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Planning to explore the best of coffee world, fun and entertainment, delectable platters by having a stroll through the ravine of the 16th-century San Francisco Church and pre-Columbian to contemporary architecture? If you answered, yes, Santiago de Chile, or simply Santiago is the place to be. Situated at an altitude of 520 m (1,706 ft) above the mean sea level, this conurbation is the hub of cultural, political and financial activities in Chile. With Cheapfaremart, you have an opportunity to bag best deals on Santiago flights.

What is the Best time to visit Santiago?

The best time to visit Santiago is spring, i.e., late-September to November, or the fall starting from March to May as the weather is pleasant, temperature moderate and airfares and hotel booking charges are at their lowest. In spring, the minimum temperature hovers from 43°F to 50 °F, and the maximum in the range 65 and 75°F. In the fall, the minimum temperature swings between 40°F and 50°F, and the maximum between 80°F and 65°F. During the fall, you could have the privilege to witness and enjoy vino, a festival called on by wineries to mark the harvest of grape. As the summer steps in, i.e., from November to April, you can see a stiff rise in the airfares and hotel prices. Showers and smog are characteristics of the winter season. Book cheap flights to Santiago to understand what makes all that happen.

What are the Top Attractions in Santiago?

Flanked by Andes to the west and the Chilean Coastal Range to the east, the capital city of Chile, Santiago, is blessed with natural resources and is home to cultural, political and financial activities. Here is a glimpse of what you can’t afford to miss.

1. Bellavista

Welcoming travellers who cherish the artistic sense, this neighborhood sees cafes, cocktail bars, thematic art galleries and boutique shops. What could have inspired the poet laureate Pablo Neruda? Well, the answer is hidden with La Chascona — the residence of the poet. Check in Metropolitan Park to witness 3000-foot high Santiago’s crown jewel: St. Christopher Hill.

2. Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

This magnificent Roman Catholic Church tucked in downtown Santiagois an inspirational masterpiece for architects. Its architectural excellence reflects in its domes and stained-glass windows comprising of 39 colorful panes. Tranquility is another big gem that will make you come again and again to this place.

3. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

See where Hollywood directors the likes of Brendan Fraser & Co. got their inspiration from. The museum that brings thrill and passion in equal measures is known for being the abode of archaeological stuffs including mummies, sarcophagi and several mystifying things that you might have read in your history books only.

Dining in Santiago

From contemporary to traditional to hybrid and from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, the restaurants in Santiago welcome you with all types of cuisines. However, they have one thing in common: their connoisseurs seem to have got trained in one place only. They have a sound understanding of the nutritional science. Local seafood delicacies like manchas a la parmesana (razor clams baked with cheese and lemon juice) and meat-centric meals, such as a pastel de choclo are widely popular. A few eating or dining places worth considering include Latin Grill, Peumayen Ancestral Food, Naoki and Bocanariz.

Nightlife in Santiago

This is the lesser-known or discussed side of Santiago. However, in the recent past, the place has seen emergence of many bars, clubs and cultural centers as flashy and vivid as Rio and Buenos Aires have. Having been in Santiago, it’s hard to resist wine and pisco, the local brandy with a mint-green texture and spicy-sweet taste. Music events featuring Hollywood A-listers and budding artists here are becoming a common scene.

Shopping in Santiago

Santiago is gearing up rapidly to transform into a shopping paradise occupied by branded stores or street vendors. So, from air-conditioned indoor shopping to outdoor street shopping both options are available. Now, whether you want to embark on serious shopping spree or do some casually to collect some souvenirs.

Akin to American shopping malls, here you will also find stores keeping awake until late night and some even on weekends.

How to Reach Santiago

Andrés Sabella Gálvez International Airport (SCFA), Chacalluta International Airport (SCAR), and Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL) are the key airports that connect the city and the nation with all major cities of the world. Well-planned road transport and metro rail services provide you with an efficient, inexpensive and reliable way to discover the nooks and cranny of the city. If you decide to commute by metro, it would be better to purchase Bip! cards worth1,400 CLP (about $2.50 USD). This is also valid in buses. However, you should be ready to brace the crowd. Beware of pickpockets also.

Ready to shell out some extra bucks, hire taxi, you can easily identify taxis by their black exteriors and yellow roofs.

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