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What is the Best time to visit São Paulo?

The fall, i.e., from February through May, and the spring from October through November are the best times to visit Sao Paulo.  It’s not only the comfortable weather with less precipitation and moderate temperature that give travel enthusiasts a reason to book Sao Paulo flights, but also premier events like the São Paulo Carnival featuring parades, known as blocos and Sambadrome (showcasing fold dances), São Paulo Fashion Week (twice a year in January and June), Spirit of London (The biggest electronic music festival in Brazil, March), Gay Pride (The largest gay pride parade in the world (Parada do Orgulho GLBT de São Paulo), São Paulo International Film Festival, São Paulo Biennual ( October and December), and F1 Grand Prix of Interlagos, to name a few, attract them the most. Be an early bird to book cheap flight tickets to Sao Paulo.

What are the Top Attractions in Sao Paulo?

1. São Paulo Cathedral

Our São Paulo flight deals take you to the world’s 4th largest cathedral. Built in the Neo-gothic style, the history of São Paulo Cathedral dates back to 1589, and its construction work was completed in a record four decades of time. It was dedicated to the public on the 400th anniversary of the São Paulo Villa. Whether you love art, architecture, or are an admirer of either or both, you are likely to find this cathedral as a great source of inspiration.

2. São Paulo Museum of Art on Paulista Avenue

Our São Paulo airfare deals are to take you to an art museum that represents the entire humanity and the cultures spreading across its every nook and cranny. You will have an opportunity to witness decorative art, antiquities and others collected from across the length and breadth of the world. The museum houses over 8,000 pieces, and is also recognized as one of the largest art libraries in Brazil. The naming convention has been adopted from Brazil’s Institute of History and Art.

3. United Nations Business Center

Referred to as Centro Empresarial Nações Unidas (Portuguese), it’s a commercial complex with area sprawling across 277,446.18 square metres (2,986,405.8 sq ft). Situated in the Brooklin Novo neighborhood in the district of Santo Amaro, the place is a hub of business, recreation, and leisure activities. The place is abode to offices and retail brands that are sheltered into three towers: the West, North, and East Towers. The North Tower scaling a height of 158 meters (518 ft) stands as the largest building in Brazil. Started in 1989, the project was completed around the year 2000, due to economic problems.

4. Paulista Museum

Surrounded by an impressive manicured gardens and fountains, this is a Brazilian history museum housing a diverse collection of historically significant documents and royal furniture, mostly connected with the Brazilian Empire era. Now you might have got the rationale behind its particular location on the banks of Ipiranga brook in the Southeast region of the city, where the declaration of Brazilian independence was made. So, don’t miss to add it to your things-to-do if you have booked your airline tickets to Sao Paulo Brazil.

5. Bandeiras Monument

Wondering what makes the monument to the Bandeiras (O Monumento às Bandeiras) unique? Top deals on Sao Paulo flight bookings are to help you understand it better. Erected at the entrance of Ibirapuera Park, this granite masterpiece envisioned and architecture by the Italian-Brazilian sculptor Victor Brecheret commemorates the 17th-century bandeiras, or expeditions in Brazil.

Dining in Sao Paulo

Connoisseurs in Sao Paulo contribute a lot towards elevating the guest experience of travelers booking flights to Sao Paulo. The impression of its multi-cultural demographics reflects well on the culinary practices adopted by its array of restaurants serving Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean and European dishes. However, their local seafood dishes and delicacies like manchas a la parmesana and meat-centric meals have their own identity. If you are not experimental enough, you can also order global mainstays like pizza and hamburgers. A few noteworthy restaurants include Latin Grill, Peumayen Ancestral Food, Naoki and Bocanariz.

Nightlife in Sao Paulo

Tickets to Sao Paulo are actually your ticket to fun and entertainment. Not many cities in the world can keep up with the nightlife vibrancy and diversity that are available with Sao Paulo. You don’t need to look at your watch to get started with a party as the city offers 24 by 7 nightlife fun and entertainment choices. Bars, live music venues and nightclubs here remain to awaken till 4 in the morning. The monotonousness will never descend on you, as in Sao Paulo you are to get varied nightlife options on every day of the week. Besides everything, the entertainment hotspots the likes of gritty Centro and bustling Bela Vista are also famous for offering adult entertainments.

Do you love dancing, or enjoy watching the dance performance? If yes, Sao Paulo flight deals bring to you a great opportunity. Almost in every music venue or night club, you can spot people – guests and natives alike – shaking legs on the tunes of famous Brazilian rhythms like samba, axé, forró and MPB (Brazilian pop), etc.

Shopping in Sao Paulo

Before booking your Sao Paulo flights, want to learn about the shopping destinations or options available with the city? Well, if shopping rests high on your mind, this mecca of shopping is going to make your travel vacation more rewarding, engaging, and hectic at times. The city with an estimated 20 million native population, dubbed as Paulistas, is home to 79 shopping malls. Their collection is influenced by its several globally-acclaimed designers like H.Stern, Havianas, and Melissa. From renowned domestic brands like Havianas, Schutz and Carlos Miele to international ones, including Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton and Versace are here with their world-class collections of lifestyle and entertainment merchandises.

How to Reach São Paulo

If you are to book your tickets to Sao Paulo, Guarulhos (GRU) has to be your flight terminating destination. This is the only airport in the city that serves international passengers from across the length and breadth of the planet in both hemispheres. Domestic flights are managed by Congonhas (CGH) Airport. Railways, metro (six lines) and bus transportation systems are well connected. Luz and Julio Prestes are its two key railway stations. Do you know the world’s second largest bus terminal? Sao Paulo airfare deals will let you witness it. São Paulo Tietê Bus Terminal holds the answer. If you don’t mind traveling in the crowd, you can spot a bus service to any location you want to visit or explore in a cost-efficient way.

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