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San José ranks sixth in Latin America as far as the number of tourist visits is concerned, according to The MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index 2012. In terms of development and growth, and the spending by tourists the city  is recognized as one of the top destinations.

On our website, browse direct flight to San Jose offered by different airlines including Aeromexico, American Airlines, Iberia, United Airlines, Lufthansa, to name a few. The city is served mainly by the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). However, at the time of rush in peak season, the Tobías Bolaños International Airport (SYQ) complements the SJO well.

From the EU nations as well as from the United Kingdom, it’s difficult to find any non stop flights to San Jose. You might need to take 1 or 2 stops enroute. You may  encounter similar conditions while booking flights from San Francisco to San Jose. The halts extend your timings.  Hence, if you are planning from the North American cities, we recommend you to keep some additional time with you.

What is the Best time to visit San Jose?

Summer,  i.e. from June to August, are the peak tourism months. Travellers who took advantage of our San Jose flight deals last year and paid a visit there, had appreciated the back to back summer festivals, including North Beach Festival (June), San Francisco Pride (June), Fillmore Street Jazz Festival (July), the San Francisco Marathon (July) and Outside Lands Music Festival (August).

However, if you want to avoid the summer crowd, we recommend you to book your flight tickets to San Jose during the fall, i.e., from September to November. This will also help you save a few dollars against hotel or accommodation fares.

Marked by a characteristic tropical wet and dry climate with the average monthly mean temperature staying above 18 °C (64 °F) throughout the year, San Jose is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. If you are natively from the North America like Miami, or Las Vegas, or any other cities, you will not feel much of the difference of the climate in the two places.

What are the Top Attractions in San Jose?

Before securing your flight tickets to San Jose, you would be interested in knowing the top attractions in San Jose. Here is a snapshot of sightseeing, shopping, adventure, nightlife and entertainment choices that you can avail.

Arenal Volcano

In your childhood, you might have learned in geography what makes  volcanoes. Arenal in San Jose Costa Rica gives you a chance to see lava, rocks and ashes that come out during a volcano.  Standing more than 5,000 feet high, Arenal is considered as one of the world’s most active volcanoes, though the last massive eruption happened way back in 1968 that caused a thunderous earthquake wiping out three nearby villages.

If you are looking for some guide to help you explore Arenal, head to the Arenal Observatory Lodge. Situated close to Fortuna, a nearby village, this is an ideal viewing spot along the volcano’s northern side. Come any time of the day, you are likely to find tours departing from Fortuna to the observatory. Tour prices range between $10 and $70 USD per person, based on your desired experience.

Nicoya Peninsula

Watch the gorgeous sunsets, colorful marine life, and turquoise water while you take  a stroll on the sparkling shoreline of the Nicoya Peninsula. The 80-mile shoreline is embroidered with Nosara Beach’s powdery sands that give it a characteristic cream color, and is the cradle of beach-centric towns and dark, green and lovely woods very true to what was depicted in the beautiful lines by Robert Frost.

You have a chance to meet fishing and cattle-ranching communities east of the rustic coastline. Restaurants and hotels are also available on the sandy coast. A caveat for everyone:  shade is minimal (and it gets hot!); so it’s better to take sunset walks.  If you love waterfalls and gentle cerulean waves, take out time to visit Montezuma, a charming coastal town.

Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica Atlantic eco-reserve spread over 1,200 acres, and you will find yourself on the top of the world. Take a cruise over the rainforest on an aerial tram and watch the natural diversity of the area while listening to the bizarre lives thriving there.

Want some adrenaline rush? Aerial ziplines are for you. You can opt for varying stretches of zipline from 262 to 459 feet (80 to 140 meters). While embarking on your aerial view, do make sure you are equipped with all the safety devices.

Hire services of a naturalist guide that is easy to avail to better explore the flora and fauna. Don’t be in a rush if you have kids with you as for them as it can be their one of the best educational tours.

Dining in San Jose

San Jose has transformed into a classroom of culinary. From restaurants celebrating their centenary to the latest ones that have sprung in the a year or two, the city  is proud home to all. Much of the credit for the amazing dishes that are served here goes to the cultivation of a wide range of spice ingredients in its fertile territory and rainforests. Some key restaurants or places offering remarkable dishes are listed for reference.

Restaurante Grano de Oro

This restaurant is part of the Hotel Grano de Oro and the menu is dominated by grilled Costa Rican tilapia with herb butter, fennel and mini ratatouille. Crème brûlée complemented by organic vanilla beans serve as the beautiful dessert that you must give a try. The kitchen is controlled by the famous chef Francis Canal of the French origin. The restaurant has also gone famous for its wine program served at the polished-wood bar packed inside the restaurant’s courtyard.

Mercado Central downtown

This 133-year-old city market has on the one hand must-hit eateries like Soda Tapia offering mouth-watering cuisines, while on the other general retail outlets and flower shops. Tamales and casados, which are a kind of traditional mélange of rice, beans, plantains and meat are the premium items that you are going to find in every eatery out there.

Mercado Borbón

This is part of San José Central Market which is visited by over 100 thousand visitors a day. Mercado Borbón is located two blocks to the north. The area is famous for its eateries offering a wide range of food items from utter traditional to ultra-modern inspired by European culinary practices. This is a hotbed for local marketers including  butchers, fishmongers, and fruit vendors.

If the gastronomical appetite is over, spare some hours   into its  shopping centers and stalls that showcase and sell out snakeskin boots and cowboy saddles, in addition to herbal remedies, flowers, cooked meals, souvenirs, and mesmerizing handcrafts prepared by local artisans.


What started in 2012 as a culinary magazine, later followed by a TV show has translated into a ful-fledged restaurant business. Sabores is known for its experimental practices with the country’s tropical flavors such as guaba and versatile spice collection. The recipes range from coconut-water cocktails to traditional cajeta desserts. With the experienced chefs at its helm, you can keep your fingers crossed. You choice is going to get a red carpet here.

Water Sports in San Jose

Unlike technology capitals like Las Vegas and California, where we bragged about the entertainment, shopping and nightlife options, (refer to Las Vegas flights and California flights, and similar destination specific flight deals pages), here we considered worth to mention the water sports because that help differentiating San Jose Costa Rica vacation from the rest. Some prominent water sports that ou can enjoy are listed here.

Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica

Rafting down the aquamarine Pacuare River which flows through the dense lush forest along with the Costa Rica’s Talamanca Mountains brings an adrenaline rush because of two reasons. First, the river makes its way through twisted paths, and second, the journey is uncommon in itself as you the river frequently reflects the images of wild animals like monkeys, sloths, jaguars and birds coming for  water on its bank.

Whitewater Rafting and Canopy Tour

Say bye to the disquiet of the city and hello to the unspoiled beauty of the Sarapiqui territory. This northeastern swath of Costa Rica is home to traditional villages, crystalline rivers, and pristine tropical forests. Apart from enthralling river rafting, you have a rare chance to have an aerial view of the tropical rainforest using a series of elevated platforms and nine different cables with different measures.

How to Reach San Jose

Juan Santamaría International Airport (IATA: SJO) is the prominent airport that serves the city. This is also rated as one of the busiest airports in Central America. Currently, no direct flight to San Jose is available from Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando, or other key destinations situated in the USA.  The situation is not  much different when you attempt booking nonstop flight to San Jose from Melbourne or  other cities in Australia. In such scenarios, we recommend you to book flight tickets with flight carrier that take the least travel time and offer the best price.

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