no experience in horseback riding. On this ride, you will be taken on Patagonian steppe, crossing the coihue forests. You shall be given a break at lunch on some field where you can enjoy some Argentinian wine and barbeque enjoying the look of the wildlife out there.

2. Guided walk in the Arrayanes Forest

You can take a guided walk around the Arrayanes forest and then take the boat ride in the pristine blue waters surrounded by mountains that speak to your mind and soul and giving you an utter sense of peace. There is a relief in nature.

3. Canopy Zipline Adventure

This is a half a day adventure for all those who like hanging in the middle of nowhere. Well, that’s just not witty, but true too. In this activity, you are taken on the slopes of Cerro Lopez and spend the day climbing on the high-flying zipline. You are taken on this exhilarating excursion through various mountainous routes.

4. Skiing in Cerro Catedral

Cerro Cathedral is one of the most notable places for skiing in Bariloche. It is a typical ski resort, but the view of the lakes and the mountains makes it exceptionally picturesque.

How to Reach San Carlos de Bariloche

You can reach your destination by booking cheapest flights to San Carlos de Bariloche from Cheapfaremart. You will land at the Buenos Aires International airport and from there take the connecting flights to Bariloche. You can take a taxi from the airport, but that shall be costly to your pockets. The facility of buses is also there, but they are infrequent which makes it hard to grab one after a tedious flight. Your best bet will be to make your cab arrangements well in advance.

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