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Spokane: An Overview

Spokane, where natural wonder meets urban vigor, captivates the curious traveler. Immerse yourself in the city's culture, from the lilac blooms of spring to the summer basketball fever that earned Spokane the nickname "Hooptown USA." Outdoor enthusiasts can hike forested trails, conquer rugged mountains, or kayak in pristine waters.


The historic Davenport Hotel and red-bricked Browne's Addition neighborhood exude old-world charm. Feel the vibrancy of youth and art at Gonzaga University and the city's creative enclaves. From local eateries' comforting flavors to community celebrations like Bloomsday Run and Winter Glow, Spokane's culture sparks joy. 


The city's friendly soul resonates through welcoming locals happy to share Spokane's diverse delights. So, fasten your seatbelts and book flights to Spokane, CA! Let Spokane's spirit wrap around you; it's an experience you'll treasure forever.

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Best Time to Visit Spokane

Here are the best times to explore the charming city of Spokane: 

  • Summer (June to August): It is a peak tourist season with clear skies and pleasant temperatures, perfect for beach activities and other events. 
  • Fall (September to November): Another great time to see Spokane is in the fall, during which the area is temperate, and its leaves are turning into a variety of rich hues of red and gold. Compared with summer, it is considered to be a less crowded season, which makes it ideal for visiting the popular local wineries, engaging in some outdoor fun or sightseeing, as well as basking in the beauty of autumn colors.     

Spokane: Fly with Major Airlines!

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Top 5 Places to Explore in Spokane

1. Riverfront Park

Witness the adventure of your life in the soul of Spokane as you step into Riverfront Park. Located along the famous Spokane River, it is an urban paradise that features the legendary Sky Ride, where one hovers amid the breathtaking waterfalls, offering panoramic views. With its timeless carousel and interactive attractions, the park offers a land of magic for all ages.

2. Manito Park

Experience the magical beauty of Manito Park, where all the senses are awakened. Stroll around well-maintained gardens, quintessential Japanese Zen, and the scent of rose gardens. The plant’s beauty changes every day during the seasons and promises to fascinate you every time you visit. 

3. Downtown Spokane

If you want to feel the pulse of the city, head towards downtown Spokane, which unites exciting energy and cultural treasures. Walk along Riverside Avenue and feel the charm of 5th Avenue Gardens, which was once famous among high society. Explore the artistic, cultural, and food ventures found in downtown Davenport.

4. Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture will blow your mind off with art, history, and culture. Go behind the scenes and discover various amazing exhibits with information about the area’s heritage, ranging from Native American history to modern art. 

5. Mount Spokane State Park

This is a place of refuge for adrenaline junkies! Skiing and snowboarding characterize the slopes during the winter. During the warm season, it turns into a hiker’s paradise, with trailheads leading to spectacular summit viewpoints. 


With its vast area of unspoiled wilderness, this is the perfect getaway not just for adventurers but for nature fanatics as well, who cannot resist the tempting lure of its primal beauty.


Q1. When can I get the cheapest flights to Spokane?

A: Book 5-6 weeks in advance as prices go up closer to travel dates. Consult our 24/7 hotline - 1-844-869-5222, which can get you the lowest fares

Q2. What is the best way to visit Spokane’s attractive sites?

A: The most effective way is to walk or use bikes as you enjoy the vast trail system across Spokane City. It provides an enjoyable means of experiencing nature and finding secret nooks of calmness.

Q3. What are some of the unique places to dine in Spokane?

A: Spokane will please you with numerous undiscovered treats; go wild with the city’s street food scene. The mobile kitchens also serve a variety of scrumptious and non-traditional fusion foods for adventurous eaters.

Q4. Is it possible for me to visit vineyards near Spokane?

A: The Spokane region is famous as an emerging wine country. The beautiful Spokane Valley has many wineries where one can enjoy a day trip sampling the region's wines and other delicacies.

Q5. Are there any annual events that I shouldn't miss in Spokane?

A: Don't miss the Spokane Hoopfest, the largest 3-on-3 street basketball tournament in the world. It's a high-energy event that brings together basketball enthusiasts from all over the globe for a weekend of sporting excitement and community camaraderie.


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