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Santa Barbara: An Overview 

Nestled between the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean and the verdant Santa Ynez mountains, Santa Barbara is a prominent city in California. With its endless sun-kissed beaches along a crescent-shaped coastline, lofty mountains, lush vineyards, elevated enclaves, and diverse communities, Santa Barbara beckons visitors of all ages and hues.

Book your flights to Santa Barbara, CA, and come where the sun shines brighter, the valleys are a riot of color, and the sea and the mountains seem to blend together. Explore everything that this vibrant city offers, from historic architecture to exquisite art, from thrilling outdoor adventure to eclectic cuisine, and so much more. Discover Santa Barbara on your holiday and enjoy the warm hospitality of Californians.

Flight Booking Through Cheapfaremart

Finding cheap flights to Santa Barbara is easier than ever with Cheapfaremart. The only thing we need from you is to know when you want to travel; you can either use the search bar on our portal or call us – we’re online 24/7. Our search engine leverages cutting-edge technology to dig through all the available flight information and display the best fares to you in just a few seconds. 

Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Santa Barbara?

  • Follow Airlines on Social Media

Follow airlines on social media to stay on top of discount coupons, special fare reductions, package deals, and more. Book plane tickets to Santa Barbara using these offers to get lower fares.

  • Child Fares

Make sure you specify the number of children traveling with you as they often have reduced fares; don’t make the mistake of just booking for the total number of people!

  • Baggage Check

Read carefully about the baggage allowance rules of the airline you’re going to fly. Make sure you don’t go over the limit, or you could end up paying extra.

  • Take Red-Eye Flights

Choose flights that take off at odd hours – like between midnight and 6 a.m.; there is much less demand for those flights, as most people want to fly out at regular hours. Thus, red-eye flights turn out to be more budget-friendly.

  • Fly Local

Choose less-known, local airlines that offer bare-bones tickets – those are the cheapest. You can always add the services you need. 

When to Visit Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara has pretty mild weather all year. 

  • December-February: Winter is pretty cold and rainy, so not beach season, but you get cheap tickets and hotel accommodation, plus enjoy whale watching. It is also the season of the International Film Festival.
  • March-May: This time has glorious weather and fewer visitors! It is ideal for outdoor attractions, and events like the Earth Day Festival, Orchid Show, Vintners Spring Festival, and I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival.
  • June-August: Summer is the peak beach season! It has bulging crowds and events like Summer Solstice Celebration, French Festival, Wine and Food Festival, Old Spanish Days Fiesta, and Summer Solstice Celebration.
  • September-November: These months are not too cold, though it can get windy. This is wine season! Enjoy wine tasting, the California Brew & BBQ Festival, the Harbor and Seafood Festival, etc.

Santa Barbara: Fly with Major Airlines! 

Now, you can book flights easily and quickly to hundreds of destinations around the world with Cheapfaremart. We offer flight information from over 500 airlines – these include the biggest names in aviation and less-known local flights, too.

You can book flights to Santa Barbara, CA, with major carriers such as American, Alaska, and United Airlines. We have made it effortless for you – all you need to do is tell us when and where you want to go, and we do the rest!

Top 5 Places to Explore in Santa Barbara

1. Santa Barbara Zoo

A former estate, this lush animal domain has over 160 species of fauna in their recreated natural habitats. Interact with gorillas, giraffes, and gibbons, and watch snow leopards prowling about. Gaze upon the stunning vistas of the Santa Ynez mountains and the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

2. Santa Barbara County Courthouse

Santa Barbara’s magnificent Revival Courthouse in the Spanish Colonial style is known as the most beautiful government building in the US. There are spectacular murals and plush draperies inside the courtroom, some of them a century old. Walk up to the tower to get breathtaking views of the Santa Barbara landscape. 

3. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

This is the first botanic garden in the US that focuses exclusively on native plants. Spread over 78 acres, this garden includes over 5 miles of trails, a seed bank, a herbarium, a nursery of native plants, a library, and research labs. Spend a wonderful time reconnecting with nature in the serene environs of the garden.

4. MOXI The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation

A fabulous interactive museum, this place attracts curious minds of all ages. With innumerable hands-on exhibits, there is plenty to do and learn: scientific, artistic, technological, engineering, and mathematical puzzles and games. Move between sound, tech, light, speed, interactive media, fantastic forces, and the outdoor Sky Garden for an incredible journey of fun and learning. 

5. Stearns Wharf & Sea Center

Extending over the Pacific, this iconic landmark marks the confluence of State Street and Cabrillo Boulevard. It boasts some of the best seafood joints, shops, viewpoints, and fishing spots. For adventurous tourists, the marine education facility has an aquarium where you interact directly with sea urchins, starfish, octopus, sharks, etc. Don’t miss riding on the Lil’ Toot Water Taxi!


1. What are the ground transportation options at the airport?

A:  Rideshare, taxicabs, shuttles, and buses like the Central Coast Shuttle Service, Santa Barbara Airbus, and the Metropolitan Transit District Public Buses are common modes of ground transportation.

2. What are the best beaches in Santa Barbara? 

A: Arroyo Burro Beach is dog friendly; Butterfly Beach, East Beach, Goleta Beach Park, Haskell’s Beach, Leadbetter Beach, and Summerland Beach are among the best beaches in Santa Barbara.

3. What is special about Santa Barbara wines? 

A: The climatic conditions in the region ensure that the wines are not too sweet but well-balanced and delicate. Chardonnay is the most popular, followed by Pinot Noir and Grenache-Syrah blends. 

4. How many days do you need to explore Santa Barbara? 

A: There’s a great deal to see and do in Santa Barbara. Plan your trip for a minimum of 3 days, but 5 is better!

5. Is Santa Barbara safe?

A:  The city is considered a safe destination, and the crime rate is low. Also, it is great for solo female visitors.

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