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The displayed fares for the round-trip flights to Shanghai Shi are based on historical data, non-warranted and subject to change at the time of booking. The costs of airline tickets to Shanghai Shi are inclusive of fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes levied by airlines/airports/regulators.

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Cheapfaremart brings to you the very best deals and discounts on cheap flights to Shanghai Shi, China. Whether you are traveling on a last minute flight to Shanghai Shi for a business trip or need help with bulk ticket bookings for your family/group travel, this is your place to find the lowest guaranteed fares for air tickets. Our 24×7 customer support team helps you every step of the way so that booking your round-trip flight to Shanghai Shi is as effortless as it can possibly be!


Shanghai is served by two commercial airports – Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA). Choose Cheapfaremart for the best Shanghai Shi flight deals on:


1. Non-stop Flights to Shanghai Shi

Non-stop flights to Shanghai Shi can be booked from specific major international airports in the US like Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. These flights usually take anywhere between 13-15 hours to arrive at their destination, depending upon their point of origin.


2. Direct Flights to Shanghai Shi

Booking direct flights to Shanghai Shi is comparably easier since these connections are available from almost all international airports across the country. These long-haul flights usually take about 18-32 hours to reach Shanghai, depending upon their route and the number and duration of stopovers along the way.


What is the Best Time to Visit Shanghai Shi?

Being a business-centric city, travelers flock to Shanghai almost all round the year. If you are interested in exploring the city and checking out some of the amazing outdoor activities it has to offer, try booking your flight tickets to Shanghai Shi for the short autumn season the place experiences. October and November are the months when the temperatures remain between 17-23°C (62-73°F), autumn colors are in full swing all over the city and the usual tourist crowds are not as big. Plus, you get to be a part of National Day celebrations with the locals here and learn about the Chinese culture and national identity. Try and avoid booking air tickets to Shanghai Shi during the winter months when outdoor recreation and urban exploration aren’t as comfortable.

What are the Top Places to Visit in Shanghai Shi?

1. The Bund

The 1500-meter long waterside promenade in Shanghai offers one of the most iconic views of the city. Historically, this place was where fortunes were made and lost in Shanghai – like the Wall-Street of NYC. Today, The Bund offers amazing views of the Pudong and access to one of the poshest corners of the city complete with neon signage and cozy eateries.


2. Yùyuán Gardens & Bazaar

This part of old town Shanghai offers one of the most premier experiences in the city. The place is strikingly adorned with pine tree pavilions, glittering fish pools and beautiful flower blossoms. These gardens are said to have been founded by the Pan Family way back in 1557. There is even an amazing bazaar nearby for you to take-in local lifestyle and culture from up close.


3. Shanghai Museum

This is an amazing place to understand the history, art and culture of China! Shanghai museum has various bronze and jade artefacts, sculptures and paintings as well as many interesting displays about China’s glorious past that visitors love to explore. Locals hail this place as one of the first truly world-class modern museums of China.


4. Happy Valley Shanghai

This is THE place to go to in Shanghai if you are looking for pure, unadulterated family fun. One of the most popular amusement parks in the city, Happy Valley is an 863,500 square meters paradise offers a slew of activities for all ages including an interactive cinema experience, a replica town and many rides and roller coasters.

What are the Top dining and nightlife options in Shanghai Shi?

1. Vue

Referred to by many as a Shanghai staple, this bar offers everything that you can expect from a night of fun and excitement in the city. Perched atop the Hyatt on the Bund, the place offers an amazing array of cocktails and drinks and an even more intoxicating view of the colorful Shanghai skyline.


Cost of drinks and a meal: up to $200

Customer rating* (Google): 4.2/5.0 based on 59 reviews



2. Dada

Dada is not just a nightclub – it is an institution amongst the underground party folk of the city. The place’s supremely unpretentious vibe hits you hard when you arrive here. There’s always a good DJ spinning house, EDM and hip-hop tunes to move to and the drinks are really cheap to let you enjoy that awesome buzz you are after.


Cost of drinks on menu: up to $5

Customer rating* (Google): 4.2/5.0 based on 10 reviews

What are the Top Shopping Options in Shanghai Shi?

1. Old Street

Fill your bags to the brim with all the extra baggage you can muster because Old Street and its range of souvenirs and trinkets are too good to not buy. The place offers everything from old advertising posters, Tibetan jewelry, horn combs and chopsticks, jade artefacts, shadow puppets, fabrics and more!


2. Amy Lin’s Pearls

Stock up your jewelry cabinet or buy the best necklace for your wife/mom at Amy Lin’s. The place offers authentic fresh water and salt water pearls at unbeatable prices! In fact, this is also the place where you can buy the much coveted and extremely rare black Zhèjiang pearls.


3. Tianshan Tea City

What is a visit to Shanghai if you didn’t return home with bags full of tea! Buying loose-leaf oolong tea or a stack of aged pu’er cakes is just an excuse – most travelers visit Tianshan Tea City to explore the tea culture of China and check out the many flavors and brewing styles developed by the people over centuries.


4. Fúyòu Antique Market

Another obscure treasure tucked away in Old Town, this gorgeous antique store offers all kinds of junk under the sun. Be patient when shopping here – you may have to sift through a lot of stuff to find what you are looking for but the effort will be completely worth it when you consider quality of the antique piece and the price they charge for it!

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Shanghai Shi?

1. Fairmont Peace Hotel on the Bund

Whether it is the elite local residents of China or foreign celebs visiting Shanghai, everyone loves staying at the Fairmont. This five star hotel has over 8 decades of industry experience under its belt and is widely considered to be the best hotel in all of Shanghai.


Location: Huangpu

Distance from airport: 20km by road from SHA.

Guest rating ( 9.2/10.0

Rental* ( $239 (For 2 adults, 1 night)


2. Blue Heart Guesthouse

With free bikes on offer for you to explore the city and a beautiful garden to relax in later, this quaint little place is one of the most beautiful places to stay at. Service here is excellent and many rooms even have an attached terrace which makes morning coffee and breakfast time an absolute heaven.


Location: Jinshan Yucui Village

Distance from airport: 45km by road from SHA.

Guest rating ( 9.9/10.0

Rental ( $55 (For 2 adults, 1 night)


3. The Peninsula Shanghai

A posh five star hotel located right across from The Bund. The Peninsula offers awesome luxuries, an on-property spa and beauty center, swimming pool and a selection of top class restaurants and bars to take care of all your needs and cravings. And the best part – this hotel is located just a few minutes’ walk away from the East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Shopping District.


Location: The Bund

Distance from airport: 25km by road from SHA.

Guest rating ( 9.2/10.0

Rental ( $335 (For 2 adults, 1 night)


4. The Ritz Carlton

With an indoor pool and an exclusive spa, this posh five star hotel also offers one of the best views in the entire city – the Huangpu River, The Bund and the gorgeous Shanghai skyline. Plan your stay here to get a taste of true luxury and class. The hotel is just 500meters away from some of the most prominent attractions of the city!


Location: Pudong

Distance from airport: 22km by road from SHA.

Guest rating ( 9.0/10.0

Rental ( $320 (For 2 adults, 1 night)


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