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On this webpage by Cheapfaremart, fares mentioned are for round-trip flights to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. However, these Sharjah airfares are based on record and are subject to change as per the demand and availability of flight services. The fares are non-warranted and subject to change as per the availability of flights. The return tickets to Sharjah – United Arab Emirates are inclusive of the fare, fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes levied by airlines, airports, and their regulators.

Book Cheap Flights to Sharjah - United Arab Emirates on Cheapfaremart

Cheapfaremart enables you to book air tickets to Sharjah with the world’s top IATA-approved airlines including, but not limited to, Jetblue Airways, Egyptair, United Airlines and Finnair. The average Sharjah airfares can be $ 3000.00 and the one-way flight time could last between 47 to 49 hours. Owing to the long-distance involved the flight to Sharjah is made feasible with a halt or two before hitting the final destination.

1. Last-Minute Flight to Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Do you think it’s too late to secure your Sharjah flight ticket? With Cheapfaremart, we believe it’s never because we have a tie-up with an array of airlines serving the city to help you with. Sharjah airfares comparison makes it easier for you to find the best flight deals on last-minute flight bookings.

2. Round-Trip Flight to Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

You can book your Sharjah airplane tickets for round-trip flight at a highly competitive rate. If you have a planned vacation or trip, and you want to save on your flight tickets, book round-trip flight, and hotel rooms in advance. With us, you can also book a last-minute two-way flight, but as expected that will cost you a bit extra.

What is the Best time to Visit Sharjah - United Arab Emirates?

The best time to visit Sharjah, United Arab Emirates is something that you must know before booking your flight tickets. Well, as expected, you have to wait for the winter as Sharjah is a part of a big desert landscape where summer temperature would be unexpectedly high. The winter descends in November and lasts till March. However, the best time to visit Sharjah also depends upon once’s purpose to visit. For instance, if you are eying on festivals or events, then you have to secure your flight ticket to Sharjah accordingly.

What are the Top Attractions in Sharjah - United Arab Emirates?

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The museum houses over 5,000 artifacts from the Islamic world and is one of the top attractions of Sharjah. Built in 2008, the museum is visited by over five million people from across the world. It stays open between 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, so you have enough time to spend here.

2. Adventureland

If you are accompanied by family, Adventureland is the best place to be. It’s an indoor family entertainment center spread over an area of 70. 000 square feet. Besides, the regular fun and entertainment options, it houses a shopping mall and several restaurants.

3. Sharjah Art Museum

Inaugurated in April 1997, the museum, which is spread over 111, 000 square meter with galleries over two floor, is home to several captivating collections of modern and contemporary Arab arts, including oil paintings, watercolor paintings, lithographs and much more.

4. Sharjah Discovery Centre

Sharjah Discovery Centre is an entertainment center designed for children aged 3 to 12 years. The concept behind establishing such an institution is to encourage and inspire children to learn, discover, and understand the role of science and technology in their daily life.

Adventures in Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

1. Evening Desert Safari

Sharjah is globally famous for its evening desert safari that enables travelers to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the city. On your safari trip, you have a lot to enjoy: BBQ dinner and henna painting, camel ride, and belly dance, are a few to name. It’s not challenging to find vendors offering evening desert safari in Sharjah – the United Arab Emirates at attractive prices.

2. Paragliding and Paramotoring

If you are ardent lovers of thrill, Sharjah has got you covered. You can easily find vendors like Mlehia that offer paragliding and paramotoring facilities. However, you should not neglect any safety recommendations or tips given by their experts.

3. Arabian Wildlife Center

If you are an environmentalist and hate cruelty against wildlife, you shall book a cheap air ticket to Sharjah. This is a world completely dedicated to animals naturally occurring in the Arabian Peninsula, both current and extinct. It came into existence in 1999 with a bid to promote diversity and create awareness of the species.

4. Desert Park Sharjah

Urbanization has secluded us in bricks, and concretes and the hustle and bustle of life has taken away the peace of mind. If this is the case for you, it’s time to take a break booking low-cost air ticket to Sharjah and land to a place where you can befriend with animals including goats, camels, and ducks, and ride ponies and camels and explore. The place also houses a natural-history museum as well as one dedicated to botany.

How to Reach Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Sharjah International Airport is the aviation hub of the city. From the US destinations, you have options to book your airline ticket to Sharjah with the top-notch airlines like Jetblue Airways, Egyptair, United Airlines and Finnair. No direct fight is available. Only one-way or two-way flight choices are there. A one-way travel time usually lasts as long as 47 to 49 hours.

At Cheapfaremart, we are focused on simplifying your flight booking experience. You can book a nonstop or direct flight to Sharjah. For more details, call us at 1-844-869-5222 (Toll-Free).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What cities in the USA have nonstop flights to Sharjah?

None of the US cities/airports have nonstop flight operations to Sharjah in UAE. Only 1 to 3-stop flights operate. The possible connection cities/airports including Istanbul (IST) and Dubai (DXB).

2. How long does it take to fly to Sharjah?

The approximate distance and flight time between Medina and some popular US cities are as follows:

Departure City

Flight Distance

Flight Time

Time Difference

New York (JFK)

6,844 miles/10662 km

14 hours 11 minute

Sharjah is 08 hours ahead

Los Angeles (LAX)

8,331 miles (13408 km)

17 hours 10 minutes

Sharjah is 11 hours ahead

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

8034 miles (12930 km)

16 hours 34 minutes

Sharjah is 09 hours ahead

Denver (DEN)

7,765 miles (12496 km)

16 hours 02 minutes

Sharjah is 10 hours ahead

San Francisco (SFO)

8,096 miles (13029 km)

16 hours 41 minutes

Sharjah is 11 hours ahead

3. Which airline has the cheapest ticket to United Arab Emirates?

Turkish Airlines. It’s the flag carrier airline of Turkey and a member of Star Alliance. Istanbul Airport (IST), one of the popular hubs of the carrier, serves as a point of connection for flights between USA and Sharjah.

4. What is the minimum validity for travelers with US passport?

6 months validity after date of arrival.

5. Is tourist visa required for US citizens visiting United Arab Emirates?

Not required for tourist stays under 30 days

6. What is the currency restriction for US citizens to visit United Arab Emirates?


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